April 7, 2020

100 thoughts on “Watch Live | Impeachment Trial Day 1: Senate proceedings set to begin as rules come into focus

  1. 9:40:14 this guy literally says it all for example if I murdered you and there was witnesses would the court not want the witnesses there to say what happen? Now I’m not saying anyone was murdered but if you want full justice wouldn’t you want to hear from the witnesses? Why can’t the republicans just admit that they’re rigging this for their “billionaire” buddy

  2. How can Klobuchar, Warren and Bernie be allowed to vote here? – It is clearly a conflict of interest and they should recuse themselves. They are benefiting from their vote, against the candidate they are running against for President- the same thing they are "accusing" our WONDERFUL President of (except HE wasn't)!
    Trump 2020! BEST President in my lifetime!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. The Senate swore "with God's help" to be impartial. The republicans lied before God. Their goal is to have no witnesses or evidence in a TRIAL and everyone knows why. If the Senate doesn't do what is right, I guarantee the voters will. We need an adult in the Oval Office ASAP.

  4. Allowing the Republican controlled Senate to deny the introduction of all of the evidence and direct public testimony of witnesses necessary to a full understanding of what has actually occurred is not conducive to a fair trial.
    McConnel knows that by requiring the House prosecutors to present their case before they have all of the pertinent material information needed can tilt the playing field in favor of Trumps defense.
    It allows room for further corruption of justice by giving the Trump defense team an opportunity to alter witness testimony, and to destroy any and all additional necessary prosecution evidence before they are forced to respond.

  5. American government is the dark worldly presence that harbors evil beyond the public discernment. They are liars, thieves, blasphemers, traitors, heady, high minded, vain, shameful, disgusting lovers of self and all things evil, calling evil good and good evil, having been given over to their own wicked self. My heart burns with seething passion of disgust with their shameless atrocities of power and greed and the eventual total self destructive behavior of pride and self. I am ashamed of nearly all our so called representatives in office. If the Lord tarries and America hasn't self destructed by election time, I hope every single one of these ungodly, false accusing, lying, backbiting, minions of Satin himself are put out of office and brought to justice for THEIR high crimes against the people they have betrayed; the American citizens. God will help us that belong to Him. The godless politicians in Washington D.C. will come to want in shame and disgrace.

  6. The House Dems knew the Senate held the majority vote, that being said if they wanted Trump impeached they should have taken their time and got the evidence needed!

  7. What the people want is a Robe around your Neck Adam your Pencil Neck real tight and the people will knock the floor out for you Adam.

  8. How can any trial be held without docs or witnesses ever? That would never fly if anyone of y'all were in court. If they were so confident that he didnt do anything wrong then why are they being so shady.

  9. 🆘 I LOL! At Democrat Speaker nervous Nancy Pelosi who says nobody is above the law except: “quid pro quo”Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Eric Holder, Barack Obama, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, John Kerry and illegal aliens. Can you agree democrats are a pack of lying hypocrites? Funny thing Liberal fake News morons give lying democrats cover daily. But why?

  10. Trump is the 1st to give all the money he has gotten for being President Obama didn't give his money away. Adam S. did you give away your pay check? You all are in it for the money and Trump is not about the pay check or about Money but We know who is

  11. Adam you just stepped over a line the Pri of Ukran you just called a lair your not making a friends Adam and Pri of Ukran you may not want to meet up with him Adam he may put that Robe around your Neck for your lies about him

  12. Quit saying its what the American people want, its what you corrupt politicians want. Trump has changed so much and they dont like that. I will still till this day support Trump. They need to be looking in the closets of Pelosi and Bidens son and so many more. Get over it already let him lead America!!!

  13. So Schiff is gonna start the TRIAL by saying its not fair in the event the OUTCOME isnt what he / they wanted? IF THERE IS CREDIBLE EVIDENCE, NO ONE CAN DISPUTE IT. THE DEMS SHOULDNT HAVE TO PLAY THE VICTIM WHEN THEY HAVE THE TRIAL THEY HAVE BEEN GUNNING FOR THE LAST 3 YRS. They planned for this because they knew Hillary couldnt win.

  14. Really don’t need the OPINIONS of these two..The American public is intelligent to form our own opinions…Shame on you

  15. All senators currently running for president sitting in this impeachment hearing needs to recuse themselves as this is a conflict of interest. They have all to gain by removing their political rival. Why is this not being mentioned?

  16. If the evidence was so overwhelming to impeach in the House trial why need more witnesses and evidence in the Senate trial? Makes absolutely no sense at all.

  17. The witnesses that they never subpoenaed in order to avoid a court decision? Where now they are demanding the senate compell when they woudnt?

  18. Get rid of career politicians, lobbyists and limit contributions to a candidate to 1k per person or corporations and let them serve only 4 years then go back in the workforce. Cut their pay to middle class pay with no healthcare then you’ll find out who really cares about this country and those that are about power and money!!

  19. Wouldn't it be great if you idiots actually told the truth for once. You'll have to look up the definition of truth to even know what I'm saying. Dumb dems

  20. Trump 2020!!!
    These criminal Democrats will be no more!!! Sounds like the democratic news media is becoming neutral when they see they are losing!!

  21. This is all because the Democrates didn't like President Trump investigating Joe Biden's corrupt and blatant abuse of power.

  22. To say DJT interfered with his election opponent is ridiculous . As of TODAY there is no Named Democratic Candidate. They have no election contest to date. Joe Biden is a citizen like me . Maybe I am running for president yet I would not get the same preferential consideration that the Bidens do. As far as his kid? Also check out all of the business deals Biden's brother was involved in where Joe Biden was the leader representing our government. It is just like insider trading. BTW which is illegal. The public simply sees through this and will not stand for it Schiff Pelosi and Schumer have all lost their way ..Too old Too bad. Time for new leadership with a moral compass not a vendetta

  23. Its right in front of your face ….Also Bernie is awful and old Bye bye The dem Partyis trying to manage him out and he is taking the bait each time What a fool

  24. Anyone who supports Trump is supporting a false God and the Anti-Christ. History will be a harsh judge and your souls will be forever and indelibly tarnished.

  25. Its almost like republicans are so stupid because they dont know old videos can be brought back and show how big of hypocrites they are. Its only a matter of time they outlaw bringing up old video

  26. CBS CNN Fake news specialist 😂 impeach Nancy for abuse of power – how about you report on The outrageous corruption that Democrats keep turning a blind eye to as you guys do. Clean the swamp

  27. Massive conflict of interest to have Sanders there. He is running against President Trump and puts down President Trump every day in his dozens of tweets. He should be removed. What a joke Lefty Liars will stop at nothing. Trump2020

  28. These Democrats are so disgusting. They try to act like they speak for the American citizens. They speak lies and waste time on what they could be actually doing for the American citizens. Trump 2020!!!

  29. The only redeeming factor in all of this is that eventually, after the Republicans destroy the constitution and get OJ, oops i mean trump, off he will eventually go to jail for the many things he is currently under investigation for civilly. So justice will eventually catch up with Trump. As bad as this sounds for the country, part of me hopes he screws up big again and all the republicans that have chosen to close their eyes and put their hatred of the other side over the constitution, will also suffer greatly. This is sad. And in the immortal words of Al Pacino, Scent of a woman, "If I were the man I was five years ago, I'd take a FLAMETHROWER to this place! " That's how I feel every time I watch our leaders just ignore each other and listen only to themselves.

  30. Watching Schiff is like watching a police officer lecture the mob that criminal behavior is wrong and that we need a fair trial.

  31. So trump pressured Ukraine into announcing a (sham) investigation into his political rival in exchange for 400 million dollars in military aid that were already pre conditioned by congress. Trump claimed his "favor" was an attempt to fight corruption although Ukraine already met all requirements regarding that matter.. President Z feeling pressured, informs his ambassadors he doesnt want to be a pawn in an american election. Trump insists his phone call with Ukraine was perfect (however that's quickly proven otherwise). In addition to this, the president withheld a crucial meeting to the oval office of a European ally in an ongoing war with an authoritarian regime. "Assuming President Z announces the investigation, we'll nail down a date for the meeting"- 30 minutes before phone call

  32. Trump supporters would believe it if their governor was caught at 3am buying drugs in a bad part of town if he said "I was doing the work of law enforcement".

  33. Even if trump walked out in the middle the street and killed somebody we would all still like him and support trump 110% kick those dumymrats out of the country and let's clean this country up once and for all and really keep the trump train moving even better make our country great forever!

  34. There is nothing fair about this trail! I think the reason Pelosi waited so long and delayed it so long is that she needed to blackmail some Republicans into turning on Trump!

  35. Americans don’t want the impeachment.. it’s the bully democrats wants him out because he’s doing an AMAZING job that no one else has the guts to do so!!! TRUMP 2020

  36. Bidens need to be investigated.what is wrong with you schiff.trump was doing his job.insuring our money before giveing it to ukraine,we know the corruption exists there.bidens are around it ?????

  37. If she's gonna save us she better get back to school now she's getting older she is considered an adult so time for her to get to work!!

  38. Sorry I'm from. Ireland, this funding you're all taking about,, was it in fact value of arms as Ukraine got a loan from the IMF and didn't need the money, oh I get it now, US arms companies sells the arms to the US government and get a mark up,,. And push it of as funding, omg what a great business plan. No wonder Trump wanted an investigation. That's why the democrats want to stop Trump, as the democrats will be caught with their hands in the pie.

  39. Why are they constantly repeating what has already been said this is gettin more and more stupid as it goes embarrassing the white house lookin like high school bull

  40. Hunter biden s company Brisma was under investigation by the UK government for corruption, that's a fact, noone in the US does any research, call yourself a reporter, and so the democrats are maladaptive daydreaming. Oh and the British money laundering investigation of brisma was stopped by the Ukrainian s.

  41. It's absolutely hilarious watching them blame everyone except the one person that's responsible for this whole mess. Let Bolton testify

  42. 8:40 there was another major change as you said in your statement schiff there was a new president in Ukrain. It makes sense that people might want to look into him.

  43. List the names of the Republican Senators that disrespected the hearing and walked out. If they are my Senator I want to know. It is their job to be present, objective and respectful!

  44. So what are these morons going to pass they do not want us to see this time. Cause I find it hard to believe that anyone really cares about this impeachment non impeachment BS.
    Last time during all the impeachment BS during the House side. They passed the 1 bill they said the wouldn't. A.K.A. The Patriot Act again.

  45. Dem refused to allow Rep during the house process….so Now the Rep are pissing on the Dems……just another day in Washington DC

  46. 10:34 if you love the constitution stop trying to ban guns get rid of red flag laws do away with the patriot act. No one in the government lives the constitution anymore the are all liars when it comes to that statement.

  47. Hipocrites what about JUDGING "themselves" quite OK INTERFERING with '''DEMOCRATIC''' works of Indian Parliament on spreading Democracy in 370 Kashmir HYPOCRITES 2 faced mischief makers!!

  48. The following answer is profound …

  49. Trying to plow through this #sham
    Can’t make it through in one sitting, thank goodness we can skip through the garbage CBS commentary.

  50. Fair, huh? Fair trail he says… Like it was in the basement. There is no cover up on Republicans side. The Democratic party are the ones pushing an impeachment for such ridiculous reasons. Good grief. Do something about real issues in the country. President Trump is still working hard in spite of all this junk. I will be voting for him 2020 💪👍

  51. What I see is the Democratic party is the problem in the swamp. Hopefully they will get drained out after all this !!!💪

  52. 부시는 거짓말이라도 그럴싸하게 이라크에 살상무기 있다 해서 침공이라도 했지 저 병신트위터새키는 뭘 얼떨결에 지가 실시간 중계를 왜 하냐 대통령이?? 그런새키가 미국을 이끌어야 하는게 비참하고 창피하지가 않나 미국 국민들은?

  53. Shouldn't the Hearings be commented on by seasoned professionals as oppose to twiddle dee and twiddle dumb? No analysis just parroting the Dems talking points as if they were facts as opposed to political opinion. Sort yourselves out or die from public ignominy.

  54. The Dems claim unfairness ,what a crock of Sh##T, they hold a unfair secret hearing in the basement of the WH and shut out the Republicans from asking question and bringing witnesses and now cry foul in the senate which they have no control. They are hypocrites and liars. You dont impeach a President because you don't like him. Their actions are so obvious.

  55. The House rules governing impeachment need to be changed to require a 2/3rds vote to impeach. If this does not happen, anytime there is a party difference between the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch a newly elected President will be impeached as soon as he/she is sworn in. What a disgrace, history will not be kind to the Democratic Party over this waste of time and money

  56. CrowdStrike HOW ABOUT CrowdTangles?? Will the Democrats Speak of it?
    Hunter Biden became Ensign in Military at 42 years old,he recieved
    Clearance to Highly Sensitive Security Matters Information
    then was Removed because of drug issues. Hmm.
    WHO Followed Where Foreign Aid Money was SPENT After the COUNTRIES Received it??
    NOONE- until Trump
    IMAGINE for DECADES having that PIGGY BANK!

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