March 28, 2020 Website Builder Review & Tutorial Website Builder Review & Tutorial

Looking to create a new website, but aren’t
sure where to get started? We have you covered. This in-depth review of will show
you why this website builder may be what you’ve been looking for! Let’s get started. is one of the most affordable website
builders on the market. The catch is that it doesn’t offer a free plan. But for beginners,’s $1.95 is a great
place to start and it includes a free domain name, access to an impressive selection of
templates as well as stock images. As you see, this plan is pretty basic. So if you’re looking to go beyond simple website
building, you should give one of the other plans a try. We highly recommend the $3.95
plan for anyone serious about selling products online. Where really stands out is when it
comes to the selection of packages on offer. We particularly like the Do-It-For-Me package
which gives you a custom made website without any of the fuss. Now that we’ve selected our domain name, let’s
choose a template. The selection is extensive and you won’t have any trouble finding the
ideal template for whatever website you want to create. To make it easier, you can search
for a template by industry. There’s also the option to choose a blank canvas. We’re going to create a basic website for
a bakery so let’s look for a food theme. You can preview templates and change color scheme
before you select one. Like this. Now let’s start editing.’s drag-and-drop editor makes it really
easy to create a professional looking website. Using this panel you can add everything from
text, images, media and apps to social icons. At first we found all the options overwhelming,
but once you get the hang of it you’ll see how hassle free this website builder is. Let’s add a headline. And what about a paragraph.
Now let’s play around with the stock images. Look at all these great quality images! And
they’re all free to use. To add an image just drag it onto your canvas. Now you can resize
and position as you see fit. See how easy that was! And if you want to add a new pages
just click this. The selection of apps on offer is limited
but still worth checking out. The map is useful for a ‘contact us’ page. Then there’s the
social buttons – a great addition to any site. Overall, the website builder has everything
and more to build a quality site. When it comes to SEO,’s offering is
a bit disappointing. The only way to optimize your site is to add keywords and a description
to each page. We were hoping to have more control over our website optimization. But
for anyone new to SEO, this is a stress-free place to start. templates aren’t responsive. If you’re
looking for a site that functions well on desktop and mobile devices alike, you’ll have
to fork out an additional $4.95 for a separate mobile website. For some that’s a deal breaker.
Other users find having a separate mobile website convenient as it allows for a level
of customization you wouldn’t ordinarily get. We were very impressed with’s customer
support. When you first login, there’s a quick on-screen tour to help familiarize you with
the interface. In addition there’s a help center, a range of tutorials and a getting
started guide. The customer support number is also clearly flagged on the site. We can’t
fault when it comes to its comprehensive customer support. We found easy and even fun to use!
We loved the impressive selection of templates and the easy to use drag-and-drop editor. Here are the main pros:
� Wide variety of packages � Offers website building service
� Easy to implement SEO But there are also a few cons:
� Interface can be cumbersome � Difficult to edit HTML Still need some help making up your mind about Well – take a look at this. THIS is what we were able to create in 5 minutes
flat using the platform. Now what do you think? For more on, be sure to check out
our full review at

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