April 8, 2020
Vinomofo: a unique eCommerce story

Vinomofo: a unique eCommerce story

Woman: So VinoMofo is an online wine retailer
but with a difference. The way that we’re different is essentially is how we curate
the wine. We only sell the wines that we absolutely love. It’s basically making wine accessible
and open to anyone, no matter where they are in their wine journey.
Man: We think of Vinomofo as really the business of growing a tribe. We’re interested in
somebody coming and joining and staying and learning about what they like, and how we
can…. not just deliver exactly what they want, but take them on a wine adventure themselves
and that is what creates a relationship with somebody.
Woman: So the amount of wine we ship on a weekly basis can be anywhere from 5,000 to
10,000 cases a week. And where the wine is shipped is predominantly the key metro cities,
but we do actually ship quite a bit regionally. Man: Delivery is such a vital part of the
customer experience. With Australia Post, we felt like they’re on the same path. They
were invested in getting delivery better than it was, and so we felt that we would learn
how to be better at the entire customer experience. Woman: The delivery journey’s fully transparent,
it’s fully visible, not only to our team but to the customer who can actually self-service
their questions a lot of the time now which is phenomenal.
Man: We want to be, world-wide, a known and best way to buy wine. And we want a tribe
of people around the world that are united by this love of wine.

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