April 9, 2020
Unique Online Business Opportunity with Fidacity

Unique Online Business Opportunity with Fidacity

Hey everybody! Shayne Hillier here and I’m
the co-founder of the Real Estate Marketing and Conversion Mastery
Facebook group and if you are a marketer or an agency owner or an aspiring
entrepreneur and you’re looking for a unique new online business opportunity
well I’ve got Pat Chiarello here the CEO and founder of Fidacity and we’re going
to talk today really quickly about this amazing new platform and what this means
to marketers and agencies owners and how you can leverage this platform to either
start a brand new business or add to your existing business. So Pat, thanks so
much for joining me today. I’m really excited about this opportunity
and why don’t you just go ahead really quickly and dive into this amazing new
platform. Yeah first of all thank you Shayne so much for that intro. Absolutely
we have an awesome platform that’s rolling out. The easiest way I could
explain it to everyone is if you think of all the largest marketplaces in the
world we’ve brought them all together onto one site one app improved on
everything that people don’t like about them and offer support on a local level
which is amazing so I know a lot of you when it comes to the bigger platforms
don’t necessarily have that support that you want they’re moving away from that
we’re bringing that back and this opportunity will allow people in the
local markets for you to capture the data that you’re going to need to help
grow your business and earn even more importantly earn a percentage of the
revenues that all of these businesses will be offering in your local
communities. So it’s awesome opportunity. That’s awesome. I’m really excited about
this because it really essentially you’ve built a this you know huge
platform like you said it’s kind of like bringing in all the major platforms into
one and then each individual market you know somebody a marketer an agency owner
or even just somebody that’s looking for an online opportunity can come in manage
that small market and actually benefit from the revenues of those local
businesses and those customers as well so I think it’s an amazing opportunity
for for anybody that’s looking for you know
to grow a new business or add to their existing business. So I’m Pat with that
what we want to do here is that Pat’s actually put together presentation which
he’ll be holding on December 27th at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time. This is a live
presentation so was gonna be Pat and Pat my understanding is that on this
presentation you’re going to be a digging int through the platform you’re
gonna be showing up the backend and the benefits and what the structure looks
like for you know digital marketers and agencies owners and and anybody that’s
looking to own a new business right. Yeah, absolutely so we’re gonna walk through I
show you our competitive advantage our revenue model. We’ll also be able to walk
you through you know how this platform actually works how we make prospecting
so much easier for digital marketers. I know it’s one of the hardest challenges
is prospecting the cool thing is this actually brings businesses to your
doorstep they’re they want to work with you we’re able to show results across a
large scale we’re obviously going global so that’s Canada US and UK we have brand
ambassadors we got a lot of really cool things we’re doing and we can walk you
through the backend of what that technology looks like and how you can
leverage that to earn revenue you know and offer your clients a ton more value
so I know retaining clients is really important this is going to help with
that as well as gain clients so it’s a win-win all the way around specifically
for digital marketers but obviously if you’re an entrepreneur with zero
experience it’s also awesome we walk you through how we do the
training and it’s a really unique opportunity so. So really cool.
So we’re super excited about this right so December 27th, 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time. If
you want to go ahead and register for that presentation you can go ahead and
click the link above in the post or the button down below when you click that
button you’ll end up on the landing page all you need to do is just fill in your
information select the date for December 27th and register to the
presentation so like we said that’s going to go through the backend the
structure and basically the entire platform and at the end of the
presentation you’ll have an opportunity to learn on
how you can get involved with the marketplace in the platform and you
know work with Pat as well. So really looking forward to that again all you
need to do is click the link above in the post or the button down below and go
ahead and register for for the presentation and my understanding Pat
is that the opportunity is actually limited and exclusive opportunity this
isn’t going to last forever right. Yeah, absolutely so we’re growing incredibly
fast in Canada we rolled out over you know territories across Canada we’re now
in the u.s. Florida South Carolina and North Carolina were in the UK we’re
rolling out incredibly incredibly fast they are limited so you know kind of
first-come first-serve it’s like getting an opportunity to be a part of one of
the biggest marketplaces in the world getting an early taking advantage and
you know yeah if you had an opportunity to get into some of the other biggest
marketplaces that you could think about there that are you know billion trillion
dollar companies this is kind of the opportunity to get in early on the
ground floor and really take a huge advantage and dominate your market.
Awesome good stuff. Well Pat thank you so much for putting this presentation
together on December 27th here. Really looking forward to it I can’t wait to
jump on and take a look and guys if you’re interested again link above
button down below go ahead get to the landing page register for December 27th
at 7 p.m. Eastern Time it’s a live presentation and at the end of the
presentation you’ll get an opportunity to see how you can get involved with
with the platform. So Pat thanks so much for jumping on here and sharing this
amazing opportunity with everybody here and really looking forward to us seeing
you on the 27th. Yeah, absolutely thank you so much. Super exciting. Can’t wait to
you know show what we have to offer and you know roll it out it’s awesome good
stuff us all right. Guys take care and we’ll talk soon. Thanks

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