April 9, 2020
Virtooal explainer video

Virtooal explainer video

You just sent some fashion or cosmetics to from your online store to the customer. But when they arrived, the customer was not
satisfied with the order. This is not what she expected.
So she returned the package back to you. Again. And again…
And your costs are just skyrocketing. You think: physical stores do not have such hassles. If I just had a fitting room so the customers could try goods before buying…
Oh, come on. We are an online store, and this isn’t possible. Or! What if there is a way
to let my customers try the goods directly in my store?
Yeah! You just found the solution! Virtooal – the virtual fitting room designed
especially for e-commerce. So the customers can try on your goods from home and share it with friends on social media.
And bring you new customers. Many new satisfied customers.
The shopping is fun as in brick stores. The order fits now perfectly.
And you know there will be no more returned orders and unsatisfied customers.

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