April 7, 2020
Viral Store Review – Amazon Affiliate Website Builder

Viral Store Review – Amazon Affiliate Website Builder

Hey what is happening people Razvan
here in this video I’ll be reviewing a Brand new software called Viral Store that
will help you build your Amazon Affiliate website in seconds now I’m
going to play a very short video that Contains a live demo so you can see that
software in action make sure to stick Around till the end of the video because
I’ll be giving away free bonus valued At $3,000 if you decide to acquire the
software the other link below enjoy the video and we will see each other after
that build your store in seconds start selling in minutes and see the first
results like these within a few hours creating your money-making Amazon
affiliate store doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive dear current or
future Amazon affiliate marketer I’m Marian and with my partner Christian we
are the cofounders of Saas lab the software company behind the viral store
platform I’m here to show you how simple it is to create your own viral Amazon
affiliate store let’s see how it works first step you have to choose the type
of your store and go next to the second step you have three different style of
which you can pick you need to choose the style you want and then click Next
to the third step here you have to write the sub domain then choose a store logo
image after that write the store title and the store description of your store
click Submit and go next to the final step or you need to copy paste the
referral code and now your store is connected with Amazon affiliate program
click Submit and the store is done in these four simple steps your store is
ready to fill your pocket right away so you can do all of that without buying a
domain or hosting without design or coding skills without complicated setup
or configurations without experts consultants or developers all of that is
already built into the platform so you can launch your store
what makes viral store different than all the other Amazon store builders
simple our revolutionary push button for Facebook viral traffic system you see
the big problem with most Amazon store builders is that they can do an alright
job creating a store but when it comes to traffic you’re on your own with viral
store we’ve included a revolutionary push button Facebook viral traffic
feature that starts getting you traffic the second your brand new store goes
live this is incredibly powerful because without traffic your store is dead in
the water now it’s your time to enjoy the benefits that viral store brings
including fast easy and push button free traffic with a few clicks viral store is
packed with everything you need to make money right away check out the page
below to see the extra bonuses we have examples of stores all the amazing
features and the variety of themes you can use right now I look forward for
seeing your viral stunning affiliate store live today
okay guys really hope you enjoy the video now let’s go to the fun part we
will create as well our own affiliate store let me just move myself around
here there we go now I’m already logged in into my into my dashboard so the
first thing what you need to do once you once you’re out then just go here to
build new store choose Amazon let’s pick a category for this for this website I’m
gonna go for books okay then I’m going to scroll down a bit and the next second
step is to choose a template let’s see which one this one I’m gonna pick the
number three style next again now we’re gonna have to choose a subdomain and I’m
gonna go for books okay choose a low blow let me see I’m gonna go forward
for this one just as a test site title I think I’m gonna go for boots as a
description and then click Next then you’re gonna have to insert your
Amazon referral code I’m gonna use the one from from the example here agree to
the terms and conditions and then click Submit
and our website is done it’s good to go I already imported all the categories
here business and money parenting whatever you feel like it here
our doors travel let’s pick this one to test it out yep it works perfectly now
the entire process as you as you saw it take it took like less than a minute the
the firestore comes with three plans if you decide to acquire it as you might
see here are three thousand seventeen dollars twenty nine ninety five and
twenty seven dollars i really recommend the 2995 one because it allows you to
create an unlimited for period amazon sports and very important is one-time
payment very important if you decide to acquire doesn’t matter which plan you
choose you’re gonna access my $3,000 worth of bonuses the bonus will be sent
to you via the email now let’s go to the the bonuses once you click on the link
below you’re gonna you’re gonna get rid of rated to this page here click on the
bottom and then you’re gonna go on the bonus page now there’s a list of 30 20
bonuses let’s let’s take a look at them the 10 km and manifesto the commission
blueprint the super affiliate movement that generated over five thousand
dollars five hundred came sorry dollars in 12 months five keep publishing
paydays a big ads mastery training super super valuable product zero hour work
days Lehman’s lazy method discover newbie
friendly ultra lazy method for training two to four hours per day into 1.5 k
dollars now 10k commissions the five figure freedom
awakening Facebook ninja advertising and the list goes on
feel free to check it out these will be sent to you again via email instantly
when you acquire the the product guys if you enjoy this video don’t forget to
smash the like button subscribe to my channel leave a comment below if you
have any questions related to this and we will see each other into the next
video bye bye

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  2. Hey, Viral Store is a newbie-friendly, push-button tool for getting Facebook Viral Traffic and banking easy Amazon affiliate commissions with just a few clicks of a mouse. No special skills or experience needed.
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