April 4, 2020
Watch This BEFORE You Start Dropshipping in 2020 | Oberlo

Watch This BEFORE You Start Dropshipping in 2020 | Oberlo

This is the most important iMac dates for
making money with profits on Shopify. Hey hey hey hey Evan just. Welcome to another
video in this video. We’re talking about one of the important key factors and metrics that
you should be looking at Bonn for making profits under Shopify store that a about peoples are
not talking about much. They know or didn’t know that I don’t have no idea at all but
and makes you any good on this video. And click on the subscribe button. And present
on the lichen and click on to get my videos notification at the first that in border Metro
exists. Adios. That is a R or S for starting out any guy in the business guys. My ultimate
goal for this is profits. Beware long term profits. What’s yours. Let me know in the
comment section so once you have for starting your own business. Auto is ducking. Auto is
shouldn’t be more than three. This did once you have heard probably from the big drop
shippers booked does orders only matters. For those who don’t know what is auto is or
is means to be done on X spend. That means how much money you have spend on ads and how
much money you got back. That’s pretty simple. But the question arises does only auto this
can give you. Profits are defines your metrics for making profits. The IRS should be more
than three. I don’t think this is truly correct. I am not speaking that some of the big drops
reports are true or false. What I’m speaking about data some of the hidden charges that
they’re not including in Ottawa is that want to give you the actual profits that they’re
looking for. For example. The first hidden jobs that I’m talking about is payment get
vis a vis. Here in my store I’m using as a payment gateway as a paypal for all might
be admin gateways but whenever a partner has been placed on my store what took payment
through paypal I have to pay a certain amount of transaction. Judge heavy. I’m giving an
example of my store. My product is costing it on forty nine point nine dollars. But here
again can see when the order has been placed that much money have come here you can see
only forty seven dollars approximate have come. That means Google Alerts have blown
away like boom. The second one is out of some of the app charges that they have on the take.
And third is the shopify monthly payment that is doing an end but nine in dollars that nobody
is including on their. Cost base as a cost base. So why do it I on all my business. I
remember just one formula costs for shop selling but it should be more than cost praised that
would give you profits. That’s it. My cost base shouldn’t be less than your selling base
that I follow every time. But we have learned this thing in our pragmatic classes. I know
but that works that I follow in my stores right now. So for solving this and making
profits I am following one of the metrics called A R O S that’s actually he’d done on
ad spend. That’s coming here. This is the dog that I follow for running all my ads and
finding out a R or is that is actually done on ad spend for all of my products to be profitable
and that with this I didn’t mind that I should keep running into ads or I should stop or
kill that ad said ads right now. So here you can see this dog is there. You can dig a screenshot
of this job right now. I’d be explaining what does this start and what did the things that
I farm. That matters for me when I use this job for our audience. Here again see the first
things for pricing. Here again see the pricing is from the highly exposed to what they were
things you are using I am using for my as my supplier. As not as. Syncrude. And this
broad is including the shipping judge. Also great phrase that they were giving and the
shipping done. Tom wanted his coming here you can see the world prices coming at Owen.
I have taken as example as four on ten dollars burned forty seven then burn forty seven dollars.
Okay so next thing is chef’s sending. This is the price that you are including in your
store that people are going to purchase from you. This is I. I’ll make one video on next
how to find that exact and a good edge selling price that I have out how potent the price
of the product on your store so that people can buy it should not not be more than more
after release. It should be equal to the people who will buy from you. So next thing is that
a I S B S P that is actual actual selling based. Here we can see you to point 1 5 in
2 4 and then Benen and saute ESB is not there. You’ve heard of this one. We had a concluding
one one thing that there is 0 1 1 5 1 2 4 9 4 9 1. Does it actually matters. Here we
can see here with my all my previous experiences I have seen that the beat by conviction judge
the shopify store thunders and judge. And. Here you can see the first thing is product
price. He didn’t see it is and I’ve taken it as an example I have taken as an own ten
daughters. And this product pricing is the price that you are taking from the at the.
Or what do us apply to you using for this one. Currently I’m using Silk Road as Bush
was to supply my fulfill my orders right now and this product price will include the pricing
of the product with shipping. The next thing you can see it here is she’s selling price
that is SB. Is the price that you are including in your store. I didn’t mean my next video
I’ll be making one video on how to choose the good price for your product. So the people
are buying from you. It’s not more or not less. Also Glenn you can see that it is 0
1 1 5 1 2 forty nine point million dollars. That is means here with my previous expedients
and I have calculated that. The people of dodges. The ACT are just less Shopify charges
all including it is coming. A 15 person. Freaking person they’re taking dodges from your from
yourself. So on calculating on this one I have to give them value of 15 percent APR
that’s 0 1 1 5 2 4 9 9. So this coming at on forty two point four 9 1 5. They’re going
to be your actual price after you’ve set your price. As for number nine dollars on your
store as a product price this is the actual my actual money that you’ll be getting after
being all your dodges. That’s included that’s made by a shipping judge or whatever it may
mean good to you. You are using the apps app dodges and the Shopify. Not sure if I have
monthly subscription charges after being all of this thinks this is your actual selling
price that you are giving the customer do. That’s at forty two point forty nine dollars.
Next line. We can now really we can find it here is total margin that’s actual margin.
Here you can see we have subtype here on for hundred forty two point four 9 1 five dollars
minus then 147. That was our price that we will have to pay for fulfilling the orders
including shipping charges. That’s coming in on today 2.0 1 five dollars. That’s your
APR margins. This is the margin that you’re getting for one product. So margin means the
selling price actually setting price here minus the product cost price whatever the
price that you are having of that product is including shipping I’m seeing one more
time including shipping. So this will become your actual margin guys. So third thing we
can see it here is margin percentage that’s coming down we’ll dig as margin percentage
as doing it. They do 1 0 2 1 5 do it before on the selling price that you’re giving that
is for an end but 9 in your margin but percentage is zero point six for five. I’m giving in
it then as an example. So you have to do what do you have to do is you have to not make
accordingly you pricing in this places and find out what is a add or is. OK. So next
thing is that it auto is how we can find the analyst next and we can see a add OIS equals
to 1 by margin percentage. That’s coming at on one point I cent for this product. Having
ordered up broad prices and burned for seven including shipping Plus selling prices for
an end by nine and that’s after transaction after all the transaction charges of apps
they bought and sells tubular subscriptions. It is coming only 40 to 1 4 9 1 5 dollars
that will be coming to yours bank account guys. So with this offer this one is calculated.
You then you can find out the actual profit margin and have locked the deal out over what
what orders percentage you should keep. So that you can make profits. So next line you
can see or is orders. So here we can see it first and direct games that it comes as. A
I or Us as 1 1 5 7. So next then again see auto it should be good. Then one 1 5 7 here.
This is the thing guys I have for making actual profits that nobody is talking about. Everybody
is talking about auto it should be more than three auto should be more than two. But nobody
is stating they do a good good results of how to with the maximum value is. So now we
have got the actual value that up through which this we can keep on to running our ads
here we can see. The address should always be good. Then for this product ideas should
always be good. Then 1 1 5 7. So when we are running our ads the address should always
be greater than 1 1 5 7. So. Orders should be good greater then a R or s. This should
be a mean someone line for God in your ads or killing you ads if you want to see I am
making money online then makes you a dick. This porn video is out right now.

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