April 3, 2020
Volusion Review & Tutorial – Expert eCommerce Reviews

Volusion Review & Tutorial – Expert eCommerce Reviews

You are watching the Volusion Review, brought
to you by Thetop10sites. Are you looking to start an online store for
your business? If so, you’ve come to the right place as
Volusion is one of the best e-shop builders on the market. Volusion has a great platform, offering endless
features and possibilities to store owners. They`re fully hosted and use powerful SEO
tools that help boost your rankings across all major search engines. They also offer powerful integration tools,
unlimited 24/7 support, lots of payment options and easy social sharing! You can see their pricing plans here. The Mini plan is $15 monthly and includes
up 100 products and 1GigaByte of Bandwidth. The Plus Plan is $35 monthly and has up to
1000 products included, 3GB of Bandwidth plus User Ratings and Reviews. The Pro Plan is $75 per month, allows up to
10, 000 products and 10 GB Bandwidth plus Ebay and Amazon Integration. Finally, the Premium costs $135 monthly and
offers unlimited products and up to 35GB Bandwidth plus a dedicated Volusion Account Manager. All plans include unlimited storage, a mobile
and facebook store, responsive themes, a mobile app social media tools, and no transaction
fees. Volusion also gives you a 14 day free trial
with no credit card required. So let`s test it out. All you need to do is enter your name, phone
number and e-mail and Voila! You are ready to start building your online
shop! If you find it difficult to manage at first,
no worries- their customer support chat pops up immediately and they offer you free help
to better customize your store. In the toolbar above, you have all the important
menus to help you control your shop. Let`s choose the theme for our shop from here. They have lots of themes which you can set
to be responsive or even edit their code. However, the amount of free themes is limited. We’ll test it out by building an Online
Plant shop so let`s pick this one! Done! Going back to your Dashboard you can see which
steps are left in order to start selling your goods. There’s also a helpful graphic chart, showing
your monthly earnings and orders. Let`s upload a logo which is the next step
in the dashboard`s list. And now it`s time to add our first product. It’s easy, just type the name and the specifications
of the product and add a descriptive picture. Volusion has a great product management section
and scrolling down the product page you will see lots of additional tools. Here, you can Add a Youtube video to attract
more clients and open the Advanced info section. After you use the in-built SEO tools to describe
your product, add pricing details with TAX and VAT info. Time to check out the Storefront of our shop. The steps listed on the left side bar remind
you to upload a banner – which we’ve already done, it’s fast and easy. The last step is to Add Navigation to the
website. Clicking any of the pages you can choose your
page layout from the drag-and-drop pop up and edit it in seconds. Just type your message directly on the page
you are editing. We love how simple it is. In addition to these great features, Volusion
also offers a variety of built-in or Marketing tools. You can connect your shop to Facebook and
Twitter,insert your products, and send your visitors frequent updates. You can also sell directly on google, amazon
and ebay. If you decide to go with Google, you can easily
showcase your products with their search adds. Connecting your store to ebay and amazon is
only included in the Pro and Premium plans and you need to upgrade. You also have an SEO tools section which is
very advanced. They allow you to describe each of your pages,
quickly find SEO friendly URLs, and regularly update your sitemap which is automatically
created by Volusion. On your Settings Menu you can customize your
shipping countries, add a free shipping to specific products and even get live shipping
rates from FedEx,UPS and many more. You can also set your Tax information with
automatic US tax rates. Setting the payment methods your customers
can use is definitely a must. Volusion offers a variety of payment options
and they allow more than 10 card types in total. Volusion also lets you to easily set Paypal,
Cash, Wire Transfer and many more options on their Payment Page. When you are ready with your website just
hit Publish and start spreading the word! Overall, here are the main pros:
14-day FREE trial Many affordable plans
No transaction fees Automatic tax rates
Easy to use and navigate 24/7 chat support
But there are also some cons: No mobile or tablet preview
Bandwidth over-charge fees Amazon and Ebay integration
require Pro/Premium plan Overall Volusion is a great choice for any
type of business looking to reach their clients online. To discover more eCommerce platforms, Take
a look at our next e-commerce reviews.

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  1. Also might want to make a new video. They changed their plans. Now they want more money for less. No free trial either that's a joke you have to pay them before you can set up and go live. This has always been this way

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