April 6, 2020
Usabilla’s commitment to GDPR

Usabilla’s commitment to GDPR

Hi, I’m Marc and I’m the CEO of Usabilla. With my background in information security GDPR is a very important topic to us. The good thing about GDPR
is that it forces everybody to think again. When collecting feedback for example,
do you really need an email address if you don’t want to followup with your users? GDPR forces you to think about
the Why behind your data. At Usabilla, everything we do
starts with our customers in mind. And with GDPR it isn’t any different. We’ve made a thorough assessment of all the personal data that we are collecting and how it
is being processed and stored. We have a dedicated team working on the product changes to provide our customers full control over the collection and
retention of their users’ personal data. But as important to us as becoming
compliant with GDPR is for our customers to have the best possible experience when it comes to managing their users’ data. The new changes ensure the location and IP address are not collected along with user feedback by default. We provide
several controls to allow our customers to let their users know which data is
being collected and for what purpose. We’ve also improved our deletion
processes to make them more transparent, and we are very proud to announce our
data retention feature which allows customers to specify the
time after which old feedback data gets automatically deleted. So no need to keep
data lying around for longer than necessary. Thank you for listening and
stay tuned for more information.

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