April 3, 2020
Tutorial: Software Dropshipping WWTech

Tutorial: Software Dropshipping WWTech

Welcome to the Dropshipping platform. I am Valentina and I am going to explain you how to access to the service. Please, write down this link. Write the Username and Password you have received when you activated your subscription. Select the site you have already registered and click login. On this screen you can observe the evolution of your purchases, check your orders inside the cart and verify new messages. To add new products click on ‘Shopping Cart’ Remember that this is a real basket and the articles will be eliminated from the wholesale site’s availability availability that you are buying. At this point, click on ‘Add product’ and then ‘Browse’. You can enter the article’s reference in the search field or select inside the menu Catalogo. Select your brand and the product to order. Here you can fill the optional fields with an intern reference of your site or your ‘market-place’ in which you conclude the sale. Fill this field with the amount you want to buy. Remember that the minimum amount is One. The greatest amount shouldn’t exceed the availability amount. Fill in all this fields with the final client’s data. Name of the company, name and surname of the final client, city, country and delivery status. In this field you can put any kind of information concerning your purchasing that you want to communicate to the logistic. For example if you want that this pack will be send as a Christmas package. In this other field, you may add the final personal notes relative to this purchase You can find your article inside the ‘Shopping Cart’. Proceed in this way with all the articles you have to buy. If you have entered all the articles in the Cart, to confirm the order click in ‘Confirm Order’. Choose the payment method. Remember that you will not be required to pay immediately, but you will receive an email from the wholesale site that you have registered for. Now you can purchase your order clicking on the button ‘Ordini’ and search at the bottom As you have seen the status of all the orders are in New. At this moment the logistic can’t see your purchasings So you still have time to modify the individual information of the retail purchase. For example, by clicking on ‘Edit’ you can vary the destination of the article by adding attachments that will be printed and added to the package, such as the invoice to your customer, and then also, write a message for the logistic to take care of your shipment. Save the page and return to the initial list of your orders If you are ready to send your purchases enter each one of them by always clicking on ‘Edit’ Modify the status of the drop-down menu from ‘New’ to ‘Ready’ and always remember to click on ‘Save’ to perform the operation done Now that you have completed your purchase, you can control the shipping status and continue the communication with the logistic always through the section ‘Ordini’ I thank you for been there, until next time!!

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