April 5, 2020
Using AI in Africa to make online platforms more trustworthy

Using AI in Africa to make online platforms more trustworthy

I have different courses that I could recommend to so many people good morning ladies and gentlemen a
while ago I asked on my LinkedIn if there were companies which were using AI
a machine learning in the day-to-day business I got a lot of responses but
there was one company which popped up several times it’s called the UTU or
UTU and you would never guess where we’re going right now UTU office so guys we’re here at the UTU office
together with Bastian the CTO of UTU thank for having us Bastian. yeah welcome. could you
describe for us what UTU is doing yeah sure so UTU is basically providing what
we call trust infrastructure as a service so we reckon that the existing
mechanisms and online businesses ecommerce but also platforms like right
heading platforms or platforms to find any kind of service lack adequate
mechanisms to show recommendations to people about service providers that they
can really trust because the existing systems are all based on transactional
analysis like okay what did you buy before how many people bought something
how many people star rated something and whatever but all those systems are quite
game over so it’s now coming on Amazon that if you become a trader on Amazon
you buy some five-star rating reviews and there was this case of TripAdvisor
restaurant in London that made it to the top which didn’t even exist stuff like
that and our model is rather based mostly on personal relationships so for
example we show in a service your best friend so-and-so really likes this
hairdresser for example and and show that to people and then we use AI to try
and improve the recommendations that we show the way that okay for most things
you have maybe different persons that you trust to give you a recommendation
so for example if you are looking for hairdressers and that might be a
different person then if you are looking for a printer for business cards or
something and and that’s what we try to learn with
employing AI basically nice we’re here with Brian could you describe for us how the current
status of the AI machine learning industry in Kenya I would say it’s just
under verge of breaking out and having a lot of different products coming out
it’s very much community-based and there are so many communities that have started out in machine learning and data science there’s AI Kenya there’s Nairobi AI there’s so many different communities
people are using online resources a lot people are starting their own schools to
teach people how to do things here it’s going to be really interesting to watch your self thought in machine
learning and AI right my original plan was to spend two hours a day teaching myself practical machine learning skills I ended up spending a lot more than that I have
different courses that I could recommend one is fast.ai there’re many other projects that are coming up and there’re new machine
learning projects coming up all the time my favorite one right now is called
open mind so people if you’re interested in machine learning or AI do something
with this these recommendation yeah Brian it it has been a pleasure
thanks a lot for having us in this beautiful surrounding and peaceful working space until next week

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  1. Great video. I enjoy watching your videos. I have known some great tech companies here in Kenya i didn't know(like UTU) through your videos.

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