April 3, 2020
Walmart may EXIT Flipkart? Post New E-Commerce Govt. Regulation Result

Walmart may EXIT Flipkart? Post New E-Commerce Govt. Regulation Result

Recently, I am hearing news about Wallmart is going to exit from the Flipkart deal But how can be possible that the biggest player in the retail market first buy the company and then sell it later So according to my analysis, I will tell you this news is right or wrong If Wallmart exit then how much loss they will face. I will tell you all the things in detail In May 2017, Wallmart bought 77% of the Flipkart share in 16 Billion dollars He still bought Flipkart share after knowing the fact that all the offline retailers are in protest against online networks Do you think the company who is running the world biggest retail chain would buy something without researching? They have already done the research before capitalizing this big deal Now I agree they have calculated all the things but didn’t consider this thing that the government will ban They had trust on Modi Ji I know this point is not valid Because I am saying that Wallmart can’t exit from Flipkart So have to stuck with Flipkart at any cost This is my first reason and the second thing is after the news there’s a prediction that shares of Flipkart reduced by 20-25% It means Wallmart is going to face a 20-25% loss on his such a big Investment Now in order to exit you have to sell all the shares And the second thing is there would be no one who can buy these shares This was the biggest deal ever of Wallmart. So in order to buy Flipkart companies have to spend a lot of money And, who will invest his money on this kind of business model Many people say that E-commerce is a cash-burning business model In India E-commerce is operating at loss nowadays In my last video which was about Reliance E-commerce. Many people said to me that Flipkart is an Indian company and Binny Bansal is running this and these things are very old. Now Wallmart had bought Flipkart Many people also said that Flipkart is the Indian registered company but it is not But let it be. The point is who will buy Flipkart again Especially after a lot of bans was introduced by govt and along with that this is a cash-burning business Reliance was the only one who could buy this but they are going to make their own network And TATA has its own network. So I don’t think anybody can buy this. Will you buy for this amount of money? And especially when the company is at loss. And Wallmart had come to India many years ago But When Wallmart came many people protested and that’s why they allow Wallmart for wholesale instead of retail And then again so many rules were imposed so then Wallmart came with the help of partnership instead of direct coming And after changing partners and all then it becomes profitable Wallmart doesn’t give up easily. It came to China in 1996 and we all know China has more struct policy than India In China, they don’t promote foreign countries but still, he is trying there without exit So, Wallmart always thinks about Long-Term game Let me tell you one thing that Indian E-commerce worth is 50Billion And there’s a prediction that In India till 2025 which means after 5-6 years E-commerce will grow by 5 Times It means your investment will multiply by 5 times in the next 5 years so why not to invest? That’s why the Big player is not thinking about Exist and that’s why Reliance is also coming in this Industry Infrastructure In Indis is not that good and drones are not going to work here But things will become profitable after 5 years when infrastructure is improved and delivery and cost also improve SO basically everyone wants to be first We all consider Amazon or Flipkart only. Even Paytm mall is here but still, our first choice either would be Amazon or Flipkart we don’t consider Paytm mall much because they come late But it is not compulsory because now Reliance will come and they will do fantastic marketing Jio come later but still created his hype and everyone’s start using Jio So now whenever we think about network Airtel and Jio always comes first in mind So this is a long term game. I don’t think Wallmart will exit just because of a small policy change Even Amazon is changing itself because they are also facing loss in India but it doesn’t mean they won’t work here Amazon made Cloudtail India and 50% of the owners of its shares are Indians The founder of Infosys has 50% of its shares and now he extended to 74% SO now Cloudtail Company is Indian company and now they can work freely And according to the rule, no international company can work on a multi-brand basis So they are not international now it’s Indian And along with that they also made some changes in their original Cloudtail They increased the Infosys power so that they can easily be connected to Indian cloud tail This thing is re-structuring where you made changes in shares so you can cop up with government policies And you have seen many brands like Mi, Honor and all who are selling their products in their own website They are working without any issues because a single brand with inventory model is acceptable But only those websites face problems which sell multi-brands in a single platform And there are many big companies who are registering themselves on Flipkart or Amazon and selling their products And this is not against the rule So there are multiple ways to operate If the brand sells their product themselves than they can also control the pricing For example, they launched a new product and their company start offering them a discount and these things effects in company positioning For example, I am running a brand Apple and if I compare offline stores with online stores like Paytm And things are cheaper in online stores and expensive in offline store And because of that company faces loss and if you go to offline stores then they will tell you Paytm stores sell fake products So Paytm is selling you the product at a loss so that in the long term you always consider them at first But if brand registered themselves then they can manipulate price according to them And now the election is also coming so if govt imposed some policies then in this case brands won’t face any issue And if we talk about big brands who have a lot of funds Like they will tie up with authorized Indian distributor and will sell their product through them And they won’t keep their stakes What Goverment said they normally made a company like international FDA is not allowed So what big companies do is they make their company in India and then buy good in bulk and then sell through their Indian channel or example there’s a person in your area who makes good product and Amazon buy from hin in bulk at less price And Amazon started to sell through their platform but this thing is illegal but they found some way But now they will make sellers and tell them to sell without asking or any stakes If I talked about Dyson which is an exclusive air purifier It is only available on Amazon but now panning to sell on Flipkart as well as They are ready to work at the low margin in Amazon exclusive Because this product is only available on amazon so amazon branding is also increasing Let’s assume we have to give 5% as a commission in that particular category So maybe after getting enrolled for amazon exclusive I will get some benefits like branding and reduce in commission But now they can sell multi-products so the brand will earn some benefits there would be a loss from the consumer end So this is also the reason why Wallmart is not going to exit So all the things that are getting viral about it I think all are rumors and truth will be revealed after 5-6 months Save this video and if any of your friends say Wallmart is going to take an exit from Flipkart so send him this video And discuss this and tell me if any of my points are invalid. According to me and analysis as a businessman, he can’t do this If I can think about all these things that Wallmart is the biggest retail player in the world so he will definitely think about these things Like this video, comment, and share Bye Good morning and Goodnight whenever you are watching this video

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  1. modi govt. helping ambani to create monopoly in every business in Indian market which is very harmful for consumers in long term

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    Har Koi Is Type K Poster Pe Report Kijiye. Ye Log Youtube Pe Modi Ki Pic Laga Kr Jyada se Jyada Views Vadhate hai Isliye Modi Ki Pic Lgate hai. 😡

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    you made things easy for us by providing loads of information at just one place
    thanks Alot for this Sir. 🙂

  12. American E-commerce companies wants to enter indian market with full freedom which is not good for the infant businesses…

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  15. Everything is okay but thumbnail is giving wrong message. Government have to safeguard interest of countrymen. So they tighten the rules not discouraging investment

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  23. If Walmart exists forget any foreign investors will invest in India 🇮🇳.. Tata refuse to returned all docomo money and docomo has to approach court to recover their money

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