March 30, 2020

8 thoughts on “Using PayPal | PayPal Tips for QBO and Xero | Ecommerce Accounting

  1. Thanks for watching! I hope this helped demystify PayPal for you. Any questions? Comment below!

  2. Would have liked to have demonstrated how to reconcile an invoice that was paid via PayPal considering the fees showing up on the bank fees as well as the reduced invoice amount

  3. The question I have is connected to how a refund flows and if it should flow through Quickbooks. When I upload transactions from my ecommerce I don't see refunds and they are intiated in my ecommerce web page. Shows on the invoice in ecommerce, shows in paypal but does not come through to QB when transactions are uploaded

  4. Hi, I set up Paypal in Xero and it's now asking to reconcile each order that come in, it's asking me to do over 2000 of them and asking to enter each customers name, is this the case or is there a quicker way. Thank you in advance if I get a reply.

  5. What do I do with Pending Transactions that are "Bank Deposit with PP Account"? They don't come from the bank feed, but are throwing off my reconciliation because they aren't on the books. Do I do a JE and if so, to what accounts?

  6. Good to see someone who is comfortable with PayPal. I would like help adding more than one PayPal account to Xero. I have tried but Xero just seems to think you are referring to the one already set up.

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