March 29, 2020

100 thoughts on “Watch live: House votes on articles of impeachment against President Trump

  1. “Woe to the United States.
    Unity is gone.
    Alas the gators of the swamp have their way for a season.
    Be condemned for your actions o daughter of Jezebel.
    Ahab, where are you?
    Your queen has deceived the nation.”

  2. LOL the black anchor says "all the misleading things the president said" in his letter to Polosi. As if the anchor spoke truth…….what the president wrote is closer to reality then this anchor has ever spoken on network……LOL

  3. I love how the Democrats are so terrified of losing the presidency again, that they created all this BS to try and stop President Trump from being re-elected as President again.

    It is absolutely INSANE that there are people out there who don’t see this. IT’S LITERALLY RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. It’s really sad that millions of people are totally Ok with corruption in our government all because they just don’t like President Trump.

    I bet if this was Obama you’d be fighting against it… Shame on you. Anti-American pos.

  4. there be no longer big tough talk and barage of twitter feed, but as always, american exceptionalism over the entire world is always present

  5. After I see this, I never going to vote Democrat, I was Democrat but I see to much hypocrisy and abuse of power, Democrat they show me the real face, sorry but I was trusting in my match and they have shown me that all that Alleged evidence is true and I don't see any credibility.😔

  6. Nobody is this comments section read the mueller report.. Actually don't read the mueller report just compare how many of Nixon's friend that became felons compared to trumps friends that became felons. Trumps will not provide any documents or dare let witnesses testify or it's over.

  7. All this hate against Trump makes me want to vote for him next term. He must be doing something right. God put him in office, ONLY God can take him out. I'm tired off all the negative talk, lets talk about what he has really done for America, besides show us Americans our true colors and shake America. The president's job is not easy and he cannot solve all of our problems. He is not perfect, but seems as though many are scared of him. If he is honest and true, many will see that he really wants to make America great. Show us the documents. The media allows us to see and hear only what they want us too.

  8. These people are bought and paid for except for that Hispanic female attorney. These newscasters are not even good actors, not very believable. Listen and watch very closely, they are acting.

  9. This is a bunch of bs because they should remove this racist so called president for crimes against humanity already; if they don’t remove this devil from being president then it will be seen like a big victory for him and his trumptards followers in which is also a bunch of bs. One thing for sure is that the most high creator of all will remove all this evil wicked kingdom of esau who’s the father of the so called white european race soon. Yahawashi ( Jesus Christ ) the black messiah, the real messiah according to the holy Bible is lord and he’s coming back soon.

  10. Revelation 21:8 (KJV)
    8) But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and
    whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part
    in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

  11. We can finally look forward to having a decent and respectful president once Trump out! I'm suprised it took this long

  12. My thoughts are pretty much the same as everyone else: "WTF is going on!?" I am somewhat happy, anxious, and completely clueless.

  13. This is just a part of Trump's reelection strategy. He wanted this impeachment charge and he got it. Dems must unite and vote with solidarity the outlier candidates. Centrist candidates will not shine this time around — they are too safe. Take a risk! 🇺🇸🗽💯

  14. Whew ok what's next, he needs to be removed and charged for all his crimes, past, present, and his future crimes. To know this man know he's not going to lay down lightly. A house must fall on him. Nice pun yeah.

  15. i'm switching parties, I became a republican this last week because of this, I been following along with the hearings and i have to be honest and say the president is innocent. i'm voting for trump in 2020

  16. Whether you are a Socialist, Democratic Socialist, Social Democrat, or a Religious Socialist…all of these will trend toward the central component of socialism, which is collectivism. In collectivism, a small group always tell others how to live. Like a queen ant or queen bee, the collective only services the needs of the queen. The same becomes true with socialism, or the various forms of it…the collective tells individuals how to live. Every day, every hour, every moment…you are at the mercy of a collective. Imagine a collective of millions telling you what to do, what is right, and what is wrong. Independence, free thought, free expression, free worship, free movement…all restricted to a collective run by an oligarchy that determines what is right or wrong for you. You have sacrificed any purpose for your life beyond servicing the collective. Yes, comrades, you are the inferior ants who need guidance from the queens. Comrade is your designation for life.

  17. As Hillary Rotten Clinton said of the Benghazi debacle, "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE??!!" The fact is, no aid was withheld, and Trump never got the investigation he asked for from Ukraine. Meanwhile, Ukraine has received much more real assistance from Trump (including excellent and badly needed anti-tank weapons) than from Obama, who never had the courage to give them weapons (only food, blankets, comm. gear, etc.).

  18. Trump is impeached by is not removed from office. If you hate this than hate the republicans who voted yes and the past republicans who created the rules that allowed this impeachment to happen

  19. I am a Democrat myself, and thought he would make it through his first term, and that this would happen in 2021 if he won 2020. Didn't think this would have happened this fast. Plus I said to my Republican landlord that and I quote. "He didn't have the ability to run a professional football league (USFL) in the 80's, how does anyone think he could properly run a country." That was the summer of 2016 when she was watching a debate.

  20. I guess I was wrong about needing to have to tell the truth, have common sense, be sane in order to go before the American people, use our tax dollars, and silly me thought that THEY ALL were hired, elected by us to do the right thing, and uphold the laws and constitution. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  21. 2:07:03 😂 she was like wth? That is how we all feel about this bs y’all call evidence. Go sit down 🤦🏽‍♀️ 😂

  22. RISE UP REPUBLICANS! I use to be a Democrat, moreso a middle of the road voter, but all this bs has changed my mind on how I will vote from now on.! And about what they consider evident s and facts is mind boggling! Do they ever get checked out if they appear to have mental issues? Just wondering if anyone of them have ever been removed for that? 🤔 🤦🏽‍♀️

  23. "we cant investigate into Joe Bidens corruption in Ukraine while being Vice President because he is running for President." Meanwhile these people are investigating every other campaign for corruption.

  24. Republicans argument: explaining how trump did not break the law
    Democrats argument: Repeatedly saying “TRUMP IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW!”

  25. Impeachment, acquittal in the senate, re-elected by a landslide, republicans will take back the house. This is what happens when you drain the swamp, the swamp rats get mad. 2020 is going to be a brutal blow to democrats all because they abandoned their base to pursue this sham, and its weak at best.

  26. I literally listened in on 4hours. I turned it off as it began to south pathetic and repetitive. Back and fourth non stop of why they shouldn’t and why they should. I’m not big on politics but it’s near impossible to go a day without it being brought up somehow. From my point of view it’s a battle of Due process vs. moral ethics. The country is divided and they are using it to their advantage.

  27. They are so treacherous,they use their majority to support their political agenda and they talk of abuse of power I am not American but you don’t need to be close to see through their charade

  28. 3 years seeking harm and impeach the people president. … BREXIT is the best answer people respond to the impeachment of President Trump .. it’s not about impeachment Trump but it’s about selling out the World to globalism commies

  29. The Democrats have been trying to get rid of President Trump ever since he got in office, in fact before he was elected

  30. House convenes for HISTORIC VOTE? Wow, and I was told by many news sources that this was about a RIGGED VOTING CRISIS in America…so wait, no…………..Wait, I am SO CONFUSED…..what is it..WUT? WAIT….noooo, it's a HISTORIC VOTE!!!!! WUT is it, again?……A HISTORIC VOTE!!!! Oh, OK….HISTORICAL VOTE……

  31. so why did all the lefty news outlet erase the part where all the lefty representatives clapped and laughed after the vote?

  32. It wasn't a vote "mostly" along party lines. It was a vote that was 100% along party lines, which makes this impeachment even more illegitimate. During Clinton's impeachment in 1998, Nadler was against any impeachment that was only along party lines, showing him to be a hypocrite.

  33. he may not leave office and he might get re-elected, but this is just enough for me 🤷🏽‍♀️. I feel vindicated because he is so concerned with his image and his legacy…. it’s everything to him! he is destroyed on the inside. He talked about Obama every chance he had and did an interview about Obama needs to be impeached …. he loathed Obama and is so envious of him… but one thing he can say whatever he wants about Obama, but he can tarnish his legacy, like his will be and it’s killing him!!!

  34. I heard that this guy Mickey Spence would take over if Trump got impeached. This is wrong. Did Spence win? Spence didn’t win anything. He didn’t even get in the race. Who got more votes, Spence or Hillary? Spence got zero votes. Hillary got more votes than Trump. Trump only won because he went to College and got elected by his College. Hillary was the runner up not Spence. According to the Miss America rules and regulations the runner up assumes the title and office if the winner of Miss America is impeached. Same for Miss World. Hillary takes over as President

  35. They have no evidence for an impeachable action, but still they press forward for this vote.i will never vote for a democrat as long as I live after watching this charade for the past three years. This is not only an embarrassment to our country but the people who actually believed in the democratic system that has failed.

  36. Do yourself a favor, read the transcript of his phonecall, and decide for yourself if a impeachment for "abuse of power" is justified.

    Here is a link to it:

  37. It's naive to think that democrats do not want to listen or to show their proof of Tramp's guilty. They are protecting their personal gains to launder American people's money thru Ukraine. Greedy clowns, poor country.

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