April 7, 2020
Undercover Billionaire Secret Lesson #7

Undercover Billionaire Secret Lesson #7

Undercover Billionaire
secret number seven. The secret lessons from
Undercover Billionaire. Hi, I’m Brian Pombo welcome
back to Brian J. Pombo Live. We’ve been covering a series of lessons, secret lessons that things that I caught
and people I know caught from the TV show Undercover Billionaire. You can see the trailer running here
in the background underneath me, you can watch it on video
and we’re discussing some
of the lessons up until this point. I’ve come up with six. I have
a seventh one for you right here. Now the whole idea behind Undercover
Billionaire, if you want to find out more, you can go look it up. It’s on the Discovery Channel and
it was a show that they had on this last year, late in 2019. You can go back, watch the whole series, I believe
it’s eight or nine episodes long. Go and watch it because
really worth watching. You can find out more about the details
by watching the other videos that I’ve done on this. But I want to get into point number
seven because whether you’ve seen this or not, it’s a great point to keep in
mind if you are a business owner, or if you’re managing a business, if you’re some sort of executive and
you’re in charge of employees or some type of a working staff of some sort, there’s always a temptation to not
only lead the pack but to micromanage. What’s micromanaging? Micromanaging is when you get right in
it and you focus on all the details of how they’re performing as opposed to
focusing on what the result is that you want them to achieve. Now this is one of the things that Glenn
Stearns does throughout the show is when he’s working with people, when he’s
bringing people on board onto his team, he gives them something
very specific to do. He’s after a result. He doesn’t
care as much how they do it. He doesn’t get a whole lot in the
way into how it is accomplished. He just wants to make sure that the
result is accomplished when it isn’t accomplished. He ends up with excuses and everything
else that we talked about before. You’ve got to really stay away from
making excuses because that could, that could just cause as
long-term trouble in it. It just gives off the victim
hood mentality and that’s
one of the things that when he starts butting heads with people,
it has usually has to do with that. It’s usually someone making an excuse for
the fact that they could not provide a single, a specific result. Focus on that. If you’ve got employees, if you’ve
got people that you’re working with, don’t micromanage them, don’t get into the nitty gritty
of how they do everything. Focus on their result. Are they achieving the result or
aren’t they achieving the result? You might be able to help
them out on certain specifics, especially if it’s a job
that you’ve performed before
or have some knowledge of. Try not to get the details of trying
to micromanage every little detail. It drives people nuts and you never have
somebody that can help you in the long run. If you’re focused on all the details of
what they’re doing versus the result, the end result that you’re
hiring them to achieve. If you can let them come about it on
their own and find the the way to the result on their own, they may find a way that you
haven’t thought of and it
builds confidence in what they’re doing, confidence in
where they’re going with it. It just adds to an overall belief
that works across the board, especially if you’re working
with someone long-term. So it’s something to keep in mind, whether they’re a partner or
whether they’re an employee. If you’re working with people, try to focus on results versus
micromanaging the details, all the little tactics that they’re
involved in. So just a quick lesson. We’re going to keep going
through a few more of these. I’ve got a handful more that I’d like
to cover with you before we move onto a different topic. But we’re
every day come on back. You can check out earlier
videos on BrianJPombo.com. You can also, if you are a business owner or an
executive in the self-reliance field, meaning you’ve got products and services
that help people to become more self reliant. I’m going to encourage
you to go to DreamBizChat.com. DreamBizChat.com. Go and
watch the video there. I’d love to hear what you think the
link is in the description and just come back here tomorrow. In the meantime, just have a great night and get
out there and let the magic happen.

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