March 30, 2020
Understanding the needs of your end users can help boost your Average Order Value.

Understanding the needs of your end users can help boost your Average Order Value.

What you touched on
a little bit for was quite interesting cause I know when we’ve done those kind of
get the look, one’s for men’s fashions and women’s fashions. We have seen an Average Order Value above,
because they were selling an outfit and yes, that is kind of further on in the
funnel and people go Oh, because they’re not always not necessarily buying a suit
jacket or a pair of trousers. They’re buying something to look good at. They’re buying a lifestyle. Yeah. It’s the buying it for
something, you know, for some other use. It’s not just the material,
but it is what it is. So therefore, if you about what the end users, then you can bundle and kind
of create that get the look kind of style or even if you’re doing a car, it’s like you want to do a service package for, you know, a VW Golf Mk5, you
know, this is all the thing you’re going to, tools
you’re going to need. Yet, if you can start understanding what the end use case is, you can bundle and do the, get the look
kind of style or getting the job done, kind of style bundles, which means that
your Average Order Value is going, cause you’ve done all the hard work for them. Yeah. If you think about that. That’s a really good point, Mark, you think about the goal, what, why are they buying this thing and that
actually, you start to understand a bit about what else they might
be needing at the same time. And a lot of times, you know, e-commerce sites, all they do, they plunk the product on the page and go, that’s it. And it’s just so lazy. So, so, so lazy. Yeah. And we’ve seen a couple of
split tests that we were doing I’ll just say did quick,
probably split test. They’re doing it with one page between the basket and the checkout, for a particular client, Average Order Value is about a hundred
pounds, we’ve got six pounds increase on the Average Order Value. So 106, now that client’s doing about eight and a half million quids already. So that’s significant. It’s half a million pounds, one page. It’s free money as well, isn’t it? No one’s adding any advertising budget. You just literally, you’re adding
something to your process and you’re getting an extra, you
know, 6% which is, you know, It’s lovely, isn’t it? You don’t go and you got any extra costs.

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