April 4, 2020
Warehouse Execution System | Honeywell Intelligrated

Warehouse Execution System | Honeywell Intelligrated

In the convenience of our one-click free
delivery world, it’s easy to forget what takes place behind the scenes to make
this marvel of customer service possible. At the heart of this fulfillment model,
you’ll find the distribution center. A carefully orchestrated symphony of
people, automated systems and processes all fine-tuned to ensure on-time
delivery. On a good day, most warehouses look like this, but other
days, it can get complicated. Things change fast and it doesn’t take much for
systems to get out of sync and orders to back up. Before you know, it a warehouse
can look more like this. That’s because most warehouses employ partially
connected systems that see only part of the bigger picture and in fast-moving
environments, the information available when work is released gets old, quickly.
But what if you could see the whole picture at once, responding to changes as
they have it. Introducing the Momentum(TM) Warehouse Execution System from
Honeywell Intelligrated. A powerful software platform designed to simplify
complex fulfillment operations, connect orders, labor and automation and
coordinate synchronous workflows. Momentum(TM) takes a clean sheet approach to software development incorporating multiple modules into a unified codebase.
Now everything from automated picking and routing, to order management and QA
can be managed within a single platform. Momentum(TM) gives you access to real-time order fulfillment status and visibility to in process work, while assuming a
central coordination role to optimize order flow and rebalance work to avoid
potential problem areas. Orders are controlled and released only as fast as
they can be processed. Items arrive at consolidation areas when they’re
expected and conveyor congestion that delays orders, we’re making that a thing
of the past. These efficiencies are magnified when Momentum(TM) is integrated with Honeywell Intelligrated material handling equipment.
The backbone of Honeywell’s Integrated Connected Distribution Center Solutions
is the Honeywell Sentience IIoT platform. Delivering operational
intelligence with data-driven insights. Momentum(TM), along with the Honeywell Sentience IIoT platform is the realization of the next generation in
warehouse execution. Most importantly Momentum(TM) features a configure to need architecture so no matter how much your business changes you’ll be able to adapt
without the need for costly customizations. It’s the visibility and
flexibility you need to keep product moving fast, maximize labor resources and keep customers happy. Momentum(TM) from Honeywell Intelligrated because a good
day in the warehouse should be every day in the warehouse.

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