April 6, 2020
Using Dropshipping to Grow a 7-Figure E-commerce Empire | WAM at AWasia 2017

Using Dropshipping to Grow a 7-Figure E-commerce Empire | WAM at AWasia 2017

Hi guys, my name is Anindya Lestari. Thank you for coming today, I really appreciate that you made time to come to this SheCommerce event. I’m here to share with you
about my story as an entrepreneur, digital marketer and so on. The next
one, so who am I? I was born in 1996, currently I’m 21 years old. Yeah, I look old –
because maybe too much thinking about business. Also I have a serial online business and I was hustling since I was 16.
5 years ago, I tried to make money online since 5 years ago.
Currently, I am in my 3rd year of university and hopefully, I will
graduate next year. I was born and raised from 3rd world countries, which
is Indonesia. If you know Bali, probably. We don’t use English as our mother
language, so actually my English is just not as good as previous one. I’m sorry about
that. Currently, I’m just living the life and also I help others.
I have a happy feeling when I try to help others in any
way I can. The next one is why you should listen to me.
Actually, this is life breaking right? I’m sorry about that but in my 2, no 3 years actually in my Shopify journey, I built my portfolio into $12M. I’m not doing it by myself
actually, but for marketing I’m doing it by my own. I have a partner
to help me for some things. Actually I’m not really doing that alone. This
is currently how I build ecommerce. I use Facebook ads as my
traffic source and that’s the only traffic source, the biggest one. For
other than Facebook, it’s just for re-marketing, but Facebook has the
biggest competitive advantage. It’s the biggest source for me to reach more
people and get more customers. When I was 16, I was in my
2nd year of my senior high school. My turning point was when my dad
got a case in jail. I was seeing my mom and she was very sad and I just wanted to make money by myself, so I won’t need my
mom to get more money, that is really my turning point on why I wanted to
make money on my own. This was around 2013. My
dad went to jail at around the end of December 2011. Early 2012 to 2013, I started to make money by creating a store but it’s Indonesian market for that so we don’t really use Shopify that time
because it’s just natural ecommerce. I upload my products with
Twitter or however, using social media as my
platform to sell online. Here I use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook just
uploading all the stuff that I dropship from a supplier in Indonesia so I don’t
really make my own. I use someone’s product and promote it on my own
ecommerce social media. That time, I really started small but I have a big
dream. Why start small? Because I didn’t really use a paid traffic at that
time, just purely spamming people on Twitter, mentioning people one
by one. In Instagram too, I mentioned people – scrolling to their profile
and their friends’ profile. Hey come to my store, check it out,
I sell something here, and yeah just spamming people to buy my stuff. In 2014 and 2015, after I made some money
from my previous ecommerce… When you spam people you
don’t really pay traffic for that so it’s just like free money. You start
from zero and get money for from that, it’s organic but by spamming. 2014/2015, I have some money saved and this time I tried a course called Facebook to Clickbank Blueprint. Basically, it teached you how to make money with Clickbank using Facebook ads. That’s
where I learn about Facebook ads at that time and actually it’s not working for
me, I don’t know why. It’s not working for me but after that, after several months I found out about STM. STM is an affiliate
marketing platform, I think most of you already know what STM is. On STM,
I’ll learned about affiliate marketing like Facebook ads, performance
marketing and how to reach more people, and how to make people buy from you
using paid traffic, how to write, how to persuade customers to pay you using
paid traffic. Basically, I’m learning from STM. During my learning on STM, I tried to
promote CPA marketing, affiliate marketing but actually when I tried to
apply, STM is mostly about Facebook ads but not in a good way like
you need to cloak it, black hat way. I tried that but
I don’t really like it that time because to make money you need to
trick Facebook and I realised that I cannot grow myself if I just learn how
to trick Facebook but not how to treat customers right. It’s not the good way
to learn. I used that marketing skill though to promote t-shirt stuff using
Teezily, it’s like the Teespring platform for European market.
I used my Facebook ads skill and my performance marketing skill to
promote my t-shirts in Europe. Early 2016 is the year that I
started with Shopify. That time I learned from, like the previous
speaker said, I learned from YouTube and a lot of dropshipping courses
out there. So I bought that course and basically I already know about drop
shipping model, I already know about Facebook ads, but at that time I didn’t
know about Shopify. It came across my Facebook timeline when someone
launched a Shopify course. So I tried to learn about their system, how
they operate and the system around it. That time, I checked about
Shopify and launching products there, I’m setting up my own payment, everything by
myself. When I got out from all the journeys out there, I
had so many failures and lessons. At first when I started that blackhat way,
I learned from CPA. I got my ad account banned and I couldn’t do anything else. Also, the first time I started
Shopify, since I was a newbie, I didn’t really know how to make my
operational stuff way better, that’s why my PayPal account got banned.
Also, when I started Shopify, I tried to partner up with my Australian friend
that I…actually this is not a good example. I partnered up with my online friend
because I know him from community so like hey let’s do work
together but he ended up not paying me like 5 to 7k – the money that
should be in my partnership. Even with all those failures, I still have strong work ethic because “those who move forward with
happy spirit will find things always work out”. I think even though
with all those problems that I had, I kept moving forward. I’m eager to make everything work. I don’t care about my past failures,
I just learn from it and just moving forward trying
new things, just to find another way to solve the problems. The big moment,
the pivot after all the failures, I think it’s not from one
resource but it’s from multiple resources. I learned from courses, online forums, blogs,
Facebook groups, Shopify communities, from networking partnerships.
Since the first time I started this journey, I’ve always tried to get into
courses, I learned all the courses, I get into online forums to learn from the
people there, I also read contents on blogs and also try to join multiple
Facebook groups to learn from each other about they have
some tips and tricks and also Shopify community. I like to
read their blogs and also from networking. I came to Affiliate World,
I came the first time they started it, I came like 3 years ago, just to
build my network and also to get me inspired because I’m really inspired
that time 3 years ago, when the speaker in front, I try to,
wow this speaker is amazing. There’s a feeling that I want to be like that
person. Like, woah this one is bigger than me, I need to learn,
if they can do it, why can’t I? Also for partnerships because even though I
got burned from my first partnership, I still insist that I need a
partner to work with Shopify. Like the previous speaker said,
entrepreneurs need us. Since my background is performance marketing and digital marketer, I partnered with
entrepreneurs, someone who’s already worked with Shopify before, in
e-commerce. So hey let’s do it together, you optimise the
fulfilment system, finance system, 3A system, customers, and I will bring traffic
to our store. I will choose what’s the best product for us and you
handle all the things to make the products reach the customer.
I feel that luck is preparation meeting opportunity, what I mean by
preparation is like I said before, I learned from all the communities
out there, I’m networking and also I learned from forums, I’m trying to
always keep my head, trying a lot of new things and when the opportunity came, when I met my 2nd partner, he is already experienced in e-commerce,
he already had a store but he didn’t mind creating a new store with
me, because he knows that I have good marketing skills, so that’s when success
happened. I think the path to success has 3 steps – research,
test and review. First, research. We need to have the right mindset.
Everything that happens to us, as long as we have right mindset, we’ll always
find a way to solve it. Find what’s trending –
from the product, from the industry itself. See what
people really buy these days, what people really like these days and how the
e-commerce industry market is this day. We need to research, really know the
market, really know the products. Also what’s trending – on marketing skills
because marketing skills evolve year by year because
the digital [world] is changing so fast. Even Facebook ads how you do it, 2 or 3
years ago, may be different to how you do it now so always find what’s
trending, and what’s working currently. Find the
competitive advantage. What’s our competitive
advantage? Do we have a product that we are the only one who sells it, or we
have a product that no one has ever marketed before, or probably we have a
Facebook skill or funnel skill that not people don’t do that much. We
really need to find our competitive advantage as well. Then we need to
test it because everything that we found, if we didn’t test it, it’s
useless right so we need to test whatever we currently want to test. We use data gathering so from research after we test,
we put our data. From what we research, is it working or not? From the
data itself, you will see if this product will get attention or not and
you need to test it either with paid traffic or organic traffic, both I think works.
Also, risk appetite. Test it with your risk appetite, if you’re using
Facebook ads or other paid traffic out there are like media buying,
find your risk appetite, if you can only afford 300-400
per month to test, it’s okay, at least you learn. Then just keep growing
from that because as long as you’ll be consistent in trying new things,
always test, you will find a way, which when you find a winner, it will
cover all the losses. Also test the technology, like Facebook ads,
Google and so on and review. You need to analyse, hypothesise and
go back to research again. After you find something, you
test it and then you need to analyse it if it’s something that
will need to go on, or if it’s something that is not working, or
just we need to move on to another thing. If this product isn’t
working, we need to review and find a way to make it
work by research. My biggest achievement actually is when I can
contribute to my family, make them proud of me and help those in need. I
think I just like helping people, my family and also help others. Like this
one, I helped to build a school here. Even though I make a
lot of money, I think I feel that when I spend too much, sometimes
someone needs me too. I have the opportunity to have my knowledge, I have
a finance skill so I need to help others because it’s too much. God gave
me too much, I think I still give it back. So what’s next? Hopefully I
will want to graduate from university in June next year, 2018, and build an in-house
team in a super-sick office in Indonesia. Actually, currently I’m working by myself
at home, at my rented room/rented house near
my university. I work remotely from my laptop in my
room. Also, I want to try and help more people in need.
What’s the conclusion here? Remember, I’m still a student here, I’m still going to class every day,
every class, in the day. Usually I come to class and then
after class, probably around 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. at night, I always work on my
Shopify store. I always try to get knowledge even in my class,
I read a bunch of Shopify blogs in my class. I don’t pay attention to
my lecture because Shopify looks more interesting to me, so even at school
I just learn, learn, learn and then after, I come back home to my laptop. I
just practice, apply what I learned from the courses or blogs out
there. With my language, my English language is not that
good and also I’m still in university, actually my Shopify
ecommerce is like my side-hustle but not really side because it’s my main
source right now, but I do it while I’m still in college and I’m the proof
that Shopify and marketing works and as a woman, there’s no way to
to limit us. It’s possible. Thank you for your time.

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