April 5, 2020
Twitch vs YouTube Gaming vs Mixer vs Facebook Gaming vs Instagram vs Reddit vs TikTok

Twitch vs YouTube Gaming vs Mixer vs Facebook Gaming vs Instagram vs Reddit vs TikTok

(upbeat electronic dance music) – The best and worst platforms for gaming creators in 2020. We’re gonna determine which ones are worth
your time and are not. I’m talkin’ all the platforms: Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook Gaming, Reddit. We’re going to debate the
pros and cons of each, and you’re gonna get
all the best information in 30 minutes, right now. This is gonna be the best
30 minutes of your life as a gaming content creator. If you are thinking at
all about other platforms, switching platforms, testing new ones out, this is all the good stuff. Welcome to The Digital Drop, the number one podcast
for gaming creators. Can you believe we have
the number one podcast for gaming creators? It’s pretty insane, guys. – I never thought I’d
be here but here we are. And I love it and I love
that creators love it, and that it’s helping them. And that’s why we do what we do. It’s very fulfilling. – Yeah, it makes me happy
when people are like: I listened to the most recent episode and you guys always say. And I’m like: You actually listen to us. That’s great. – (laughs) I know, it’s so surprising. – We’re used to being
ignored, so, it’s weird. – It is weird. It is weird. This is the show, guys, where we help you make
gaming content full-time. My name is Andrew Wall, AKA Awall, digital marketing executive and I’m joined as always by Andrew Perrin, AKA Ashral, social media manager. What’s up buddy? – I’m back, again. Social media managing all
the things for you guys, for Twitter, for Facebook. – Ross A. Dylan, Twitter juggernaut and marketing consultant is what I chose to call you this episode. What’s up buddy? – Not a whole lot, man. Doin’ fantastic. Ready to get
down and predict the future. – The future is bright, and our audio is bright as well, thanks to Rode Microphones, who’s sponsoring The Digital Drop Podcast. All the vocals you hear
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our gear recommendations and what we’re currently using and what sounds and looks really good. If you’re a creator, check it
out, propodcastinggear.com. And thank you, Rode Microphones, for supporting gaming creators. (electronic ambient music) (dance pop music) – Okay, Digital Drop time, boys and girls. We are diving into streaming platforms in the deep, deep future. And by that, I mean 2019. Just like the presidential debates where you can accurately learn
everything you need to know to vote for the leader of the
free world in only 60 seconds, Mr. Perrin and Mr. Digital are only gonna have one minute to answer which platform is going to
be the best and the worst. Gentlemen, when the
buzzer hits 60 seconds, it will surprise us. Are you ready? – Ready as I will ever be.
– Let’s do it. – Yeah.
– Oh, okay. – I hope this is as divisive and splits the country as much
as our presidential debates. Let’s go. – There’s a really good opportunity for that to happen. Mr. Perrin, you are going to
be getting the first platform. – Yes! – Best or worst Twitch. Timer starts right now.
(melodic timer) – The worst, looking at the numbers. Twitch has been up and down in terms of active users watching. But it really, from what I can
see, it really hasn’t grown. The opportunity really hasn’t grown. And it’s always been, and we’ve talked about this before. For new creators it’s
always been terrible. It’s really hard to get
any exposure on Twitch. So, that stays the same. That keeps it the worst there. And for mid-level creators I don’t think anything has
changed in the game here. There’s been no big expansion
of the audience of the site. It’s still just as difficult to get new viewers as it was before. I mean, I don’t really see
a whole lot going for it to make it the best at all. Literally, no redeemable things about it that have changed in
2019, in terms of 2020, that would lead me to think
that it would suddenly become the best for creators. I think it’s the worst for both small and mid-level
creators, quite simply. – All right, Mr. Awall
you are on the board. Timer starts right now.
(melodic timer) – Mr. Digital, they call me. Twitch is also on my worst list. I’m gonna agree with you there, but for different reasons. Twitch grew to where it is today because of their excellent
community management and the way that they handled their streamers and creators in the past. All of those parties, all of those community
managers getting to know you all the benefits that
they rolled out over time ended up putting them in the lead as the best streaming
platform, period, for creators. Now the platform is over-saturated. They’re having PR disaster
after PR disaster. They’ve lost touch with their creators and two million creators
left from Q1 to Q3 this year to go over to Mixer and other platforms. Twitch is the worst platform
for streamers to grow on. You will not grow at all. However, little caveat, if you’re a big creator
already, get on Twitch ’cause you can make that
sweet, sweet Twitch money but you already have to have an audience (melodic timer) before you do it. You can’t grow on Twitch, baby. But you can sure as heck cash in on it if you’re big. – Now, you went a little bit over there, so, I’m gonna have to give the
point to this one on Perrin. Just because he stayed under
– Awwwwwww! – He stayed under and– – Yes! – These are the rules, Mr. Digital. You knew that going in. But– – I love winning, winning’s great. – Winning is fantastic. – Come on, dude. – Don’t worry, you’ll get ’em next time. In fact, your next time is
about to start right now as we move into YouTube. Mr. Digital, you are on the clock in three, two, one.
(melodic timer) – YouTube is best. It is just straight up the best, has always been the best and will for the foreseeable future be the best for gaming creators. You’re gonna see lots of
drama in the news next year. It’s gonna be news stories. People are gonna talk about how YouTube has abandoned
creators and all these things. At the end of the day the best platform to grow on as a gaming content creator is YouTube. You will do so by producing videos, focusing primarily on search, at first, when you’re trying to grow. Then, once you have grown, focus on videos that are gonna get you in those
recommendation algorithms. But wait, there’s more. I’ve never said this on the show before but creators are now running strategies. We’re on primary channel one: Videos. Secondary channel two: Live streams. Channel three: Highlights of live streams. Running three YouTube
channels simultaneously. It’s working. YouTube is changing in 2020 for both live and video.
(melodic timer) – That’s 55 seconds. Good job finishing under
the one minute mark. Mr. Perrin, you are up right now. – I have to also put
YouTube on my Best list. The organic growth is still there. There’s still creators easily
able to start from scratch and make something of themselves. The algorithms are constantly working in favor of creators in new ways. We had a episode where we were
talking about live streaming, where YouTube Gaming kind of tanked as a live streaming initiative. But in doing so, it kind
of opened up an opportunity where there’s still people
viewing live content on YouTube but a lot less people creating it. So, it actually created, potentially, an opportunity in 2020
for gaming live streaming to take over again on YouTube. I don’t know, we’ll see. But the opportunity is,
clearly, still there. There’s clearly lots of creators
making it big on YouTube. And it’s a great platform to focus on to get your start for a small level. And it’s great to focus on for
mid-level creators as well. All level of creators is good on YouTube. YouTube, I don’t see having
any downsides (melodic timer) or anything pushing the
growth of that platform down in 2020. Dang, I didn’t finish
in time but I was close. – That’s okay because Mr.
Digital gets the points for the Billy Mays reference. – Woo hoo hoo hoo. – That’s just, instant point,
I don’t make the rules, it comes with the rule book. Moving on, Mr. Perrin, you
are gonna be going up first in the next platform. We are talking about one of the
platforms that actually made the most news out of all the platforms, kinda snuck up on everybody. We’re talkin’ about Mixer. (melodic timer) In three, two, one. – I put Mixer on my best list with Twitch kinda being, like,
on the worst list for 2020. Mixer has kind of opened
up the opportunity and taken the plate there where Twitch has really
kind of dropped the ball. And this has really mostly happened with the whole Ninja endeavor, with bring him over and tons
and tons more streamers. I think, during that
transition we didn’t see the concurrent viewership grow a whole lot specifically with that. But if you look back at 2019 as a whole Mixer has grown quite significantly in its concurrent viewership. And that growth leads me to believe that it should be on the best list. It’s the top growing, from what I can tell gaming streaming platform. And I think as gaming creators you should be paying attention to where the organic
growth is and going there. So, Mixer, best list, for sure. – Okay, Mr. Digital, you’re up. (melodic timer) Three, two, one. – Mixer is going to be
on my worst list in 2020. I know that’s shocking to everybody here. – That is shocking.
– It is shocking. Yeah. So, in 2020 it’s on my
worst list and here’s why: We’ve already seen two million
streamers, like you said, go over to Mixer from Twitch
primarily and from YouTube. YouTube dropped 400,000
streamers by the way during the same period of time. Everybody flocked to Mixer. The number of hours streamed increased from eight million per
month up to 32 million. But guess what, those
hours watched did not. It actually kinda stayed the
same and actually decreased. That means that Mixer is just packed with millions of streamers and really not that many viewers in 2020. So, if you happen to be
some of the talent on Mixer that’s gonna be the next
Ninja, Dr. Disrespect, the next Shroud, you’re one
in basically two million that’s gonna shine, diamond
in the rough style on Mixer. You win in 2020 and beyond. But in the next year,
the average streamer’s not going to grow on Mixer. You’re not, you’re not
gonna grow on Mixer. I will go over time. Do not go to Mixer. Don’t go to Mixer next year. It’s not gonna work. You have to go where other people aren’t. – You know what, as far
as gaming creation goes, Awall, that was really
edgy, point to Awall. – Aw, for edge, thank
you, all, I am so edgy. – That was super edgy. That’s gonna make some
Reddit forums, guaranteed. – Yes, indeed.
– Okay. – Hold on, no, no, I am edgy. And I’m gonna turn the
dime on you right now. You can’t let me speak to Twitter and not let you talk about it because you are the Twitter juggernaut. So, I’m taking the host
spot for just a second here. And I’m kickin’ it back at you, Ross. Because I am Mr. Digital. And this is The Digital Drop, so, we’re gonna talk
about Twitter here, boys. And I’m gonna put Ross
on the spot right now for his one minute explanation, is it the best or the worst in 2020. (melodic timer) One, two, three, go. – I love being on the spot, quite frankly, I’m really good on the spot, so, this is gonna be an easy one. No, Twitter is not worth your effort as far as live streaming goes. But it makes my best list because it is one of the best platforms to promote your live
streaming platform of choice. You can use Twitter to
redirect people there, post clips of your own to build steam. And then after that
accumulated engagement, then, send them elsewhere. So, yes, Twitter should
be on the best list but not for actually
live streaming platforms. It should be on the best list
because of what it can do to help enable the live streaming
platform of your choice. – Geez, you kept it under 40
seconds, wow, very succinct. – Yeah (laughs). – The Twitter Juggernaut,
Perrin, you’re up, dude. I mean, I’ll give you a countdown here. But can you keep it that
short and that powerful? Here we go, (melodic
timer) three, two, one, go. – So, Twitter is on my best list, too. But also not for the
reasons you would think. It’s not gonna be great for just growing as a gaming creator and, like, making money, necessarily, in the way that you might think, in terms of making videos,
getting revenue, et cetera. But everybody uses Twitter. Every business is using Twitter because it’s become a
staple at this point. So, if you want to interact with other game development companies, with publishers to network,
even get sponsorships, to do all those other things that you might need to be
doing as a gaming creator, Twitter is your tool to contact
and reach out and network as a gamer in the wider
community of creators and the gaming space. You need that networking
tool to be successful, thus, it’s on my best list. – Are you ready? This is an edgy decision. Perrin wins this one. You just defeated the juggernaut. – I agree. – What? No way, man.
– You know what, I will bow out a this because, I agree, he
brought in the networking and that was a smart move,
kinda snuck in from the back, stole the ball, got a wide open shot, perfect, perfect play, Perrin. – Twitter is freakin’
amazing like that, man. I’m meeting with someone who
was on Shark Tank tomorrow because somebody connected me on Twitter. Like, Twitter’s amazing as
a networking opportunity, it really is, its awesome. All right, Ross, here, you can host the show again, go ahead. – Aw, thank you. And by the way, that was kind of a bold
move on Awall’s part. Givin’ the points to Perrin,
pretty much, you know, tyin’ the matchup here. – Yeah, you just gave him
an opportunity for points. – Yeah, you could a given that point to me and just, you know, kinda
leveled the playing field. So, he must have a lot of faith
in himself, moving forward. And also something that you
recently learned on Twitter is that you have a very soothing voice. – I do, yeah. People don’t understand what I’m saying but they like the way I say it. – Okay, moving on, the next platform. We’ve actually had some recent good conversations about this one. It’s gaining steam slowly
in the gaming community. But let’s talk about TikTok. Awall, you are first. (melodic timer) Three, two, one. – TikTok is on my best
list, for sure, holy crap. TikTok is a dream come true. I mean, I know it’ll be good
at least through the first half of 2020 on my best list here, guys. Maybe it runs out of steam,
maybe it runs out of money, maybe it goes out of business, okay. But for the foreseeable
future in the next year TikTok has the most organic
growth, non-paid growth of any platform on the internet. You can post just a hot, steamin’ pile of garbage on TikTok and it will at least get 300
to 400 views, I’m not joking. We brought on a guest on the show who grew from zero to now 50K followers. He was a nobody on Twitch and YouTube and on Mixer, a nobody. Just started postin’ Fortnite
videos regularly on TikTok, boom, zero to 50K followers like that. TikTok is the massive
opportunity of a lifetime. Gaming is not tapped into
almost at all on TikTok. And guess what, young people are there, 20 year olds are there,
30 year olds are there. And you choose the game of your choice, you upload content for it on TikTok. I guarantee you will
get thousands of views or you’ll get your money back. – That was right on the one
minute mark, very well done. Mr. Perrin, I now toss it over to you. (melodic timer) Go. – You kind of captured and stole all of the great points about TikTok. So, I might just reiterate
some of them here. But the organic growth alone
is so big of an enticing thing. And it’s definitely
going to last into 2020 if not longer than that. It’s basically the boom
of Instagram’s organic, same as Instagram’s organic growth. But maybe even better. And now that Instagram and we’ll get to Instagram in a little bit is a little bit more on the decline TikTok has kind of stolen the mantelpiece of the best place to get organic reach. So, that means you’re not spending money, you just gotta make content. It doesn’t even need to be good. And you can reap rewards
and grow an audience. That’s a rarity and that
doesn’t come around often. And I know it seems like it’s been often ’cause we’ve had Instagram
and now we have TikTok. But, like, this could be
the last one, we don’t know. Take advantage of it while you can. And grow a gaming audience on TikTok. It seems like a no-brainer to me just based on organic
reach and growth alone. – Very good. That was actually, that
was a tough one to point because that really was one, whoever you throw the first one to. So, guess what, you both get points. – Whoa, mixing up the format, whoa ho ho. – We’re switchin’ it up right now. We’re lookin’ at a three to three tie. And we are moving into the next platform which, Perrin, you have the
opportunity to go first here. And we are talking about,
as you teased, Instagram. (melodic timer) In three, two, one. – That’s great ’cause I was
just talking about Instagram. So, (laughs) I can follow up on it. So, Instagram was this great
area of organic growth. And it still has organic growth. My prediction for 2020 is it will be gone. It will be completely gone. It’s very minuscule as it is currently. And you gotta remember, Instagram
is owned by Facebook, too. Which is going through
all sorts of trouble. So, it’s got kind of a
rocky looking outlook for 2020 to begin with. I don’t think there’s
much growth left there for people who haven’t already gotten in there and gotten big. So, it’s on my worst list,
especially for new creators. And for mid-level creators
in the gaming space I feel like Instagram has never been great for gaming, period. It’s better for really photogenic people, for photogenic things. It’s very, obviously, photo
oriented from it’s get-go. And it just has never really lend itself to a great gameplay-centric strategy. Maybe you’re showing off you as a gamer/creator there quite well. And that’s kind of the niche you can have. But I think, aw, damn,
I couldn’t finish it. – Your good, all right, Awall. That was a tough one to follow,
he made some good points. Are you ready? – Oh, yeah. – All right, let’s do this. (melodic timer) Three, two, uno. – Instagram’s on my worst list, for sure, for The vast majority of creators, small to mid-sized creators. As mentioned so many times before on The Digital Drop Podcast organic growth on Instagram
is on the decline. You’re gonna have to pay to play, pay to grow moving forward. So, it’s really just not worth your time if you’re trying to grow, that’s it, bottom line, end of story. It’s going to become like Facebook. Okay, here’s the other point though. If you’re a really big creator it doesn’t matter if you’re good looking. When you reach end game,
you know what you need to do and that’s sell that merchandise, baby. And one of the best ways to do it is to take photos of yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re butt ugly. Take photos of yourself,
post ’em on Instagram and send people over there for you to show that merchandise, that t-shirt, that backpack, that custom branded stuff your selling when you reach end game as a big creator. Instagram’s still gonna be gravy for that. – Very good. This is a tough one to score. However, point goes to Andrew Perrin for pointing out Facebook’s flaws and how they could coincide and overtake Instagram’s
biggest flaws as well. I do like the shopping point though in creating your own cart
kind of on your Instagram and using it– – I thought that was strong,
the merch part of the strategy. – That’s a very good point. However, if you’re not
getting any organic engagement like we could be seeing in the future it’s gonna be a lot more difficult to people to even see your story. Moving on, Facebook Gaming. – Boom, oh, hold on a second. Did Ross just get a point? – Did I just get a point? – Did that final thing
you said about Instagram just get him a point just now? – And do you know what, I will
graciously accept that point. Anyway, moving on. Facebook gaming, we all have a little bit of experience with this. But none more so than you both. Mr. Awall, Mr. Digital, are
you ready to kick this one off? Is Facebook Gaming gonna
be worth it in 2020? (melodic timer) Three, two, one. – Facebook Gaming is hot, hot,
hot on my best list for 2020. I plan on going deep on Facebook
Gaming personally in 2020 to cover games like Cyberpunk 2077 because Facebook Gaming is now, like, in the back of
people’s minds essentially. Everybody flooded over to Mixer. Everybody’s thinkin’ about YouTube again. Everybody’s talkin’ smack about Twitch. And Facebook Gaming is just kinda sittin’ there in the background growing and growing and
growing and growing. And the people on that
platform are getting thousands and thousands and
thousands of concurrent viewers. It’s still a wide open playground for people to grow on potentially. And if you have a few bucks
in your pocket for advertising Facebook Gaming can be amazing for you. If you’re dirt poor and you
don’t have any extra money maybe it would be on your worst list. But if you have about
a hundred bucks a month to start with to invest
in Facebook Gaming, best, best, best. – Very good, impressive. Mr. Perrin, you are up. (melodic timer) Three, two, one. – Facebook Gaming, also on my best list. And probably at the top there. Barring if it gets through kind of the current political climate and the issues that they’ve
had there as a company, as a whole, which I think
they will get through. They’ve continued to sink money into resourcing on Facebook Gaming. And they’ve been kind of biding their time slowly picking decent creators to bring over to the
platform to help it grow. I love Facebook Gaming, too, because it gives you an alternate approach as a gaming creator on how to tackle it. If you have money, if you have
capital it’ll save you time. You can grow an audience
on Facebook Gaming very, very easily instead of having to grind away
like you have to on Twitch. That is gonna be huge in 2020, I think, this alternate methods of
getting in and being successful other than just grinding your time away. Facebook Gaming is, I think, the most interesting one
to look out for in 2020. It’s kind of like the one lurking in the shadows that could jump out while Twitch isn’t doing anything special. So, it’s on my best list, I love looking, okay, it’s on my best list win (laughs). – Okay, point goes to Awall on that one for Facebook Gaming.
– Yeah, whoo! – You have a lot of experience in that. And also, also, shout out
to the Cyberpunk mention (clears throat) giveaway. – Oh, yeah, we do have a
Cyberpunk 2077 giveaway going on. And if it’s not currently going on when you listen to this episode you should definitely
check out our website and our socials for when we’re giving out free video games and gear potentially. But anyway, continue the contest. – Yes, by the way, it is pinned at the top of our Twitter
profile: @DigitalDropPod. Moving on to the final one. Also, the tie breaker. We have a complete tie here,
this has never happened before. So, the final platform is Reddit. – Ooh, curve ball. – It’s gonna be a good one. And since we started with
Awal on Facebook Gaming Mr. Perrin, you’re up right now. – So, Reddit is probably the
toughest one in this list to determine best or worst. I’m gonna put it on best just because there are so many ways to continue to utilize Reddit to be successful as a gaming creator and to leverage it to join and build and be a part of gaming communities that you can use to grow your audience and to bring people over. Reddit is also working
hard on Reddit Video. And what that’s gonna look
like in 2020 I’m not sure yet. But focusing on video for the next year is, obviously, going to be a big thing. So, for video creators
Reddit focusing on video I think you’ve got some opportunity there. What’s unclear, I think, for me, is a real monetization opportunity which makes it a bit shaky. But because you can get growth from it I’m gonna put it on my best list. – Under the time limit. Good points. Mr. Digital, are you ready? – Let’s get digital. – All right, you gonna bring this home? – You know I will. – This is the last one,
you gotta bring it home. You gotta bring your A game on this one. (melodic timer) Three, two, one. – Reddit is on my best list forever. So, it’s not a 2020 play. But you need to be building
your presence on Reddit in 2020 to prepare for 2021, 2022, et cetera, et cetera, et
cetera and the future. Reddit is a platform for
the people, by the people, it always will be. And guess what your audience are? People. And there’s a sub-Reddit for nearly every single game out there, probably the one that you’re covering. And if you can provide
value to that sub-Reddit you can provide amazing
content to that sub-Reddit that isn’t promoting your YouTube videos and your streaming. You can become a contributing member. Then, you can really build
your influence there. You can get people to love you on Reddit. And then when it is time to promote a piece of your content
or an event you’re doing or a fundraiser or a
charity and what have you people will up vote the crap out of you. And you could potentially
get 10s of thousands or hundreds of thousands of impressions and views off of that. Trust me, I’ve done it multiple times. Getting millions of views on videos, it’s a long term play and if you don’t start in 2020
you aren’t gonna get there. – Ooh, this is tough. This is when it’s bad to be the host because you gotta assign that final point and it’s gonna ruin somebody’s day, probably the rest of their
year if not their life. – Well, it’s definitely
gonna ruin 2020, for sure. – Yeah, 2020’s, whoever loses
this, 2020’s in the dark. Now, Andrew Perrin made some great points. – Now, Mr. Digital also
had some really good points and he did it with that
super soothing voice. (guys laughing) – Erroneous bias and what? – I never said it contributed
to his point factors. – Okay, fair enough fair
enough, fair enough. – So, the winner is Mr. Andrew
Perrin, round of applause. – Yes! – Congratulations.
– I win. – Congratulations, I’m really cheesed over here but whatever. – Yes, now the winner,
what the winner gets here is they get one final question answered. And this one, you have 30 seconds. And Awall, I wanna get
your answer on this, too. – Oh, man. – Okay.
– No pressure. – Okay, in 2020, which
of these two platforms is gonna be the most toxic? Will it be the Facebook comments
or the YouTube comments? – Ah, wow. – Perrin, you are on the
clock, the winner, go sir. – I’m gonna go with YouTube
comments being the most toxic because, I mean, Facebook it
has it’s own issues right now where it’s fake realities,
things like that. YouTube has always been
extremely toxic in comments, they’re not gonna fix it. It will always continue
to hold the mantle place of most toxic comments. – That’s pretty spot on. Awall, do you have an opinion? – I do. – Let’s hear it, man, let’s hear it. Which is gonna be more toxic, Facebook comments or YouTube comments? – Oh, I’m gonna go with Facebook
comment a hundred percent. Are you ready? Not only will there be
disgusting domestic terrorism on Facebook in the comments section, people are gonna be tearin’ each other up. But did you forget that you can actually
share content on Facebook? So, if something is extremely toxic you can share it on
Facebook to your followers and get other people to join
in on the toxicity with you. YouTube does not offer that feature. Also, foreign governments
and what have you have entire operations that
are working on Facebook to influence Americans in particular and to make that platform more toxic whereas YouTube does not have that. Come on, it’s Facebook, hands down. This is the biggest
dumpster fire ever created in the history of mankind. And it’s only gonna get worse. This is why we need to go to Mars. This is why Elon needs to succeed. (guys laughing) – That was a fantastic answer. – I won, so, I had the mantel. I’m just gonna give it over ’cause that answer was fantastic. That answer was fantastic. – Thank you, that takes a
real champion to do that. It takes– – I know when a true winner has won. In this case and with that last bit, I mean, that’s just– – I never in my day imagined
that I would hear Elon Musk brought into toxic comments on Facebook. And it works so well. Like, for real, we need Elon Musk. You know, ignore all the
saving the Earth stuff. Get on creating a good
gaming platform, right? I mean, like– – I agree. I totally agree and it should be embedded in all of his vehicles. I’d like to dedicate this
trophy to cyber truck. I love you cyber truck. I’m gonna have enough money for the tri-engine version
of you, I will buy you. – Thank you, so much, for listening to The Digital Drop Podcast. We encourage you to subscribe on the podcasting platform of your choice so you don’t miss those weekly episodes. If there was one thing
we said on this episode, likely from me, Mr. Digital, then, please subscribe on the platform that you’re listening to us on right now. – Wow, okay. – And there goes the mantel. – After I just had to do the victory here. What the hell. – Yep, that’s me, I’m just
gonna run over you guys with my cyber truck once I get to the top. Be sure to subscribe. Give us a rating on Apple
Podcasts, in particular. We’re trying to get the word out there about this podcast, all right boys. Give us a rating give us that five stars. Help us be discovered by
other gaming creators. Hopefully, we said one thing
that changes your trajectory in the right direction. Keep making content, keep grinding. And good luck, creators.

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