April 3, 2020
Upselling Techniques Post Purchase – Ecommerce Email Marketing

Upselling Techniques Post Purchase – Ecommerce Email Marketing

We’re going to reinforce the fact that they’ve
made an excellent buying decision and just offer them some add ons or bolt ons
to increase the value that they get from it and buy some more stuff. If your customer isn’t ready for the hard
sell on the receipt or they aren’t interested in buying more I would still make sure these
get set up because there are different ways that we can
benefit on the post purchase Let’s say your shipping is guaranteed to be
there in 3 days Leave a bit of room, have an automation go
out in 5 days and ask them if they’re happy with their product Did it arrive on time, are they satisfied
– If they’re happy, could they leave a review Sending these types of checking in emails
is going to create the perception of the one to one communication that we’re after It’s going to build massive customer loyalty
and also if your customer is pissed off for some reason It’s better for them to tell you then for
them to keep it to themselves and bad mouth you in the background.

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