April 4, 2020
TUTORIAL: How to Create a Wix Store Step-By-Step (How to Sell on Wix)

TUTORIAL: How to Create a Wix Store Step-By-Step (How to Sell on Wix)

– Hey everyone, it’s me
Sarah here my Wholesale Ted, one of the largest
YouTube channels dedicated to teaching you how to
build an online business, and in today’s video I’m
gonna be doing something that’s been highly requested, I’m gonna be showing you step by step how to build an online store with Wix. And I know that in my
funny New Zealand accent that sounds like I’m saying stip by stip, but really what I mean is
I’m gonna be showing you S-T-E-P by S-T-E-P how
to build an online store with Wix so that all you have to do is follow along with my
screen and copy what I do. If you don’t know what Wix is, it’s an online website builder and it’s a very unique tool to build, design, and manage an
ecommerce store with. Because, you see, unlike
more traditional platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce
that build online stores via menu-based systems, with Wix you build it with a visual editor that you can drag and drop with, and each and every aspect
of your store design is customizable. And as a bonus throughout this tutorial I’m gonna be giving lots of tips on how you can design and build your store in a way that will
increase your conversions which will increase your
sales, which will increase the amount of money that you make. All right, let’s jump straight into it. (upbeat music) All right, so let me
switch over to my screen and give you a preview of the store that we are about to build, it’s gonna be called Brewed Treats and it’s gonna be selling
fun coffee trinkets. Okay, so here is the store
that I’m gonna be building, as you can see it has a
nice, simple clean homepage that features different products that we’re selling in the store and it’s also got a working menu with the dropdown menu for our products, and we’ve got different
product category pages like this one here for travel mugs. So let’s check out an example product page that we’ll create. So here it is, as you can see we’ve got a product description and we’ve got a working image gallery and
you can zoom in on images to get a closer look. So let’s actually go and add
this product to our cart, so this here is the mini cart that pops up and if we check out the main cart page, you’ll be able to see here
that the item has been added and we can now pay for this order with our credit card through PayPal. So this here is our working
store we’re gonna be building, let’s get started. And just a heads up, while
this is a working store as in it can take orders and make money, it’s not open to the general public, this is just an example
store that I have created for this tutorial. Step one, sign up for a free Wix account. In this step we’re gonna be signing up and creating a Wix account. Creating one is free, so you can sign up and try it and see if it’s right for you. To get started, you’re going to need to go to the Wix homepage
and I will have a link to how you can get there in
the video description below. Please note our video description does contain affiliate links
and we’d really appreciate if you could use them. Here at Wholesale Ted, all of
our YouTube tutorials are free and affiliate links help
us keep our videos free. All right, let me switch
over to my computer and show you how to do this. Okay, so come to Wix,
again you can get here by clicking on the link in
the video description below, then just click get started and go ahead and create a free account
by clicking sign up and entering your email address and password that you want to use. Make sure you enter the same email address and password twice, you know, standard account creation things. And of course you’ve also got the option that you can sign up with your Facebook or Google Plus account to
make the signup process a bit quicker, but I’m
creating a new account here and once you’ve done
that just click sign up then on the next page
you will have an option to answer a few questions
or skip that step, just click skip, and then
click choose a template. Now, there are a huge amount of templates that you can choose from,
so click online store to see their ecommerce store templates. Now, the honest truth is
before I took on this challenge to build a store with Wix I had no idea that there were so many
different templates and designs to choose from. And honestly I was a
little bit overwhelmed, but after scrolling through all of these I did find one that I liked and it was a template called watch shop. So I’m just gonna click view here so that you can see it. Perfect, all right, yeah now here we go, yep, gotta click edit
to choose this template. Just going to let Wix load
it up for us and be patient, feel free to skip ahead
of this part of the video if you don’t like waiting. Probably a good time to
take a bathroom break or take a coffee break. (laughs) Patience. Perfect, all right, we got there. Awesome, on to step two. Step two, add product collections. This is a pretty simple step, we’re gonna be creating
different product categories otherwise known as product collections. So for our example store
we’re gonna be creating three product categories
or product collections, we’re gonna be creating
one for our coffee mugs, we’re gonna be creating
one for our travel mugs, and we’re gonna be creating
one for our coffee spoons. All right, on the left menu
click the my store button and then click get started
and then hit got it on the pop-up reminder and
then click add products and let it load. And once it’s finished loading it’ll take you to your dashboard. So on the left menu here
click store products, and don’t worry if you get
a pop-up box like this, just close it. All right, so choose collections
from the side menu here and then click new collection. And now you can edit the
name of your collection, we’re gonna rename this
one to be coffee mugs, and then when you’re done just click save. And then close this pop-up box, and then click the big plus button to add another collection. This time we’re going to
name our second collection travel mugs, and I’m gonna be adding in three collections to this
store because I’m gonna be selling three different
types of products, coffee mugs, travel
mugs, and coffee spoons. And the pop-up boxes are just asking us if we want to add these
collections to our store. We will be adding them but not quite yet, which is why we are closing this. And we’re done, on to step three. Step three, edit the
store general settings. In this step we’re gonna be doing lots of important things like
adding in our store logo and changing our store’s currency. When I filmed this tutorial I had my IP set to the Philippines so my currency wasn’t in USD or in
NZD, so in this tutorial I’m gonna be changing
it so that my currency will be in United States dollars. Click the my store button on the left menu and then select manage your store, and this will once again
take us to the dashboard. So then on the left
menu just click settings and this will take us to
the general info section which is where we want to be. Then enter the name of your online store under business and website name. We’re gonna be naming
this one Brewed Treats. And next we want to add a logo, so click the add logo button, and then click upload images. And, of course, go through your computer and find your logo file
and then click open. Now we’ve just got to wait for it to load. Then just click done, and then with it ticked,
click add to page. So now we can see our
logo file has been updated so we’re gonna scroll down this page and we’re gonna update the currency. To update the currency, you need to head to the regional setting portion of your general info page. So here under currency find
your preferred currency in the dropdown menu. We’re gonna be choosing
United States dollars for the store. And then just click got it. So once you’ve done it you can see the currency’s been updated, so all you’ve got to
do then is click save. So now that we’ve done this, we’re gonna be editing our store settings so click it from the left menu. Now, in the store settings
page we have options on how we want to handle orders, policies, checkouts,
and email notifications. So let’s start with the orders. If you don’t want sales tax
to be automatically added to orders, tick this checkbox here, and I also recommend that you tick the invoices checkbox as well. The issue of sales tax is
a bit of a tricky question, usually you won’t be legally
required to collect it. I’ve got some great videos though on it on my channel, so I
recommend you check them out if you’re concerned about
your tax obligations. So here under email notifications, just double-check to make sure that all of these boxes here are ticked that I’ve got ticked, and then that’s it, we’re ready to move on. Step four, add products to your store. Okay, so now the fun begins. We’re gonna add each and every product that we plan to sell in our new store. To show you how to do this
I’m gonna be creating one for this example product here, a camera lens travel mug
that really does look like a real camera lens. I sourced this product here
from a website called AliExpress and AliExpress is actually
a really great place to find products to then resell to people to make money with. And I actually have a free ebook that teaches you the six steps that highly profitable
ecommerce stores follow to build stores that source their products from AliExpress and make
over $10,000 every month, and if you would like to
get that ebook for yourself, you can find the download link for it in the video description below. But anyway, moving along, let me show you how easy it is to add
products to your store. Okay, so click my store in the left menu, but this time click add products, and then just let it load up. Loading. All right, so now we want to go ahead and add a title for our product, I’m gonna be calling this one
the camera lens travel mug. And so next we want to add images for it, so just click this button
and then click upload images, and you want to go ahead
and find all the images that you would like to
add, like I’m doing here, and now just let Wix actually
upload the images for you. And then just click done. And make sure that you’ve
ticked all the images and then click add to page. So you can see that they’ve
been ordered like this and you can change the order of them if you would like in the product gallery by just dragging and dropping
them like I’m doing here. So now we want to click the box of the collection that we’re
gonna add the product to. We’re gonna be choosing
the travel mug collection for this one. And now I’m gonna scroll
down to product info. So under product info
there’s a ribbon option and you can type something
like special offer or sale, it’s up to you, and of course you need to price your product and you
can click the on sale button to put a discount if you would like. Now I’ve just copied and
pasted a product description into here as well. So, now you can choose to track
inventory if you would like, this is good if you actually
have the physical products in stock in your house
or a garage or website. If you’re dropshipping, make
sure to leave this unchecked and once you’ve done that, just
click save, and you’re done. Step five, customize
the product page design. Okay, so before we do this step, I want you to do a little bit of thinking and try to come up with either one or two colors that fit
with the types of items that you’re selling in your store. I like to call this
either your brand color or your brand colors. Anyone can create a simple store design using the color scheme of
black, white, and gray, and if you do this, your website is going to look very generic. So to add some branding we’re going to be taking either
your chosen brand color or your brand colors and
we’re gonna be adding splashes of them throughout your store, and we’re gonna be doing
that as part of this step. Now, for me, I’ve chosen one brand color, it is a coffee bean brown. In addition, I have also
chosen a new font for my store, one that better fits with my brand and the types of items that I’m selling. Now, you might also want
to choose a new font to use throughout this tutorial or you can choose to keep the default one. All right, let me switch
over to my computer and show you how to do this. All right, so begin by
clicking the switch page panel at the top of your Wix site editor and then choose product
page in the dropdown menu and let the page load. So once this page loads
here you’ll be able to click the settings button. Here it is. Now, when you do, this window pops up. And now you can customize
pretty much every design aspect for the product pages in your store. And I want you to keep in mind that all of the changes that you make here will apply to every single product page. So the thing with Wix is
that as a design editor it is extremely powerful. For me, honestly, it’s
almost too overwhelming and too powerful because I’m
not very good as a designer. However, for the right person, you will really truly appreciate how much you can modify everything here, each and every aspect of this product page can be modified. You can change the color and the font for the product title, you can then choose a different font and a different color for
the price if you wanted. You can update the color of
the border for the images in the product gallery. You can update pretty much everything. And honestly, it’s very impressive. If you wanted to make small tweaks and customizations like
this for the design using another platform like
Shopify or, say, WooCommerce, you simply can’t do that without coding. So while watching me
here you may have noticed that I’m doing two things. Firstly, I’m updating
each of the fonts on here to be the chosen font for my brand, and that font is DIN Next Light. I’m also adding in splashes
of Brewed Treats’ brand color which is going to be a coffee brown and updating the colors for my site, say like the borders of images and the image gallery to be that brown and updating the add to cart button. I’m gonna be changing that color to be my chosen brand brown as well. So I do want to stress something
while I’m going through and making all these changes, don’t copy my brand’s
color unless it’s related to your niche, and while you can choose to copy my font, if you think a different
font would be a better fit with your store brand
and the types of products that you’re selling, please
choose a different font instead. Like this font and this color
works well with my products and my brand, but yours will be different. For example, if you’re
selling watermelon trinkets, then you’ll probably want
to add in splashes of green and red and I want to just quickly note that the product gallery
image borders for this theme are by default green. Now, unless your brand and
niche is something green related like watermelon or maybe apples, you will probably want to make sure that you do at least change that. Cool. Nice. So, once you’ve made
your changes just come and, yep, this is all looking good, just come and click save and then we can move on to the next step. Step six, add payment providers. With Wix, you can accept payments from customers using their
credit card or their debit card. Firstly, you can do this by
accepting payments with PayPal. Now, PayPal is turned on by default, you don’t have to do
anything to turn it on, you will automatically be able to accept payments with PayPal. And the great thing about PayPal is to pay with it you
actually don’t need an account with them, you can check out as a guest, and so in reality you actually don’t need any other payment provider for
your store other than PayPal. What PayPal will do is they
will automatically link up all of the payments that you receive to the email address that
you signed up for with Wix. Of course, this begs the question, what if I don’t have a PayPal account associated with that email address? Well, you’ve got two options. Firstly, you can go into
your settings in Wix and change the email address
that is connected to PayPal so that you can use an email address that’s actually associated with one that has a PayPal account. Or secondly what PayPal will do is it will collect and
hold the payments for you and wait for 30 days for you to create a brand new PayPal account using
your store’s email address. So that’s all you’ve got to do, you’ve just got to create a PayPal account using the email address that
you set your store up with and then you will be able
to collect all the payments and all of the money
that you have received. The second major payment provider that you can connect to your store is something called 2Checkout. Now, this is a payment
processor that has the advantage that customers will be able
to check out on your store without having to leave
to a third party website like PayPal. To add 2Checkout to your store, simply sign up for a free 2Sell account, I’ll have a link to how you can do that in the video description below. Now, I won’t actually be connecting a 2Checkout 2Sell
account in this tutorial, but I will switch back to my computer and show you how you can do that yourself. So let’s begin by selecting my store in the Wix site editor page, and then click manage your store, and then this will load
up the dashboard again. So, in the dashboard menu just
go ahead and click settings. Then you want to go ahead
and choose accept payments, which is under basic settings. So options are preselected
based on your country, but you can customize those any time. For our online store
we’ve got credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal,
which is what we want, so click connect me. So Wix’s credit card provider
of choice is 2Checkout. On the pop-up box you
can click set up account, which will let you create
a new account with them or you can add an existing one, but I’m obviously not showing
you that in this tutorial, but PayPal will be active
immediately, which is great, and this means that we are ready and set up to accept
payments in our store. Step seven, add shipping
rates and options. So now I’m gonna show you how to set up different shipping rates and
different shipping options for your store. By default, Wix will set you up with a domestic shipping option and an international shipping option which you can turn off and I’ll show you how to do that in this tutorial. For this step I’m gonna be showing you how you can add in new shipping options by creating one for you and this will be free shipping
within the United States. Of course, you can set up
multiple ones yourself, just copy what I’m doing in this tutorial. Keep in mind that let’s
say you’ve only got one shipping option and it’s
within the United States only, that if a customer from
New Zealand like me comes into your store and
tries to buy something they won’t be able to actually do that because they won’t be able
to ship to New Zealand. This is a great way to limit
who can actually buy items from your store, so think about which countries you’re willing to ship to and then set your rates accordingly. All right, so come to my
store on the left side menu, and then come and click manage your store and wait for a few moments
for the dashboard to load up. So once it’s done,
you’ll be redirected here to your dashboard and click
settings on the left menu, and under basic settings
click store shipping and tax. Here we go. Now, in the shipping and tax page you can edit the regions
that your store is going to be selling to, once it loads. So to do this, click new
region in the top corner of the page, so let’s
add in the United States as our next shipping option here. So choose United States from
the dropdown menu under region. Here we go. Now scroll down and set up shipping rates by choosing from the options, so let’s select free shipping, which will be free shipping
to the United States and you can edit the delivery time, that’s entirely up to
you, this will be shown to the customer if you
do put something in here, so let’s rename this
to be free shipping US so that it’ll be easier
for us to recognize it. Cool. And now we can click save and we can see that our new region has
been added successfully and you can turn off the
others by unticking them if you would like. Step eight, design your homepage. All right, so now the fun really begins, time to use the drag
and drop editor of Wix to design a new homepage for our store. Let me switch over to my computer and show you how to do this. Okay, so yes, let’s begin
with what’s probably going to be the longest part
of this video tutorial if I was to guess, and that
is updating the homepage. So our goal here is to create a simple yet professional looking homepage, nothing flashy, just
simple and professional, and to do that we’re going
to be adding in four things. Number one, we’re gonna
be removing the stock logo and putting our store logo
at the top of the page, which I’m doing right now. Number two, we’re gonna be
adding in a splash image, we’re going to remove the default one with the watch and put our own one in and update the text. Number three, we’re gonna
be adding in a store blurb that talks about who we are. And finally we’re going to
add in product carousels to advertise products that
we are selling to customers. Now, I tried to think about how to teach in a video tutorial format how to create a simple yet professional looking homepage and I genuinely struggled with it, and the reason for that is because of the Wix visual editor. The visual editor is both
a blessing and a curse. Now, on one hand it’s really customizable, on the other hand, that makes it hard for me to give you clear,
concise instructions on how to copy me. So I got finished here with the logo, so what I’m going to be doing next is I’m gonna be updating
the splash image here. So when you do this, make
sure that you use an image that you have the legal rights to reuse. So if you’re taking a
picture from Google Images, choose one that has the
Creative Commons license or you could buy a stock image, you could choose product images that either you yourself
have taken as well, or you could use product images that your product supplier has provided. Either way, make sure that
you choose images here that you have the rights to reuse. So I’m just gonna be loading up the one that I’ve got right now. Cool. Click done, and with it
ticked, click add to gallery. Now you want to go and
delete all these other images that Wix has added here since we are not selling these watches. And when you’ve done
that, just click done. All right, so remember when I said earlier that the Wix visual editor is
both a blessing and a curse? Well, you’re about to see what I mean. Now, it’s a blessing and a curse because it’s so customizable, but it’s also a bit of a curse
for me as a tutorial creator. See, what I’m trying to do right now is update the text to
have my sales tagline, massive discount store-wide up to 50% off all our products and to put it into this box
and to make it look nice. To do that though, I
simply have to play around with the text sizing. I wish I could say to you all, hey, set your text size to be such and such and use such and such sizing measurements, but the different size,
you’re gonna probably want to choose different sizing
depending on what you put here. And I wish I could just
give you a template to just put your own text into, unfortunately I can’t. With the Wix visual editor
you are going to have to drag, drop, and play around with sizing and spacing yourself like
I’m doing here right now. But I mean like it’s pretty
easy to play around with it and create something similar to what I’m creating onscreen for you right now. And when you’re doing
this, just keep in mind what your end goal here is. Your end goal is to have a splash image like this one here that
has some sales text on it to the left, and as I said, depending on what your store tagline is, it might be longer or shorter than mine, you’ll want to have
different sizing for it and I decided to remove
the shop now button and then just resize it
to fit around my text because I personally
think that it looks nicer. Hold on, I realized this
is in the wrong font, so I’m just going to update this now to be my store’s brand font. Perfect. All right, so now we’re gonna go in and add a store blurb. So come in and just delete all of these. Done. Excellent. So just come to the
side menu and click add, and then click text and then you want to select the paragraph text. Now take the text and drag it to be below the splash image. So what we want to do is we want to update the font in it to
be our chosen store font, if you’ve got a new one like I do. And we also want to drag it and have it be the same
width as our splash image and the Wix visual editor does
make this very easy to do, so I’ve just copied and pasted some text and I’m going to format it a bit. Like I said, I’m going to be changing this to be my store’s chosen font
which is DIN Next Light, and I increase the size
of the title text a bit and bold it. And I also want to increase the size of the font size, so this a bit too. Again, it’s just about playing around with the options and seeing
what visually looks good. Depending on how much text you have and your choice of font, you may want to make it smaller or larger than mine, don’t be afraid to experiment yourself. All right. Cool, so once you’ve got
your text sorted out, it’s time to add a product carousel. This is one of the easiest ways I find to make a simple yet
professional homepage. So just click add and then come to store and click slider product
gallery like I did. So now just drag and drop this to be well below the text to be added, as we’re gonna be adding in some titles above this section as well. Cool, okay so it looks pretty good, might end up dragging it down a bit more but for now we’ll just click add and then go to the box section and click the black rectangle box and resize it to roughly
what I’m doing here and then just drag it
to be below the text. And make it the same width as the page. Now come back here to the left side menu, now this time come to text and then click Add Heading 3. So now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put another tagline here about free delivery and huge discounts, but you can write whatever sales and advertising
headline you’d like here. And I’m also gonna be updating the font to be our store’s main font, and I’m going to resize the text box so that it fits inside the black
rectangle that I just made. Cool. Then just drag it inside here
to be inside the rectangle. Now let’s actually make the text white so that it’s readable. Cool, all right, so I’m
just gonna center it now to be in the middle of this
rectangle and this page. There we go. Cool. So looking good, but I didn’t
drag my product carousel down enough because I want to
fit in another title in here. So we’re gonna do that right now, that’s looking good otherwise. So come back here to add
and then come to text and click Add Heading 3. So this time what we’re gonna be doing is we’re going to be putting
in the product category that you want to show off as the title. So for me I’m going to be
showing my first collection, coffee mugs, it’s coffee spoons right now but I will be changing
this to be showing off my coffee mugs. And then after that I’m
gonna put travel mugs underneath it and then
coffee spoons below that. So make sure that you’ve
selected the right font and make the text a little bit smaller, don’t be afraid to experiment
and see what works for you. And then I’m just going to drag it here below the headline that we created before, gonna make my text black. Okay, so come to the settings page of your product slider,
whatever you want to call it, and you want to select
the product category you want to show off, so for
me I want to be showing off coffee mugs here obviously and not spoons. Perfect, so now I want to go through and edit some of the default
colors in the settings to be my chosen brand color which is brown and I’m also going to go through and change the font to
be my chosen store font. Now, what I’m going to be
doing after I finish this is I’m going to duplicate
the coffee mugs title on my homepage but rename
it to be travel mugs and then place it below this section. And then what I’ll do is I’ll
duplicate this product slider, but change it to be
showing off travel mugs, not coffee mugs and place that below the new duplicated
travel mug title as well. I’ll then repeat it again, this time for my final product
category, coffee spoons. So my homepage will be
showing off three different product categories,
coffee mugs, travel mugs, and coffee spoons, and
it’ll show four products for each product category. And I personally think that
three product categories is a nice number, two
looks a little bit empty, four categories looks
a little bit cluttered, but I think having
three product categories is a nice number for a professional yet simple looking homepage. And if you don’t actually
have three different product categories then what you can do is create a popular products category or maybe create a category
for products that are on sale and you could then put your
on sale product category as the top category, and make sure that you put the most engaging
product category at the top, one that you think will get
the most sales and interest. And honestly I wouldn’t
overthink the homepage too much, the point of the homepage
is to look simple and clean, and the cheater’s way to do that if you aren’t very good
at designing like I’m not is to utilize product sliders, or of course otherwise
known as product carousels. They make your store
look really, really good with minimal effort. So we’re almost done here, what I’m gonna do is I’m going to pause this video once I finish this, that way you don’t have to
watch me duplicating everything, as it does get a little
boring, me doing that. Okay, awesome, so yes we are done, I’m gonna go ahead and start
duplicating everything. Okay, so I’ve finished duplicating and editing the product categories, so let’s go ahead and add a footer. So click the add button on the left menu and then come to box and
again you want to come and click that black rectangle that we clicked earlier before. So what I’m gonna do is gonna resize it to make it really thin, so
do that like I’m doing here and then drag it down to be
at the bottom of the page and then stretch it out
to be the full width of our content boxes. Just like this. Now click the design button and change it to be your store’s brand color. So of course I’m gonna go with
our Brewed Treats brand color which is a coffee brown. Now come here to the bottom of the screen, so let’s replace this text
here with your copyright, 2018 or 2019, depending on whenever you’re actually watching this video, might be 2020, followed by our store name. And update the font if you’re using a different font like me. Make it a little bit bigger. Cool. So what I’m also gonna do is I’m gonna delete these social media icons because I don’t actually have
a page set up for the store, the store isn’t actually real,
it’s just an example store. So the text actually looks quite nice if you move it over here to the right, so I’m gonna do that as
well now that I’ve deleted the social media icons. Awesome, yep, and that’s it, we’ve successfully gone ahead and edited and created
a custom homepage design that is simple, clean, yet professional. So all you got to do is
go ahead, click save, and then you can move on to the next step. Step nine, customize the
product catalog page. So now we’re gonna create a
simple product catalog page, this is just one page
where customers can browse through all the items that
you’re selling on your site. Okay, so come to the top
menu and click switch page, from the list click shop. So on the product list mouse
over it and click settings. So now it’s everyone’s favorite time, we’re gonna be editing the fonts and editing the colors a bit in the menus, so it’s not super exciting,
so you can feel free to skip ahead if you like
or you can watch along, it’s entirely up to you. So while I’m going through
and updating these settings, I thought I might take a moment to discuss this idea of using fonts and colors to create a brand. Now, I find that a lot of
people completely neglect this, they don’t get a custom
logo or maybe they cheap out and just create a text-based
logo with no images or anything and then they just go ahead
and make their stores black and white with no unique
colors added at all, and it just makes your
store look extremely generic and this is a big mistake. And the reason why it’s a big mistake is because it’s a wasted opportunity. With this store, I’m designing it to appeal to coffee
lovers, people who love, love, love coffee, and so I want my store to immediately evoke
feelings of coffee in them when they land on it. And I want them to see the
splashes of coffee bean brown throughout the site. I want them to see that the coffee mug and bean are in the logo. I want to evoke their feeling
of their love for coffee. By doing that, by making the
customer feel these emotions, it will increase conversion rates, and thus it will increase sales, and thus it will increase
the money I make, so don’t be lazy, follow my instructions, pick a store color to create
a theme for your store and make sure that you get a unique logo. And another aspect of branding that I find people neglect
is the product selection. A lot of people try and sell
everything and anything. In the ecommerce industry those
types of stores have a name, we call them general stores. A general store is when your store doesn’t have a particular niche, it just sells a random collection of all sorts and items
with no cohesive frame, kind of like what Walmart does. Walmart and Target are examples of general stores that sell
a huge collection of items in all sorts of niches. So creating a general
store is one approach. Another approach is to
create a niche store, this is when you pick one type of fan base and build a store around it. So, for example, this store here is built around coffee items. Now, this store has been designed to appeal to one specific
niche, people who love coffee. It is extremely targeted
and in this industry we would call this store a niche store. Now, both types of stores, niche stores and general stores, they work, and they both have their advantages and they both have their disadvantages. I’ve personally had a lot more
success with niche stores, but I’ve got friends like
my friend Adrian Morrison who have had a lot of success
building general stores. Personally though, as I
said, I prefer niche stores. And there are multiple reasons why, but one of them is this issue of branding because I find it a lot
easier to create a brand when I pick one specific niche and sell items relating to that. So I’m just gonna be moving
this section around a bit because I’m gonna be adding in a title. Just playing around with it
to get the spacing right. It’s looking good though,
it’s looking good. Yeah, here we go, we can
see all of the products that we’ve entered the store here. At the bottom, this button is now brown. All right, so come to the side menu and click the add button,
and then come to text and click Add Heading 3. So we’re going to rename
this to be product catalog or whatever you’d like the
title of the page to be, and of course change the
font and the text size. You can play around with it and see what looks good in your store. Then you try some fonts. Good. See, like we could go
with products instead, but I mean like it’s really
up to you, products is nice. You could say product catalog, browse, browsing our products,
browse product catalog. (laughs) Now, and I realized before actually that I was using the
British spelling of catalog so now I’ve changed it to
the US version of catalog. (laughs) In New Zealand we use
British Spelling normally, so I just forgot about that for a moment. And I’m just gonna center it. And you can prefer to put
it on the left instead, but I prefer to go with the centered look especially because I’ve
got my logo centered at the top of the site, it’s up to you. But our page is looking nice, so I will finish this off by showing you how you can change the name
of this page in the menu. So just click rename here and then rename it to whatever
you would like it to be, and then you’re done. Perfect! All right, we’re done,
it’s time to move on to the next step. Step 10, design your
product category pages. Remember in step two that we
created our product categories? Well, in this step we’re gonna be creating the different pages for each of those individual product categories. Okay, so I come to the top menu and then click the page button
and then click manage pages and then click add page
and type in the name of your first product category. I’m gonna type in coffee mugs and then click the done button. So now click and drag
it to be under products like I did there with it being
indented and then click add and select heading three
under the text tab. So now you want to write in the name of your product category
like I’m doing here, and I’m also gonna change
it to be my store font and play around with the
settings to make it look nice. Little bit bigger. I’m just going to center it a bit. All right, so now come and click add and we’re going to come
down here to store again and we are going to select
the grid product gallery and just let it load. So now what we want to do is you want to move the heading
and the product gallery so that the heading is above it and the product gallery is below it, move it up here a bit. Excellent. All right, so come to here
and select settings again and choose the collection
or the product category that you want to be showing. So I’ve selected coffee mugs. So now you can see that we’ve
only got coffee mugs selected whereas before it was
showing all of the items that our store was selling. And so now I’m just gonna be going through and modifying the settings again, gonna be adding in splashes
of my brand’s main color, the coffee brown, along
with modifying the font to be my store’s main font
which is DIN Next Light. So you may have realized
that having to do this for each of the product categories you’re selling is annoying, so for this example store I
have three product categories, coffee mugs, travel
mugs, and coffee spoons, so having to create a
page for each of these would be kind of slow and annoying, so the fastest way to do this is to just make one category
page like I’m doing right now and to then duplicate this page for each of your product categories. If you do that for each page, just go in and change the title to match the new product category and then change what
products the grid is showing so when I duplicate this page to create one for travel mugs, I’ll simply copy this one
and then make two changes to the new copy. Firstly I’ll change the
title of the new page to say travel mugs and next
I’ll go into the settings for the product grid and
under choose collection I’ll then choose travel
mugs instead of coffee mugs and I’ll do the same for coffee spoons. When I create a coffee
spoons category page I’ll make a duplicate of this page, but I’ll make two modifications to it. Firstly I’ll change it
to say coffee spoons instead of coffee mugs and then secondly I’ll go into the settings
for the product grid and I change it to show
coffee spoons instead of mugs. And not only is this way faster but it ensures that each
of my pages look the same, which is important because
one of the downsides to using a drag and drop
editor when designing a site is it’s a lot harder to make the spacing and text fonts all
unified across each page and it’s important that
all your category pages look the same so that your
store looks more professional. All right, let’s get rid of the screen. Cool. All right, that’s done. So just go ahead and make a copy for each of your category pages and then you can move on to the next step. Step 11, create an about us page. Yes, we’re gonna create an about us page, however keep in mind that
you can use this formula to create other ones
as well such as a terms and conditions page. All right, just let me
switch over to my computer and show you how to do this. Okay, so come to the top
menu, click the page button, and then select about to
go to the about us page. Okay, so on this page I’m gonna be making the following modifications to it, the first modification is, of course, I’m gonna be changing the font
to be my store’s main font which is DIN Next Light. And then secondly I’m going
to be changing the layout of this page a lot. So this layout is designed
to look really good for a minimalistic about us page. I personally recommend that if you’re just starting your online store that you take advantage
of your about us page to add some authority
to it by padding it out so that it looks like you
put actual effort into it. So what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna set up this design to be a bit more traditional, we’ll put the heading
at the top of the page, followed by text below it, rather than have the heading to the side. And it’ll also keep the image
to the right of the page, but we will replace it
with a picture of coffee rather than this watch
here since, you know, we’re not selling watches. So I’ve already written some text here that I’ve just copied and pasted in, and, as you can see, this about us page is telling the customer our mission and what sets us apart from others. All right. Looking good, but just gonna go ahead and bold these subheadings quickly. Excellent, okay, so now what we want to do is we want to update
this image, so of course hover over it and click
choose image button and then click upload images and find the image that you’d like to add in place of this watch. And then we just want to click, so we want to click done,
but we’ve got to let it load. Perfect, okay, now we can click done. You’re all loaded and then now we want to click choose image, but
make sure that it’s ticked. So much loading. All right, excellent, done. (laughs) Now I’m just gonna put it down there a bit so that it’s centered with the text. So now, yeah, perfect. Great, so now that you’ve done this here, all you gotta do is click save and then move on to the next step. Step 12, customize the site menu. All right, so I’m just
gonna take this cart icon and drag and drop it here. But separating off the cart icon from the main menu you can
help draw more attention to it while customers are
browsing through the store and it’s a great
opportunity to add a splash of your store’s brand color. To change the color of the cart icon just do what I’m doing here. And of course if you were
using a different store font like I am, you can update it here as well. Where are you? There you are, excellent. Okay, so now I’ve edited the cart icon. Now we want to update the main menu, so if you have a FAQ
page you can keep this, but otherwise I’m going to hide it for now since I haven’t got one. So when you click on the main menu the visual editor will pop up for it. Now, because I’ve chosen
to go with our logo being centered, I personally like to have my menu centered as well, but it’s a personal design choice, there is no right or wrong answer here and the truth is that I’ve
chosen this menu style but pretty much all of
the different styles of the menus here are
simple and clean designs that would go with most
niches and websites, so I recommend simply choosing
one that you like the most. And something you’re going to see as I’m going through this right now is I’m actually not gonna
make this menu brown, which might surprise
you given that I’m such a big proponent of adding
in splashes of color. The reason why is because my logo features a lot of brown already
and I added in a splash of it again when I updated my cart icon. So some people’s logos are
less colorful than others, mine has a lot of color, and so to avoid brown overload in the header section of my website I’m just going to keep
it as a neutral gray. But if yours isn’t as colorful, maybe you might want to add
in splashes of color as well, but nope, it’s working all great, and so time to move on. Step 13, edit the shopping cart design. For this step we’re gonna be
editing two different types of carts in your store,
one is called the mini cart and the other is your main cart page. All right, let me switch
over to my computer and show you how to do this. So let’s begin by clicking the cart icon and then you just want to click settings, so we’ve already edited
the cart icon design in the previous step, so I
just click mini cart button. So the mini cart is a
little sliding overlay that comes across the
screen when someone adds an item to their cart,
showing the customer what items they’ve added already to it. So what I’m gonna be doing
is I’m gonna be updating the design of it to be consistent
with the store’s branding, gonna be adding in splashes of color and we’ll start updating all the text to be our store’s main font. Please keep in mind though
that because we’re using a preset template for the store that some of the colors are
by default set to green, so be sure to change all of those unless your store’s color scheme is green. All right, so let’s come
and preview it and test it. Come to our product here. This one will do. So click add to cart. And as you can see, our
mini slider has popped up. So let’s go back and
we’re gonna come to page and then this time we’re
going to click shopping cart. So just hover over here
and then click settings. So, as you can see, by default a lot of the text on here is green. Now, the reason for that is
because, as I said before, we’re using a preset
template and it had green as part of its color scheme and there just so
happens to be quite a lot of that on the main cart page. And so some niches that
people will want to use, will want to build a store around might want to pick the color
green as their brand color. If you’re selling watermelon trinkets, you might want to pick green to be your store’s brand color or maybe you’re selling apple
trinkets to apple lovers, well, green could be a great choice but for many of you out there your store won’t be using green
as part of your color scheme so you will need to make
sure that you change this. So that’s what I’m doing right now in the settings menu, I’m going through and changing the green text to instead be my store’s main color,
the coffee being brown, and I’m obviously updating the font to be my store’s main font. But nope, it’s looking
great, so let’s preview it. Awesome, no green text, perfect. Time to move on to the next step. Step 14, edit the thank you page. The thank you page is the page that customers get sent to
after they’ve successfully purchased something in your store. So now we’ve just got to go in and edit it so that it can look and
feel like our store’s brand. All right, so let’s start out by going to the page selector and
select thank you page under store pages. So now come down to the page
content and click settings. So I’m gonna customize the design by changing the border color
to being our custom brown, our, sorry, coffee bean color, and I’m going to do
the same with the color of the thank you page divider, and of course I’m gonna
be changing the font to be DIN Next Light on this page. I’m gonna be changing the
font of the title text and I’m also gonna be changing
the body font as well. Find your DIN Next Light in here. There you are. All right. Cool. Yeah, perfect, the
settings are looking good. All right, we’ve successfully
updated our thank you page. We’re almost done, just
one final step to go. Step 15, buy a domain name
and send your store live. And we are finally here! Now that we have actually
created our store, it’s time to purchase a domain name and send it live so that
customers can buy things from us and we can make money. To do that, we’re going
to need to do two things, firstly we need to purchase a domain name and secondly we need to purchase
a paid plan for our store. All right, let me switch
over to my computer and show you how to
complete this final step. So let’s begin by clicking my
store in the left side menu and then select manage your store and we will load up the dashboard. So then click manage website,
and then click domains. And then click buy a new domain name. So now is the moment of truth, of course, is your domain name available? So type in your preferred domain name and then just do a search. All right, ours is
available, so click get it. And on the pop-up box click upgrade now because we need to buy a
plan to launch our website. The basic plan is perfect for most people, and then just select what
type of subscription you want. Now, everyone needs to
purchase a subscription to be able to launch their
store and accept payments, so you need to pick a plan. If you pick the year
plan, then you will get a free domain name and a
discounted monthly rate, so it’s a good deal. But if you want to spend
the least amount of money, you can just purchase a monthly plan and pay for a domain name separately. All right, so we’ve
successfully purchased a plan. So let’s get our domain name that we’ve checked and
already know is available. So come back to domain names
and type in the domain name that we’ve already checked
that we know is here and then just click search again. Boom, it’s available,
so just click get it. And now you can purchase your domain name. If you bought a one-year
or a two-year plan, a one-year domain subscription
will be free so click it. And now you just need to
type in your contact details, this is a legal requirement
for all domain names, they need to legally have
accurate contact information associated with it, so
make sure you include it. And if you like, you can
choose private registration to hide your contact information or select the free basic protection. I always spring for private registration, but I’m a public figure, sorry, so obviously I don’t want
my details to be public, and then just enter in
your payment details even though it’ll probably be free, and then that’s it, congratulations, you’ve successfully made your store. Awesome, we are done! I just want to give you
a huge congratulations for following along and
completing this tutorial. Now all you need to do is go out there and create your own new store. If you want to get
started, simply head over to Wix right now, and,
again, I will have a link to how you can sign up with them in the video description below. And of course thank you
so much for watching, and if you would like
even more free training on how to use online
stores to make money online then be sure to subscribe to Wholesale Ted
(bell rings) for more great free videos.

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