April 2, 2020
Translate Your Ecwid Store & Ecwid Control Panel | Translate Buttons

Translate Your Ecwid Store & Ecwid Control Panel | Translate Buttons

Hi, this is Daniella from Daniella.io, and
since I work with many international clients, I often get questions about how to translate
the Ecwid Storefront. The question I hear the most often “how
can I translate what is written on buttons?” Guess what, it is super easy and I am going
to show you how to do it. Let’s quickly begin within your seller Control
Panel. If you are more comfortable in another language
than English or the default language in which your store was setup, scroll down to the bottom
of the page and change your Control Panel language settings. Ecwid is available in 21 languages in the
backend, so in your Control Panel, and 50 languages in the front end, which is the part
your customers see on your website: Here is how to make sure the frontend is in
your customer’s language: Click on Settings>Regional Settings
Make sure an appropriate default language is selected. This is the language that will be shown to
customers if ever their browser language is undetectable. This will only translate things written by
Ecwid, so for example Sign In, or Favourites. Feel free to contact team Ecwid If you have
a translation suggestion, may that be for your store frontend or backend. The team is open to suggestions. Now here is how to edit buttons. Head over to Apps, and search for Storefront
Label Editor. This app is free and allows you to edit labels
in your storefront. Click Install>Add Custom Label. Search for what you would like to edit, for
example the Buy Now button. Change the field to what you would like, and
hit Enter to save. It’s as easy as that! Feel free to contact Ecwid if you would like
to activate and setup more advanced multilingual capabilities in your store. Having a well-built, well designed online
store is not enough to increase your ecommerce revenue. You need to learn how to drive traffic and
convert that traffic intelligently. Head over to daniella.io/store and check out
my eBook that contains 30 Actionable Ways to Increase your eCommerce Revenue. For example, I will show you how to setup
FOMO alerts, display compare-to prices, cross-sell, encourage social shares and remind your customers
of how awesome your business is with push notifications. This book is an essential resource if you
would like to maximize your online revenue and sales potential. Use the coupon code TUTORIAL to save 15% on
your purchase. You can copy/paste the code from the description
of this video. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel for
more Ecwid Tips and Tricks. This is Daniella from Daniella.io. Thanks for watching.

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