April 1, 2020
Über diesen Werbedeal sollte ich schweigen | Ep. 5b | #BroadcastMyAss

Über diesen Werbedeal sollte ich schweigen | Ep. 5b | #BroadcastMyAss

You mean the VideoCity guys are suspicious? Yes! And this Mr Schnieker has to be some kind of private detective. He wants to meet Timmy next week! Doing great, Timmy. Here, hold this. Perfect! What’s that supposed to be? The vase money is gone! GONE? What? Gonna look sexy posing like that! Hehehehe… Go on! Are you dumb? Now what? Nah… just chill. I accepted some placements through Timmy’s account. Hand off the logo! That’ll be a great pic for the community tab! How? He doesn’t even know? Stein, we need this new update from BuySubs! Huh… “SmarBots – Like real people” And our analytics are going down again! The bots are so human, they’re unsubscribing, too. Tss, sounds like a gag by BuySubs to get us to buy more subs. That ice cream is lit, but… wow! Everything’s spinning – That’s the weather! Hehehe… Didn’t you say you guys had two vases? Maybe… Wait – am I supposed to sell the other one? No… It’s okay. I just need to accept more placements. Ohh… “Test our new coco-candy-cotton”? Sure… why not. Okay, okay! Wait Stein, where are you going? Home. Coming with you! HOUSE-PAR-TY! HOUSE-PAR-TY! HOUSE-I’m tired. Even though I filled the package with frozen orange juice… Hmm… Guys, are you sure it’s smart to meet here? Huh, why not? He wants to stay undercover until he has one million subs. Maybe the old Ute from the bakery will start gossiping. She is always gossiping. Did you wanna meet him in your home? Why? What about my home? Your mom is there. Exactly! And she’s a bit… pushy when it comes to men… True. And we don’t want to distract Mr Schnieker from VideoCity from my charming character. Distract…? Timmy? That’s me! And those are my friends – I ehm – I’ll be right back. Hehehehehe! That was Lana and this is Stein, my camera man. Mh! Great, great. Schnieke. So, as we already discussed, our CEO Mr Goodman is impressed by your rea… your content and can see you two working together. Uhhh!! Hey! Hello! But of course we have to make sure your “community” fits our brand. This is all our analytics about watchtime, clickthrough rate and demographics of Timmy’s viewers. Mhhh… That all looks good… for now. Right? Ha! Well, then let’s go deeper. Great! My mom always say, if you go deeper you get the climax faster! What? Mom also say many men don’t know about that so don’t worry. It means, who works hard, reaches their goal. So, what’s next? A test. You post a funny gif through our VideoCity app in your community tab on YouTube and we’ll look at the reactions of your followers. Okay, that’s no problem! Let’s go! I love the gif feature! Wuaaaahhh There. It’s online! Good, good! Let’s take a look at the comments. “great gif!”, “Awesome!” I love VideoCity!”, “nice post!” That looks pretty good. Yeah right? So when can you make Timmy a viable offer. Yeah and what are we gonna do!? Mr Goodman has great plans for you, but first… Huh? One last test. Something small. But… Pssst. A survey. Puh… “Who is already on VideoCity – AND WHAT NEW FEATURES DO YOU WANT?” Huh!! What? Voting would work but actual creative answers? We need real people for that! Is there a problem? No, nothing… ehm… Good. Cause the post is nooooow online! Misses Timmy’s mom! Lana, Stein! Hey Mom! And this has to be the man Ute told me about on the phone… Hehehe… YOU are meeting with my son? What, I ehhh? Mom, it’s not like that! That was you! The distraction we needed! Real comments by real people. Good, now that that’s clear you can surely invite me to a coffee, right, sweetheart? Oh, look Mr Schnieker! Great suggestions under my post! What? Yeah yeah, I’ll read it later. Tomorrow morning at the VideoCity Headquarter? Why don’t you stay the night and take the kids to the city tomorrow. Puh, that was close. We’re meeting the founder of VideoCity! We’re… going to the city!! Where do you always get those from? Wow! That’s exactly like I imagined. But where are the bullied employees and sexy secretaries? You watch too much TV. Okay, kids. This is the office – And don’t forget to cancel my 5 o clock meeting, Trixi. Konk is streaming! Ahh! That has to be Timmy and his friends. Huh! I’m Adam Goodman and that is my VideoCity! Do you like it? Fantastic! All this new tech! Hahah! Come on kids, I’ll give you the tour. Ahhhh, great! I’ve been wondering where the tea kitchen is where employees meet to gossip or the canteen with vegan hipster food. Too much TV. That was the Gaming Development Unit and this is our Social Media Marketing Team. They are looking for Influencers that we can work with. That means they have all the big YouTuber’s numbers? Woooow!! What? No! Haha. We call the agency that calls the network that tells the management what we what from the YouTuber. The management then gets the team of the YouTuber and they might book a production firm. Super easy. Fool proof system! No, when we said a wicked ad, we didn’t mean “Kaja Krassevita naked in a cave”-wicked! Sounds like chinese whispers to me Yeah, maybe you’re right. You don’t have a management, right, Timmy? No, sir! Network? No. Agency? No. Just my friends. Gooooood. Then off to the secret meeting room. Uhhh!! Ohhhh… I’m afraid you two need to wait here. No worries, it won’t take long. Mmmmh, something’s not right. Pretty shady. I agree. Trixi, can you get us something to drink. Coming. Do you think, drinks is the codeword for… you know what? Hahahaha! At least she looks hot, not like Angie! I heard that! I hate it here!! Ehhh…. Okay. Thanks, Trixi. Where are the others? They wanted to get something from the canteen. Something vegan! But- Okay, Timmy, let’s get to business. Actually, would like Lana here for that, because – Timmy, I thought you were serious business partner for our company and a big boy. I – I am, but… Seeeee… Then let’s play how adults play. That is – in the casino! Wow!! This new update is still top secret and accessible just through a loop in the VideoCity app, but we want you to send your viewers in this secret bonus level! That would be awesome! Timmy’s own little world in VideoCity! Of course we will also advertise this new feature in other ways. Aprops, MonteTheCrack – because we want as many people as possible in the casino! Huh? But then why don’t you just open the level up for all users? Oh well, there are some party poopers that say you can’t promote gambling! But who cares about old rules like that, right? You mean “laws”? Tss, call it what you want. But… isn’t that illegal? It’s illegal to PROMOTE gambling, but if we don’t call it a PROMOTION…? I don’t know. Come on, Timmy… don’t cop out on me. It’s gonna be out little secret. I was always good to you, right? Yeah… I see you’re a tough business man. How about this – we’re going to organize an exclusive VideoCity-Event, JUST for your community! In Real Life! Seriously? Well, you have enough subscribers for it to work. We have partners for it and can book it on the marketing budget. Hmmm… We can also add you to the Casino as your own character! Like Jimmy Pow? Wow! As the owner? Mhhh… Ehh… Dealer! Card issuer. Settled!! Perfect! This stupid lighting. Alexa – blue light! Ahhh! Perfect! Hahaha… It couldn’t have gone worse. Hey, at least Timmy now has a collab with a huge company. Yeah. He wants him to plug for a kids-casino. And this fan event? Well- Who’s supposed to come, Lana? Ehm Is there an upgrade for that on BuySubs, too or what? No, there is – oh. That was sarcasm. Hey Lana. Stein, did you see the caskets of great grandma and great grandpa? They were gone suddenly. Caskets…? We just repotted them. From real gold caskets to simple porcelain. Eh… Simple? Didn’t you get 5.000 for each? Pssst! Maybe the maid – EHHHHH… Maid? Oh please! We’re simple people, Lana! Without a staff. I thought, especially you would understand! Ehm… wait, what? Well I have to keep looking… Okay, I’m done! But – This has gone too far! Stein! I sold my great grandparents for subs!! … I will go to Timmy and confess everything. I’m done with the lies! Are you coming? Okay. But we would rather have a vlog in which you casually mention it. But I don’t actually make vlogs! Did you ever even see one of my videos? Ehm… oh, Trixi is calling for me… I have to go. You have time until tomorrow. Bye, Jimmy. Timmy… Is… everything okay with you? I feel like they only want me for my subs. They don’t actually care for what I do… See, reach isn’t everything, right? Hehe. Wouldn’t it be better if they – I don’t know – never existed or something? WHAT? Are you kidding me? Without my community I would throw the towel and make Evanescence-TikToks forever. Ehhh – No, Goodman and his stupid VideoCity is the problem. This is fraud. Use fans to make money with illegal schemes. Seriously! Huh – wouldn’t it be fatal if this came to light? Huh? What do you mean… Think about it! YOU have the followers! Well. Psssst!! YOU call the shots! You – You are right! Hello, Mr Goodman? Trixi has to wait, even though I like her a lot, but… we’re gonna play by my rules now! Hahaha! Oh… Hehehe… cool battle cry… Oh…. We should have told the truth. Do you think, Lana? You think, before his big fan event, that abround 2.000 people are expected, because OF COURSE 2.000 smart bots instantly clicked the “attend” link? Yes, Lana. Maybe we should have told the truth BEFORE today. But hey, you know the snowball effect. Maybe there’s actually gonna be some people here. Hello!! Come one! Funny how quiet it is out there, right? Hey, we really have to tell you something. Timmy! What is this supposed to be? No people to be seen! Oh, they are probably all in there and desperately waiting for us! Tadaaa!!! Those are your only two fans? Hahahahahah! Fans? I just came to laugh because I knew no one would come! Mooooom!! I’m sorry, Timmy. You were gutted so I… bought you subs. And I financed the whole thing by auctioning off my dead great grandparents on ebay. I knew it, you little cheaters – Wait a minute! You are not a tittle better with your plugs, and gambling! I, eh – Schnieker! How could you let me run into an open knife like that? Again! Again? I’m going to call BuySubs and delete my account? Well, maybe we could also – You are a bad detective and – Oh my… eh… one moment. Hello? Wait – Schnieker is the owner of… BuySubs? THAT is kinda funny! Explain yourself! Well, the BuySub business is booming… That means, you sell subs and suggest the buyers to your boss! He sends you as his bloodhound and you sell your upgrades for smarter bots! My son actually codes the bots. He’s really good at it, the little rascal! A family business! Schnieker!! What? You have a son? Ewww… You could’ve mentioned that before. Oh….. Lana, Stein? Hmm? Let’s go home. It’s really them! Thanks Timmy! It was very nice of you to buy the caskets back with Goodman’s hush money! I know you only did it to better my mood. Still it’s a shame that none of it was real. I know… Even if it’s stupid, I kind of hoped that – with those jobs – we could afford our cool flatshare in the city… Maybe we will actually make it one day! We just have to work really hard! And we need a new plan. Hmm? There are money hungry corporations and frauds everywhere. Top YouTubers are already established and every viewer has their favourites. There is no space for small newcomers like us. Preach to the choir. And there comes YouTube with their stupid “Broadcast Yourself”-bullshit. My ass… Hey!!! We should rename our channel! Hmm? To show that we’ll do it differently. How about this?! Huh! BROADCAST MY ASS – that’s really good! I found the caskets! I put them on the shelve myself while cleaning. Hahaha! Ehm – what are you doing with the ugly vases your mother brought in? You know what – I don’t want to know. I hope you break them, ugly things. Less junk flying around. Hahahahah! Hahahaha! Timmy, I can’t believe it! You have 500.000 followers! Stein, they were bought. No, this time they’re real! Wh- what did you do?!? Better nonfamous than TikTok famous.

100 thoughts on “Über diesen Werbedeal sollte ich schweigen | Ep. 5b | #BroadcastMyAss

  1. Eigentlich unrealistisch, dass keiner von Timmys 'Abbonenten' Erster schreibt. 🙂
    Das wäre schließlich die einfachste Art, unauffällig 'echte' Kommentare zu schreiben XD

  2. Idee:Timmy macht ein Fortnite LP ist vielleicht nicht die Kreativste Idee aber ich hoffe ich macht die nächsten Videos genau so witzig #Buysub

  3. Das Ende ist ja mal zu geil – und true… ich meine, Tiktok-fame will ich auch nicht sein (und ich kenn niemanden, Dez das wirklich will)

  4. Oha so eine lange Folge😍 wie gut Timmy es aufgenommen hat, als Lana und Stein ihm die Wahrheit gesagt haben!
    Ps: die drei würden echt toll in eine Wg passen☺️

  5. Ich hab das Problem, wenn ich diese Serie meinen Freunden zeige, sagen die, dass es doch voll lame ist und so und schauen sich nicht einmal den Trailer an! Die haben einfach kein Geschmack, so kann ich leider nicht beim teilen helfen 🙁 ❤️

  6. In der nächste Woche, im nächsten Monat, im nächsten Jahr und im nächsten Jahrzehnt kommt die nächste Folge! Ich freue mich schon!!

  7. Ich finde die Serie bis jetzt etwas langweilig… die ersten Folgen fande ich echt interessant. Aber im Moment schaue ich die Folge und breche sie wieder ab, irgendwann schaue ich dann mal weiter. Aber ich bleibe dabei, weil ihr sonst immer so geniale Sachen produziert habt. Allerdings schätze ich eure Arbeit sehr, die Animationen sind klasse♡ (ist nur meine persönliche Meinung)

  8. Ich wünschen ebenfalls allen einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr und hoffe, dass es jeder schafft seine Ziele zu erreichen ^~^

    Ich bin echt froh, dass sie es schlussendlich erzählt haben, denn ich weiß nicht, wie lange dieses Lügengerüst noch standgehalten hätte.

  9. finde die serie hat immer noch nicht die aufmerksamkeit die sie verdient. einfach so cool was ihr da auf die beine stellt 🔥

  10. ,,HAUSMÄDCHEN also ich muss doch sehr einfache Leute ich dachte gerade du ferstest das Lana
    Em warte WAS ":p beste Stelle ever

  11. Wenn man so die einzelnen Stimmen hört denkt man jede einzelne Stimme ist eine andere Person, aber wenn man weiß das es nicht so viele Leute sind ist das heftig! Respect!

  12. hoffe ihr werdet ein gutes neues jahr haben,die idee mit dem Youtube namen ist übrigendz spitze,guten rutsch ins neue jahr!

  13. Ich verstehe nicht was die Zielgruppe sein soll. Alles sieht erstmal farbenfroh und kinderfreundlich aber dann gibt es „witze" wie das die Mutter von Timi Dinge für Erwachsene macht. Genauso das es die Lehrerin von der Treppe geschupst worden ist.

  14. Kommt bald eine neue Staffel? Ich will wissen, ob er mit Angel zusammen kommt und ob er die Millionen knackt.

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