April 1, 2020
Waterpik WP-450 Cordless Plus Water Flosser Product Demonstration

Waterpik WP-450 Cordless Plus Water Flosser Product Demonstration

This is a guide on
how to use the WP-450 cordless Waterpik® Water Flosser. Be sure to charge your
Waterpik® Water Flosser for 24 hours before first use. Select the appropriate tip
and insert into the unit. Press firmly until the
tip clicks into place. Lift the flip top and fill the
reservoir with lukewarm water. Set the pressure setting
to low on first use. Place the tip in mouth
while leaning over a sink, then turn the unit on. Close lips enough
to prevent splashing while still allowing water to
flow from mouth into the sink. Aim the tip just below the
gum line at a 90-degree angle. Healthy teeth and gums
only take a minute a day with a Waterpik® Water Flosser.

8 thoughts on “Waterpik WP-450 Cordless Plus Water Flosser Product Demonstration

  1. I felt bad that there were no comments for this haha. This video was really helpful to me. I'm getting one for my mom for mothers day haha

  2. @handfaces123 OOhhh I hated that too. Got home, wanted to try it out straight away, and…wait….charge for 24 hours before use. Serious? MAN!!!! lol

  3. I love these, I say these cause they have a battery that won't last more than a year. I know cause I've now had a second one for just one year and it goes from holding a charge to flat out almost dead in one day and unchargeable. I love the portability over the counter top model I have also used. Wish they would make a better battery or simple way to replace it.

  4. I love the hand held device- it works well. Especially for us in London- who don't have a power outlet in the bathroom. However I do think they need to come up with a better design. I've got my hand held one insured- and i'm on the second one so far. It doesn't last very long- I think it's got to do with the motor and not being able to avoid getting water on it.

  5. Bought this because I have mild cerebral palsy so flossing is difficult… I love it, only thing I haven't figured out is, using it for the back your teeth lol

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