April 3, 2020
Walmart Grocery Delivery Pros Cons Sugar Shortages Prepping Food Storage

Walmart Grocery Delivery Pros Cons Sugar Shortages Prepping Food Storage

Walmart Grocery Delivery pros cons sugar shortages prepping food storage hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper last night I was reading in bed and I came across an article about the sugar beet and sugar
cane harvest in the United States are you aware that due to poor weather that
much of our sugar beet harvest has been destroyed it’s frozen into the ground
first the ground was muddy by storms then it was frozen and now a lot of our sugar beet harvest is not going to be done sugar shortages 2019 2020 US if the sugar food is not going to be available for
the United States sugar market from what I understand about 30 percent of the sugar beet harvest has gone to waste so I was looking around at my computer and one of the things I clicked on was Walmart and I wanted to see if sugar was available
and what the price was a link popped up at the bottom of the page that I could
order Walmart groceries delivery online and they would deliver them right to my home the very
next morning so I thought heck I better check this out so I went and I ordered
some sugar I ordered some canning jars so that I can store some extra sugar and
I thought well while I’m at it I don’t have to go to the store they’re going to
bring it right to my home so I added a few other of prepping food some
essentials some pantry foods long term food storage items to make sure that I am always stockpiling
foods so that I have the food supplies things that I need to feed myself and my family you can see the things that I ordered sugar and mason canning jars jars dried cranberries some cans of
tomatoes because I tried to get canned tomatoes earlier in the year and they
were not available and now they are so I decided it was a good time to stock up
on them a soup that I had discovered that I liked is the Progresso chicken
and sausage gumbo so I ordered a few more of those makes a nice hearty meal
if you serve a can of the chicken sausage gumbo over some rice it makes a
nice hearty meal it’s filling and a nice way to rotate your storage foods I like
to eat oatmeal so it was a good chance to have an extra box delivered and then
I got some of the sparkling water drinks simply because they’re delicious I placed my order late at night and it was delivered the very
next morning a very nice gentleman pulled right up in my driveway carried
the food into my kitchen and I have a stockpile of sugar some cans prepping food some extra food storage
items that easily all I had to do was click the order online at Walmart grocery delivery and my order was delivered within 12 hours there was a
charge of $7 98 however if you consider your time and the gas and wear and tear
on your car to go to the store and you don’t even have to get out of your
pajamas if you don’t want to it certainly can be worth it there are
times when it would certainly be worth it not to have to go to the store fight
the crowds look for things that maybe aren’t available there was a check on the walmart grocery delivery order page that
you could click if things could be substituted which I did click on some of
those items and I was a little disappointed that I had ordered
wide mouth mason canning jars and they substituted regular mouth mason canning jars which I guess I thought maybe they would have Ball or Kerr jars it would be a different brand I
didn’t think it would be a different size so while that’s disappointing
I did get my twelve mason canning jars and I can store the sugar away in the jars add it to my long term food storage emergency prepper prepping pantry stockpile so it doesn’t really matter in that kind of a case sometimes when you’re canning you do
want the size mason canning jar that you have in mind so it may not always be available to
want to substitute another bonus to ordering from Walmart grocery delivery was a Happy Holidays goodie bag and I wasn’t
expecting at all I haven’t even opened it yet let’s open it and see what all
the goodies are here’s the things that were in the Walmart grocery delivery bag a Glade plugin warmer just the unit not the oil some Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing mix a can of
sprite winter spice cranberry so I can sample the limited edition Christmas
flavor Smart Food Smart 50 white cheddar popcorn I’ve had some other kinds of
popcorn and they’re usually delicious and there’s some candy some Sweet Tarts
rope bites a Ghirardelli milk chocolate caramel and two Bertolli olive oil
samples there’s also a Walmart gift card it doesn’t have anything on it but it
gives directions if you needed a quick gift you could go online or something and load something on it in case you forgot
someone and then there’s a cute little booklet with it it has some recipes and
ideas of things for holidays I thought this was all a very nice holiday perk
from Walmart online grocery delivery it eases the pain of paying $7.99 for delivery I had a great
experience with the Walmart delivery I would certainly do it again while we may
not like to pay an extra seven ninety-eight or $7.99 sometimes we pay a
little bit more for convenience gathering the prepping prepper food supplies that we need so
we’ll always have provided the things that we need for ourselves and our
families I hope if you enjoyed my video you’ll share it with someone you think
might also enjoy it you can learn more at alaskagranny.com
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18 thoughts on “Walmart Grocery Delivery Pros Cons Sugar Shortages Prepping Food Storage

  1. I will have to check it our Walmart will do this. They are a 40 minute ride one way. Thanks! When I was a kid I worked in the sugar beet fields! Great summer job for teens. Us kids loved it–and the money!!

  2. Thank you Granny. Good to know – there are times when getting to the store is just not so easy. And your right the gas and time and wear and tear on your car is a lot more than $7.99. And it’s quick too!
    We have only used the shipping service not the delivery or pick up.
    Never had a problem with the shipping either.
    Thanks again for the info. God bless!

  3. So how much was the sugar, AG? Two weeks ago, Meijer's had a one day sale: 4 pound bag for 99 cents. I grabbed 16 packages, which was about half of their stock. I used to feel guilty about taking so much, but now I figure that people have access to the same information I do. So if they choose to stay asleep, not pay attention to news about shortages, and not prep….well, then it's their own fault if they go without. They won't see it that way, though. They'll say we preppers hogged all the food up.


  5. You say "Milk Chocolate Caramel", like you mean it.
    It sounds like the "fee" was more than reasonable. Our Walmart if fifty miles away, .. both ways! So I doubt they would even deliver outside set limits, like the parking lot, .. lol
    Sugar, … sugar was two bags for $3 just a few months ago, now it's two 5 lb bags for $4 and the buggers are asking $2.50 a bag as a regular price.
    I found some at the dollar store $2 a bag and $20 bought 50 lbs. Hey, as long as I can buy it I can always complain, as long as I can still buy it, … I can ALWAYS complain, … lol
    Was I telling you that the Salivation Army Thrift Store raised the price of their mason jars a dollar? Last year, they were three dollars, then they went up to $4 and because they were selling so well, they had the gall to hit $5 a month ago and I've been boycotting the mason jars ever since. And letting hem know it too.
    Sure, mason jars sell well in the fall, but now with "the Christmas season" is upon us, they are starting to stack up on them. I'm sure one of these trips and the words "Mason Jars are on sale" will be dropped into my ears. Cross my fingers anyway. I just hope I have the money to buy when the buying is good, .. like I did today at the bottle shop in the next big town. Scored 30 dozen assorted mason jars for $90. Over 360 jars, … I got a few for free, eh? They were all in stack-able boxes too. Bonus
    I must have a 150 dozen mason jar lids stashed by now. When they went on sale for $2 a dozen, I went mad! I showed up at the cash with a "flat" of canning lids, it wasn't full, maybe 30 dozen, but I wanted the cardboard flat for my stash at home. They hold 90 dozen lids if I remember right.
    Then I sitting relaxing and I spy the bag of Summer Savory I grew in the garden this summer so I took it down, gave it a good rub to remove the leaves from the stalk, and I have three half pints of very strong Summer Savory. A traditional herb grown here and used when stuffing chicken and turkeys, … I want to try a rice dish with it, … just to "see". I know I just love a little Rosemary cooked with my rice. I like the summer savory in my meat pies too.
    Mom can't eat rice anymore.
    That throws a wrench in the preps eh?
    So now I'm filling one gallon glass jars with instant mashed potato flakes for $15 a pop. Got a bit of a rush on with the big cash outlay of $30 a pop! I'm also hitting the freeze dried coffee, ten jars at $2.97 is anther $30. Don't take long to blow my $320 a month stipend I tell ya. And I'm grateful too.
    Oh yeah, two kilo's of oatmeal, instant or rolled oats, will fill a one gallon glass jar as well. I'll use three 100cc oxygen absorbers per gallon jar.
    And the powdered Skim Milk! I bought the largest bag, maybe 4-5 lb, and paid close to $28.
    The same with the pasta, … the price of everything is going up, and going up fast.
    Have a great one.

  6. I knew about the sugar from watching the Ice Age Farmer channel. He has lots of good information. I don't buy GMO sugar anymore. It's costs only a little more to get non-GMO. I stocked 20 more Lbs. of sugar and 4 Lbs. of brown sugar. Yes, I know I could have made my own but right now I chose the time saver and it was on sale. πŸ˜„
    Glad you liked the delivery. The Holiday bag was neat. Thanks AG. Have a blessed week.

  7. I knew about the sugar beet harvest because a lot of that was here in Minnesota. I didn't know Wal Mart delivered but I don't think they would for me because it's a 50 mile round trip

  8. We have not been able to get the wide mouth jars from our Walmart (I prefer them) for the last 3 months. I do not understand why not. πŸ™

  9. A good option for disabled people or those eithout transportation. We have a store chain here that offers delivery but I have not tried it

  10. A good option for disabled people or those eithout transportation. We have a store chain here that offers delivery but I have not tried it

  11. Funny. I was in wally world yesterday and saw them pulling orders and inquired about what the cost was. As usual, "I know nuffin". Thanks for saying the price.

  12. you can also order non perishables via usps and get free shipping on orders of $35. i do it all the time. online they have more choices than whats in the store and you can also get bundle deals costing less per item such as 4 packs of canned veggies & soups and dry beans varieties they never have on the shelf. i have had shipped coffee, cereal, dry beans and peas amounst other household staples and supplies.

  13. Put the Ice Age farmer on your watch list , there's way more going on than you might think . The Government is sugar coating the short falls in a lot of crops , get prepared for prices to go up before long , way up .

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