April 1, 2020
Want more ecommerce sales? Give your customers fewer options!!

Want more ecommerce sales? Give your customers fewer options!!

Today I’ll talk about why less is more
is extremely important for your ecommerce store. Last month I had a new
client who has this ecommerce store and she wanted to prepare for the Christmas
sales and the Black Friday sales. One of the things that I was looking at using
analytics was looking at the product type. So this ecommerce store sells dresses.
For each design of the dresses there was at least 10 different colors for
each type of dresses. And what I recommended for her was to cut down on
the number of colors. Let me tell you why this is so important: the more choices or
options you give to your customers, the longer they’re going to take to decide.
This thinking about which color do they want and selecting them would result in
a decision paralysis. Let me share with you one of my little
story. When I usually go to an ice cream shop so when I go to an ice cream store
especially that the Italian gelatos, it’s really nice and there’s always about 20
tubs of ice cream there. So I’d spend some time looking at each and every single
color and looking at the words, flavor and I’ll shortlist maybe perhaps
five or six and then I’m like looking at each one of them and I’m not sure and then
I request to try some of the flavors. At one point I would still be indecisive
between like two to three flavors and I’m standing there and everyone is
waiting for me, the queue behind me is growing and just sort of like frustrates
me at some point that I’d sometimes even decide not to buy any ice cream at
all because there was just too much decisions to make. And then I get stressed
when the queue behind me gets really long. Going back to the client I was
working with essentially when she put out that many different colors for a
particular dress design it becomes difficult for someone to actually make a
decision about which color dress does she actually want. If you have let’s say like ten to
twenty different colors for this particular design you realize you
need to put like a long drop-down box. If someone’s actually buying on a
mobile which most people do that nowadays, making purchases on your mobile,
it’s very difficult for them to scroll for ten different colors or 20 different
colors on this little drop-down box and they’d need to scroll up and down. Sometimes when the scrolling takes too long, you might even
forget what color you were looking at. And the other thing is about the colors
on this digital screen is that if the color difference is so subtle let’s say
like a jeans blue or like a baby blue or royal blue they look quite similar
if someone’s phone doesn’t have that quite high of resolution so they can’t really
make up their mind and they can’t really decide if it’s a color that they really want.
So let’s say if they choose like a color shade of blue which doesn’t look quite
the same on their phone as compared to when they receive the product, guess what
they’re going to do? They’re going to request for a return so you don’t want
that. And what you could do from analytics itself is that under the
e-commerce section you can actually see what are the top selling colors. From
there you can narrow down to the top colors that most people would likely
want to buy. Because usually if they buy like a dress, it will match their bag and
depends on the occasion that they’re dressing up for. So there is a specific
color so let’s say like black would definitely likely be one of the
top popular colors that they are looking at. And if there is enough demand for a
specific color then you can think about perhaps increasing your range for that
particular design. If not it’s much better to stick with maybe four to five
different colors for the product that you are selling. Also what you could do
is for example you could sell specific colors that people would wear during a
particular season and in this way you create exclusivity. So people get
really excited say for example you might be selling
like a spring color for dresses that people would wear in spring and versus that maybe more dark dress for like an evening dress so in this case when you only
limit the number of colors to a certain selection it makes it much easier for
people to make a decision to buy. And it helps you to make a sale more quickly. So,
what do you think about less is more? how many different options or color or
design do you have for a particular product let me know in the comments
below. I’d like to hear from you so if you’re an e-commerce shop owner whether
you have Shopify or Big Commerce or WooCommerce you would
definitely want to get the most out of your analytics so you know exactly what
you can do to double up your revenue. I have this upcoming course called Google
Analytics for Small Business you can sign up the waitlist below or if you’re
watching this video at a much later date, you can also go straight to the
link to sign up for this course. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the
next video.

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