April 1, 2020
Understand the Benefits of Ad Extensions – Google Best Practices

Understand the Benefits of Ad Extensions – Google Best Practices

Hello the Internet, and welcome to today’s
video all about ad extensions the first of our video series is all about
the benefits of ad extensions and why you should think about enabling them in your
own account. My name Sean Quadlin, I’m a product
marketing manager here at Google all about AdWords best practices. So let’s get into it.
Why should you implement ad extensions in your account? First and foremost, users like them.
They just meet users needs. In fact, each type of extension that we offer is
intended to benefit our users, which translates to higher CTR for you,
in most cases. On average, we have found that there is a 10 to 15
percent CTR uplift for implementing a new ad extension.
It’s going to vary by your business, what extension it is, and other factors,
but just remember it should be better for you to implement
these ad extensions. In fact, we think extensions are so important
that our system is actually designed to reward ads that are utilizing extensions, which can lead to decreased CPC’s for
you. That’s because they are part of Ad Rank. Remember, Ad Rank is a function of your
bid, the quality of your ads, and the expected impact of your ad formats
and extensions. So if everything is equal, the better ad
is going to be the ad that has extensions, and better ad extensions can get
you a better placement on the results page. Finally, extensions are just a great way for you to present the image that you want
to present of your business on the results page. It includes the information that you want
consumers to know about you, and highlights the benefits that you wouldn’t be
able to fit in your add text alone, but also helps you to stand out on the
results page. Sometimes extensions looks cool. They’re nice. And so to recap what are the benefits
of ad extensions? Users like them – they actually meet users
needs and they love interacting with them. Ads utilizing extension are rewarded in our
system with a higher Ad Rank, and often times lower CPC’s. And extensions are just a great way for you to
present a great image of your brand on the results page. So if you’re curious to hear more, we
have 8 more videos in this series. Check them all out. You can learn more
about ad extension and how you can take full advantage. Thanks.

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