April 5, 2020
Voice Teacher Reacts to Juan Gabriel – Tú serás mi Navidad

Voice Teacher Reacts to Juan Gabriel – Tú serás mi Navidad

Hi everyone. Andy Davis here again from
Master of Voice, a channel with reactions to performers from across the world. In
this episode, another reaction to Juan Gabriel. This time a Christmas song to
“Tú serás mi Navidad” or “You will be my Christmas” as its translated into English.
I’m excited to hear it so let’s jump right in. This is so fun.
I know that another singer – I believe he wrote this song – that another singer made
a little more famous than him singing it, actually. Isabel Pantoja, I believe.
Isabel being one of his favorite muses that he wrote several songs for, also
performed duets with and we’ll be reacting to her in the very near future. But, I
wanted to react to his version of this song today. A rough translation of the
lyrics in English starts out, “If you see a star that shines in the sky, follow him.
That goes to me. It is my love that you see in heaven. Shines like this and take
care of you. It will give you an inn as soon as you arrive at the door from my
heart and when you arrive you will always be forever. You will be my
Christmas.” Such a fun upbeat number, already. He is having such a fun time with this. I
expect no less from him when I see him on the stage. So fun! The chorus, “And you
will be my Christmas. The happiest of my life. The nights will pass, no days. And I
will give you and you, and you will give me, happy Merry Christmas.” Fun mariachi! Everybody’s having fun with this one. Oh my gosh.
I love watching him on the stage. He was born to be a performer and it just
happens that he is also a great songwriter and musician and singer. And
it’s just amazing, I have continued watching the series about his life but
about three episodes from the end and he endured so much in his life. But, I think
having that background is what gave him the ability to write such wonderful
songs. This one, of course, is a bit more just upbeat for a festive holiday
occasion and I really enjoy his version of it. He’s just sort of singing in his
upper chest voice – having a lot of fun with it. The next verse goes on, “There
will never be sadness because you come to me with Christmas. Winters, springs and
summers will pass today and autumns of love together. We will always watch as
the snow falls from in the city. When looked sad before today, I look happy
this beautiful Christmas,” and then it goes on to repeat just a bit. Such a fun
song by him. He gives me joy. Look at him! And I know some of the lyrics might not
be exact because several of you have told me that he ad-libs so much when he
performs these songs live. So, if it’s not exact, I’m sorry about that but you get
the gist of it. And what a fun time he is having on the stage and everyone else is
having fun with him. So fun. I just love this holiday song
and I’ve never heard it before but I’m thankful to hear it today. You know, a lot
of the songs I’ve reacted to by him have a bit more of an emotional tone in the
lyrics and in the singing because of the hard background that he endured in his
life. However, this is just celebrating the season – having a lot of fun. So
enjoyable. You’ll have to tell me what he’s saying. He’s giving so many ad-lib comments to
the audience. So, let me know. Post down below what he’s saying in a few of them.
I know they have to be fun. He’s having a ball with this song. Great mariachi behind him. He’s bringing such happiness to this
audience. Ha. He had to take off his coat and enjoy it.
Oh!!! How much fun it must have been to be
able to go to one of his concerts. This is a little bit of a smaller audience, I
believe. You know, I’m sure he would could pack out arenas and did back in the day.
But, these, some of these people are sitting at tables up near the stage and
what an intimate experience just to be able to walk up to the stage interact
with the famous and awesome star Juan Gabriel! Some of you have mentioned
that you were able to go to some of his concerts and that they truly moved you. I
can only imagine. How awesome. Wonderful! That is so much fun, I believe
when I initially read the lyrics of this song, though, that Isabelle’s version that
she’s sang had just a bit more at the end here. But, he has just done his own
arrangement and rendition of a song that he wrote. And, you know, when a song
repeats so many times, you have to change it up a bit. Have fun with the audience.
It was vocally resting right in his upper chest voice register. He did let
the vowels migrate around just a bit – opening up especially on Navidad there.
(Na-vi-dad) So much fun! He opened up just let the sound flow right out on a
wonderful breath control there that he has Such a truly phenomenal performer.
Wow. We are gonna have so many more reactions to him in the new year, don’t
you worry. I’m such a huge fan of his and I’m looking forward to finishing up the
series about his life that I’ve been watching on Amazon. So, I’ll leave a link
to that down below as well if any others are interested in watching that. I hope
you enjoyed this reaction. If you did, please click like and hit subscribe,
leave me a comment down below. I enjoy hearing from you all from all over the
world especially fans of Juan Gabriel. I’m right there with you. Thank you.
Click the bell so you know when I’m releasing new content. Also, follow me on
social media. Otherwise, have a happy holidays, Feliz Navidad, and have a great

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