April 3, 2020
Use These 7 Tools to Spy On Your Competitors and Steal Their Best Marketing Tactics

Use These 7 Tools to Spy On Your Competitors and Steal Their Best Marketing Tactics

– Marketing is hard! But it doesn’t have to be. You can spy on your competitors, get all their marketing strategies and the tags that are working off them, copy them, and then crush them. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today, I’m going to share with you seven tools that will help
you spy on your competitors. (digital music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel. That way when we release
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your competitors are getting? If you do, leave a
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I’m going to teach you how to get that information. I’m going to start off with it. The first tool I have for you, SimilarWeb. When you put in a URL into SimilarWeb, even if it’s a competing URL, it’ll show you how much traffic they get. You compare it to your site, see if they get more traffic than you, less traffic than you? Are they getting their traffic from referrals, social media, search? It gives you all of this data and best of all, it does it for free. The second tool I have
for you is Built With. Built With tells you all the technology that your competition’s using. And you’re probably wondering, “Neil, why do I care what technology “my competitors are using?” Well, here’s why. If they tell you your competitor’s using tools like Optimizely, that means they’re running AB tests. You want to go and see what
your competitors are doing because if you know they’re
doing these kind of things like AB testing, you can then go into tools like WayBackMachine and see different
variations of their page, ’cause this will give you idea of what’s converting
better and what’s not. This will give you idea of
what pages and flows and copy you should use on your site
to get the most conversions versus what you shouldn’t be doing. This is Ubersuggest. When you put in your competitor’s
URL into Ubersuggest, it shows you their search traffic, how much organic traffic they’re getting, how much paid traffic
they’re getting, per region. Whether it’s United States, Japan, India, Canada, Australia. Doesn’t matter what region, it’ll break it down for you. It’ll even show you their
top most popular pages. When you click on the Top Pages report, it shows you all the estimated
visits to those top pages, the keywords that each of
those pages is ranking for, the positions, how many backlinks
each of those pages have, and even how many social shares. And the reason you want to do this is, when you’re creating content
for your own website, you want to make sure you’re
doing stuff that’s popular. You don’t want to create
content that no one reads. You don’t want to create content
that everyone’s going to ignore. But by using the Ubersuggest
top pages feature, it’ll give you ideas. The fifth tool I have for you is Buzzsumo. Similar to Ubersuggest,
Buzzsumo just focuses purely on blog content. Now, in Ubersuggest, you
can also get blog content but you also see landing pages. The thing I like about Buzzsumo is the moment I put in
my competitor’s URL, it shows me all the popular
blog pieces of content, breaks it down by backlinks
and social shares. This gives me ideas of what
content I should create, and best of all, Buzzsumo
lets me break down that search based on time periods,
whether it’s a few months or three months, or a year, or two years, so I can see how my competitors
are doing over time. This will tell me trends in the industry of types of content I should be creating, versus types of content I
shouldn’t be creating anymore. The sixth tool is Socialblade. Your competitors have social profiles, whether it’s YouTube or Instagram, they’re out there on the social web. Socialblade will show you how popular their social channels are. It’ll even show you how many followers they’re getting on a daily basis, compared to how much
content they’re posting. If you notice that your competitors are posting five times a day, and they get extra thousand followers, but when they post zero times a day they only get a hundred extra followers, it shows you that people in your space will follow you more if
you post more content. That’s what I love about Socialblade. It even shows you their growth rate, and you now have something
to stack up against. Because you want to beat your competition. You want to do better than them. You want to track what they’re doing so you can do more than them. And if you notice that they post five pieces of content a day and they’re not getting
that many followers, but one day, they post
one piece of content, and their follower count just grew by 10x, you want to look at what that content was, ’cause it even gives you the date, so you can replicate it
and create other variations that are very similar to that content, because you know that’s what
people love in your space. The seventh tool I have
for you is WhatRunsWhere. Your competition’s not just doing Google Ads or Facebook Ads. So many people are running banner ads, but what’s working for them? What copy, what images? WhatRunsWhere will show you that. When you use all those tools combined, you’ll get a good understanding of what your competition’s doing. YOu’ll be able to spy on them, one-up them in their marketing campaigns, and beat them. And if you need help
beating your competition, check out my ad agency,
Neil Patel Digital, where we can help you grow
and beat your competition. If you enjoyed this video,
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81 thoughts on “Use These 7 Tools to Spy On Your Competitors and Steal Their Best Marketing Tactics

  1. Do you know how much traffic your competitors are getting? If you do, leave a comment below with "Yes." If you don't, leave a comment below with "No."

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