December 12, 2019
USPS Behind The Scenes at the U.S. Postal Service

USPS Behind The Scenes at the U.S. Postal Service

– Every moment you work with the United States
Postal Service, we’re working
behind the scenes to make things
easier for you. Now you can find
materials online with one simple search and take care of
payments more easily with a single,
secure online system. And at certified Premier
Business Mail Entry Units, our consultants use
research and diagnostics to identify the right mailing
solutions just for your needs. It’s now more intuitive
to enter and process mailings. And we double-check
important things like postage
and addresses for you. When you send out
a Direct Mail campaign, we help you track
its progress with complete
end-to-end transparency, so you can make sure
all your marketing hits at just the right moment. All of this effort and all of this technology and all of the inner workings are all to give you
a smoother, simpler way of working with the
United States Postal Service so your business can deliver better customers experiences
every day.

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