April 2, 2020


-Hi, what’s up?
-Hi. I’m taking a look at the store.
Where can I find a fanny pack? -What?
-Fanny pack, belt pack. I prefer the double,
for checks, cash… Fanny packs are not used
anymore. They’re old. -Fanny packs are old fashioned.
-How come? -I see on TV all the time.
-What TV? Manchete channel,
soap operas, -“Chica da Silva”, “Pantanal”…
-Manchete bankrupted. -Bankrupted?
-Manchete bankrupted. I don’t watch much TV. -I imagine.
-I see the news, Hebe. I love it. Hebe you watched,
now you don’t. -Her show is over?
-No, Hebe died. What do you mean?
When did she die? A long time ago.
I think she even reincarnated. What a weird feeling, like
people tell me what’s going on. That’s the technology
they implement in us. Like voice machine, and then
nobody talks face to face. -Well…
-So Manchete bankrupted? Xuxa out of Manchete
makes no sense. -Xuxa is on Record now.
-Thank God it’s not on Globo. Xuxa on Globo
does not work. -Please, you can’t smoke in here.
-Since when? -Since I was born.
-How come I cannot smoke? No smoking
in commercial places? -Where do you think you are?
-2015. That’s why the country is ruined.
People must be afraid of Collor. Maharajas’ fighter.
It’s time we finish them. Collor was already
president, already made shit,
left, and came back. At least it was not Lula. Lula, same thing. Was president, made shit,
left, but did not come back. Don’t confuse me.
Do you have fanny packs? We don’t. We don’t. Ok?
But listen to the news. CeA has a nice partnership
with the brand Reserva… -We have…
-Wait. Are we at CeA? Yes, sir. This is CeA. That’s why no fanny packs.
I thought we were at Mesbla. All the same. He scared me.
See? Dollar at R$4.20. Steaming in Ipanema. Is “Chavo del Ocho”
still on SBT channel? -Yes.
-Nothing changed, man. What an idiot! Yes, Faustao changed a little,
lost weight. Gloria Maria same face.
See? Nothing changed.
“Chato” will premiere… Great new movie. I’ll take three. Ok? Do you have change
for 100 cruzeiros? No, I don’t. -So keep the change.

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  1. Um dos vídeos mais tops do porta inteiro …. Dois monstros do porta , hoje ((2019 ) o Portugal leva o porta nas costas

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