February 18, 2020
WeatherTech Testimonial | Web Development with Americaneagle.com

WeatherTech Testimonial | Web Development with Americaneagle.com

MacNeil Automotive started doing
business with Americaneagle.com in the previous century. There’s no
possible way I would consider doing business with anyone else. Our website some days pulls in well
into the six figures and it’s all that ecommerce that was designed and implemented by
Americaneagle. They attack all of our problems from
a business standpoint. Americaneagle has integrated our
website into all of our internal systems such as accounting, sales, inventory,
warehousing and on top of that it’s a one stop shop.
Every time a new technology comes out, Americaneagle
seems to already have mastered that technology
and they host them. You name it they’ve been able to successfully
implement it for us quickly on time and on budget. So Americaneagle has worked very closely
with us to make it easy for the customer place their order,
to make a purchase, and to create revenue for our company.
So they’re a big part of our success story.

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