April 6, 2020
Trading Truth | Pastor Steven Furtick

Trading Truth | Pastor Steven Furtick

in Romans chapter 1 verse 25 there’s a
scripture I’ve been thinking about for quite a while now and I’ve been looking
forward to the opportunity to preach it and this weekend
I believe is the appropriate time and God has really been using it this
week and you’re not the first group that I’ve seen this weekend
and yet I believe that God has saved the best for last and that he desires to
minister to you in a specific way today and I’ll read this verse and this will
give you the premise for our message and it’s found in Romans chapter 1 verse 25
it says that they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and
served created things rather than the creator who is forever praised amen
they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and people say that the Bible is not
relevant to today’s culture but let me read this again it sounds like it was
written on Twitter last night they exchanged the truth about God for a lie
and worshiped and served created things rather than the creator have you ever
got your priorities mixed up and started serving something that God gave to you
and forgotten about the God who gave it and that’s what happened they exchanged
the truth of God for a lie and began to serve created things rather than the
creator who is forever praised amen the subject heading I want to use today is
trading truth and I want to talk to you on this topic trading truth Lord I thank
you that your word is truth illuminate it now and help us to receive it with
courage to obey it in Jesus name Amen you may be seated
God bless you I lie to my kids sometimes you have to do it sometimes you know
what were y’all doing in there taking a nap sometimes it’s just for their own good why was the door lock safety dangerous
criminals you have to do it sometimes don’t look at me judgmentally if
you’ve never lied to your kids you haven’t had them yet but sometimes it’s really a
matter of survival and even a few days ago we were at the beach for the kids
Spring Break and they had talked me out into the ocean they talked me out of the
hot tub into the ocean I’m too old for this crap it was 51 degrees outside
and but hey hey I’m dad of the year don’t worry about it I already got the
title I’m dad of the year I went out in that cold ocean with all three kids and
Abbey was hanging on to my arm the whole time just every time it was a really
rough ocean but it made it kind of fun until it wasn’t fun
anymore you know how it is when you’re kind of
playing out you’re kind of stepping further and further out and you don’t even know
how far out you’ve gotten and then you kind of get carried away and
you don’t really realize how far you’ve been carried away until you’re looking
and kind of look at the original point where you were which would be a whole
sermon in itself but that’s not what I want to preach about what I wanted to
tell you is we were kind of getting carried away and then the undercurrent
got really strong and started just pulling all of us all four of us the
only one who had good enough sense to be in the house was Holly she’s not as
committed to parenting and making memories as I am she was
on her phone and I’m out there realizing in this moment wait nobody else is in
the ocean it’s just us everybody who knows anything about safety in the water
is inside right now this is dangerous and then it really got scary I couldn’t
touch the bottom and Abbey is on my arm and her being on my arm isn’t a problem I
can curl her all day long she’s very well below my curling maximum weight
ability trust me but when she’s on my arm and I can’t touch and then Graham
jumps on my back and we’re all simultaneously being pulled and I
realized like whoa we’re way further out than I intended us to be
and Abbey’s on my arm and Graham’s on my back and I’m like Graham I love
you dude but you got to swim right now it’s every Furtick for himself right now I
need to take at least two of us back in the house for your mom we uh we start swimming back in Abbey’s
on my arm and Graham is swimming and Elijah is the bravest one he’s out way
past all of us and he’s screaming at me to come get him or something and I can’t
come get him his sisters on my arm and she’s my favorite and so just kidding I’m kidding but this calmness came over me or at
least I pretended that it did I said Elijah it’s fine son and secretly I’m
looking at him thinking this is our last time talking together you know but I
knew I knew I had to keep him swimming it was just a leadership instinct that
came over me I’m like it’s fine just swim you’ll be fine it’s not that bad
here where we are if you can just get here meanwhile died you know and so we
made it we made it back to the shore aren’t you glad thank you for praying me
through and then Elijah said something really funny to me I thought this was
really really profound he’s like you didn’t even seem scared were you not
worried about me were you we’re just gonna let me stay out there you know
well of course I was your sister it’s only at eight years to live you’ve had
13 and but but I I think he was I think he was amazed he was like you
you just didn’t even seem worried about it and to which I told him well son I
was lying I was lying for your own good I knew if
you knew how bad it was you’d stop swimming and so the best thing I could
do for your survival was to lie to you it’s like a rehab lie it’s a lie for the
purposes of God don’t judge me don’t judge me but sometimes I lie to myself
it’s a survival instinct it’s just that sometimes my feet can’t find the bottom
and life gets a little bit turbulent and I find myself drifting and in the new
reality that I’m trying to embrace according to what God says I am
sometimes what I used to be feels more solid more stable and more comfortable
and sometimes it’s easier for me to lie to myself and tell myself a story I
good at it even as a little boy wasn’t that my childhood was bad or anything
like that but all of us experienced things in life that that teach us to lie
to ourselves when we read a scripture like Romans chapter 1 verse 25 that says
they exchanged the truth about God for a lie a part of us says who would do that
who would trade a perfectly good truth for a lie
and yet the fact is there are some lies that we have learned so well that they
feel true even more than the truth does can I preach like I’ve been out of the
pulpit for three weeks and I’ve got something to say I want to show you
today an illustration from the life of Jesus and I want to show you how
sometimes the enemy doesn’t sabotage your life with a lie he tells you a
truth and he twists it just enough and I believe that the Lord desires to set us
free today but only by the truth can we be set free you know Jesus knew the
truth because he was the truth he knew the Word of God because he was
the Word of God and when the enemy came to Jesus in Matthew chapter 4 in the
wilderness to tempt him he made the crucial mistake with the son of God of
debating the Word of God and it’s a bad idea to debate the Word of God with the
Word of God John chapter 1 says in the beginning was the word and the Word was
with God in the Word was God he’s not arguing with someone who knows about the
Word of God he is arguing with the embodiment of the Word of God and it
gives us a pure picture of the principle that is illustrated in Romans 1:25 but
only in reverse in Matthew chapter 4 verse 1 our perspective is immediately
challenged because it says that Jesus was led by the spirit into the
wilderness to be tempted by the devil and that is a strange construct that
Jesus was led by God to be tempted by the devil if you’ve been told that God
won’t lead you into difficult situations you’ve been lied to
if you’ve ever been told or it’s ever been implied or inferred that the will
of God will always lead to the path of least resistance you’ve been lied to if
you’ve ever been told that the proof of the favor of God on your life is it
situations become less difficult and and more agreeable you’ve been lied to
because Jesus before his ministry was fully announced was led into the
wilderness to be tempted by the devil and yet I want us to see that this this
passage is as much about trust as it is about temptation now let me say this
real quickly it’s not the truth that you can quote it’s not the truth that you
know mentally but it is the truth that you do that guides your life to its
ultimate outcome I will never forget watching y’all when I was a kid with the
Jane Fonda workout DVDs eating a bowl of ice cream
watching the Jane Fonda workout DVDs and when I asked why aren’t you doing the
DVDs I’m only like eight years old and my mom and dad are eating Breyers
watching Jane Fonda they said well we’ve got to know what to do before we can do
it but sometimes if you would do what you knew am i kidding after fasting forty days
and forty nights he was hungry I nominate this for most obvious verse in
the Bible the tempter came to him at his weakest moment the tempter came to him
in the area of his appetite the tempter came to him in a place of great
vulnerability and said if you are the son of God tell these stones to become
bread and how many times in my life have I been tempted in this exact way it’s a
good thing Jesus knew the truth it’s a good thing Jesus had just been baptized
by John in the Jordan River it’s just it’s a good thing that Jesus had just
heard his father say this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased it’s a
good thing he had just been told the truth because when you just encountered
truth when when you know who you are when when you have a full understanding
of who you are in God’s eyes you don’t have to prove it in anybody else’s how
many times have I been susceptible to the temptation to prove who I am by what
I do but when you know that who you are is not dependent on what you do your
value is not assessed by others then you don’t have to post stuff to prove stuff
you’re gonna set somebody free today you don’t have to post stuff to prove stuff
when you know the truth about it jesus answered it is written man shall not
live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God
one of the hardest years of my life was 2013 my dad was dying our church was
under heavy criticism in the media and I was going through so many things at once
I felt like Rocky when he said I don’t know which one to hit I see three of
them out there and they said hit the one in the middle and there were so many
things going on around me I didn’t know what to do but it was really comforting
to me that the things I had preached to you I was able to live off of for me
the proof that something is true in your life is not that you can understand it
or say Amen to it but that you can live on it that you can live on it sometimes
we’re too impressed with cliches and sometimes we think something is true
just because it rhymes you know I found out in preaching sometimes you can make
something rhyme and it can be they can be totally totally opposite you know you
can make something start with the same letter curiosity killed the cat hmm
that’s good meow amen actually the original saying
wasn’t curiosity killed the cat it was care killed the cat and it was used to
mean that they fed the cat too much and he died because he was too fat they
cared too much and then they changed it from care meaning they overfed him to
care he was too worried so now it means that worried killed the cat but then one
day it just became curiosity killed the cat now there are no statistical
evidences of bed felines based on inquisitive nature’s but it just sounds
good and some stuff sounds good but it ain’t true
just because it sounds good doesn’t mean it is just because it rhymes just just
because it is aligned with your life experience up to this point doesn’t make
it true just because it’s the way it’s always been for you and your mom and it
doesn’t make it true and so then we get really bad advice and and we say really
bad things that that that sounds good on the surface but beneath them they’re
really bad belief systems I thought about calling this message what’s your
BS for belief system what’s your belief system and I wanted to call it that because
that’s what’s driving your life they they say they say live your truth I I
heard that before live your truth that’s the important
thing just live your truth and it sounds good but what if my truth is a trap what
if your truth isn’t the truth do you have to stay stuck in a story and call
it the truth let me go back to Matthew 4 jesus said
it is written man shall not live on bread alone but on every word that comes
from the mouth of God so then the devil he does something that I was I was very
interested to study this out and if I preached on this passage 10 times before
I apologize to the other Tim that I never pointed this out because I never
saw it we always assume that the enemy comes to us with lies and then we quote
the Word of God which is the truth and then the lies go away ok fine whatever
but many of us love God too much to just believe a lie if we see it as a lie and
so then what the enemy does is he presents you not with a lie but with the
truth the next thing the enemy does to Jesus remember he’s hungry he’s in a
weak in physical state he’s he’s on the verge of three years of ministry that
will shake the world and overturn the Roman Empire he’s in he’s in a period of
preparation he knows who he is he’d not only knows truth but he is
truth and so the enemy knows that the only way that he can fight truth is with
truth and I promise you I’m not trying to be confusing a lot of times
what the enemy will attack you with is a truth a truth and in this particular
instance the devil took him to the holy city verse 5 and had him stand on the
highest point of the temple if you are the son of God throw yourself down for
it is written the enemy doesn’t attack Jesus with a lie he attacks him with a
Bible verse he quotes to Jesus Psalm 91 verse 11 and 12 he quotes the Word of
God to the Word of God for it is written he will command his angels concerning
you and they will lift you up in their hands so that you will not strike your
foot against a stone that’s true that’s actually true this is not made-up this
is not imaginary it is it is it is the Word of God it is the truth so here’s
what I’m realizing in my life a lot of times I’m not deciding between a lie and
the truth a lot of times I’m stuck between two truths one is the truth of
my situation and one is the truth of my revelation
I told you Holly this was gonna be the best one what is the truth of what I’m
going through and the other is the truth of who’s standing with me in the fire as
I go through it so I’ve got two truths I’ve got two truths and what Jesus said
was was so powerful when when the enemy tried to get him to turn the stones into
bread he said it is written because he knew the temptation to turn something
into something that it’s not a lot of times we try to do this with
relationships we try to turn them into something that they’re not we turn
people into our God and and we need their approval more than we need God’s
approval and then when they disappoint us we lose our hope because we tried to
turn stones into bread you know some of us try to turn money into security but
your trust was never supposed to be in resources your trust was supposed to be
in the one your help comes from the source you were supposed to lift your
eyes to him your trust was never supposed to be in the stuff the trust
was supposed to be in the source but when you don’t know the truth of who you
are you will try to turn stones into bread and you will try to live off of
people’s compliments and then so you die by their criticism because you tried to
turn it into what it was not and you trade the truth for a lie and you trade
the truth of God’s God’s assessment of you for someone else’s opinion of you
serving created things rather than the Creator who is forever blessed amen
Romans 1:25 I love what Jesus said never soft before did you ever see this before
I preached it 9:30 I never saw it his first time he said it is written but
this time he said something different he said verse 7 it is also
written what you just said is true but I know something true it’s true I made
some mistakes in my life but it’s also true that my greatest
mistake has the potential to become my greatest miracle it’s true but it’s also
true somebody shot it’s also true come on shout it from River Walk to Roanoke
it’s also true Paul said I’m impressed it’s true but I’m not crushed see I know
how to stand between two truths one is what I’m thinking one is what I’m
feeling one is what the doctor said one is what I’m experiencing but it is also
true I’m not crushed I’m persecuted it’s true but I’m not
abandoned it’s also true I’m struck down for a minute but it’s also true I’m not
destroying them I’m lonely but I’m not alone I’m weak what he’s strong but he’s
rich it is also written I’ve got a better
word on the situation I did it but I’m not it I got a new truth I got a new truth I’ve
got a new truth that means I know the difference between my truth and my story so when Jesus was confronted by the Jews
he had a conversation with them about truth and and it says that many of the
Jews had believed in him because of what he did but they didn’t fully understand
who he was and they were putting their faith in him but but they were still
attached to the old story the old the old story you know the old
story the one you tell yourself about why people reject you and and you did it
as a means of survival because it’s sometimes easier for you to reject
yourself in advance than to put yourself out there and risk rejection again so
when you can’t touch the bottom you you tell yourself a story for for survival
it’s called projection it’s when instead of dealing with the reality of rejection
and healing from it you begin to tell yourself a story about how worthless you
are and now you stay alone because to really be loved requires vulnerability
for the sake of connection so you would rather stay stuck in an old story than
embrace a new truth and Jesus said to the Jews who believed in him watch this
in John 8:32 he said you will know the truth and the truth will set you free
now see the second part of that does not work without the first you will know the
truth this is not a propositional statement this doesn’t mean you will be
able to quote the truth to know the truth is not to quote the truth it’s to
trust in it it’s – it’s to trust in the truth and what you trust in is what is
true to you what you trust in is what is true to you that’s why you wouldn’t turn the stone
to bread it wouldn’t have been a sin for him to do it it would have been a
substitute I don’t live by that I don’t trust in
that that’s not my truth when you know the
truth and a lot of times we think we know the truth better than we do we
think we know what other people are like because we’ve never traded truth with
them we think we know we think we know what we would do if we were them sit
down with a single mom you know what you would do if you were them you would have
a pill addiction you would make it out of bed in the morning if you wouldn’t
you wouldn’t be strong enough to do it well if I were them well I’ll tell you
what right now if I was running that elevation church I’d do a few things
differently I’m sure we’ll say that right now so Jesus trading truth oh it is written
it is also written okay I’m accepting it but it’s not it’s not my truth it’s just
my story sometimes you can live in a story so long that you become a slave to
it have you become a slave to your own story to the extent that you now think
it’s the truth the Jews had Jesus said you will know
the truth and the truth will set you free and the next thing they said the
the response that they had to that shows us just how embedded their identity had
become in their story because you gotta remember these are people who had spent
430 years in Egypt as slaves making bricks without straw under Pharaoh they
had been taken captive by the Babylonians the Assyrians multiple times
before Jesus came onto the scene and when he said you will know the truth and
the truth will set you free it offended them so they looked back at him in verse
33 and said we are Abraham’s descendants and have never been slaves of anyone the
same people who had spent centuries as slaves had told themselves a story that
had become so true to them they no longer knew the difference a lot of
times in my life I’ve lied to myself so much that my lies became truer than my
truth it is pretty good I don’t willingly
exchange the truth for a lie it’s just that certain lives I tell myself I’ve
learned to love I like self-pity it’s comfortable it’s
my it’s my it’s my Snuggie for my soul to feel sorry for myself no one’s
checking on me no one cares about me oh yeah you know why cuz I don’t want to
check on anybody so rather than face the fact of the truth then I’m not checking
on anybody I would rather tell myself the story that nobody’s checking on me I’ve never seen every collective head
nod in the church like it just happened at Ballentine when you become a slave to
your story you diabetic wean two truths I’m preaching to somebody today who’s
standing between two truths one is the old story the way you always saw
yourself you know if David had stayed stuck in his old story he never would
have thrown that stone at Goliath forehead because the way his brothers
saw him was you’re just down here to make trouble and you didn’t even get
anybody to keep the Sheep there comes a time when you have to challenge your old
story so that the truth can set you free they used to train us in evangelism that
we would ask people how do you know if you’re going to heaven when you die and
when they said their answer you were to ask them to follow up question if you
were wrong would you want to know what a powerful question if the story you’ve
been telling yourself about where you are and why you are and what you can and
what you can’t remember the the Israelites stayed stuck in the
wilderness not for 40 days like Jesus was tempted 40 days they were there 40
years all because of the story they told
themselves they’re bigger than us they’re stronger than us they’re greater
than us none of it was true but when it becomes true to you it will keep you
stuck and you are not stuck in your reality you’re stuck in your story but
if the son sets you free if you get this true you will be free indeed so I want you to stand up on your feet
right now because the Spirit of the Lord is in this place and where the Spirit is
there is freedom where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom and the Spirit
of the Lord is leading you today into the wilderness to set you free from the
story you’ve been telling yourself perhaps your whole life long and I
realize sometimes it’s easier to tell yourself a story of why you fail and
tell yourself a story that you’re a disappointment because then you don’t
have to actually step out and try because you’ve already told yourself a
story that I’m a disappointment but that’s why Jesus went into the
wilderness not only to be tempted by the devil but to rewrite a story what Moses
couldn’t do in 40 years Jesus did in 40 days he wasn’t just
fasting he was directing a new story the gospel is a new story the cross is a new
ending and you don’t have to turn stones into bread
and you don’t have to trade truth for lies and you don’t have to own the story
that you were handed if it does not match the reality of what God has spoken
not another day and we say things that locate us and let
us know that we’ve embraced our story and turned it into truth and something
bad happens and we say us the story of my life is the story of my life
it’s the story of my life you need a new editor you’ve been letting the enemy
edit the story of your life but it is also written it is also written this
this tension between two truths well I feel and while I know what I was and
what I’m becoming this tension between two truths is exactly how faith grows
I’ve been waiting to preach this message for a year and a half and today was the
day that God wanted me to preach it perhaps so that you could hear and be set free from your old story are
you trapped in an old truth when God has given you a new one
a higher one a greater one you know the law was true all have sinned and fallen
short of the glory of God but in Jesus was given grace and truth both are true
I don’t deserve the blessings of God nothing I could do could earn it but it
is also written that I am the righteousness of God in Christ through
faith in Him God brought you here today to give you a new truth and to receive
your new truth you’re gonna have to let go of your old story you let go of that
old story you will know the truth and the truth will set you free
with your head bowed in your eyes closed at every location no one moving and
disturbing this moment what is the story that God needs to set you free from
today the key is your belief that it is also written and that the blood of Jesus
has spoken a better word there’s a new covenant a new baptism a new reality
father I thank you for each person who you brought here today whether they’re
physically in a church building or watching on their phone whether tears
are streaming down their faiths face because they’re facing a situation right
now that’s too great for them or whether they’re in a place in their life where
they’ve actually accepted the lie no longer even feels like a lie anymore I
pray that you would disturb those places of disbelief and dysfunction in our
lives so that we can know the truth and be set free we choose the
unpredictability of freedom over the comfort and the certainty of slavery
today we want to be set free thank you for telling us the truth thank
you for speaking over our lives a true identity
I asked now Lord that in this moment that you would speak your word in that
personal way whether it’s an area of bitterness or resentment or maybe it’s
something much more subtle than that that we’ve been telling ourselves to
keep ourselves in a cycle of failure we believe that you have called us
overcomers and we will only overcome as we embrace that truth
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78 thoughts on “Trading Truth | Pastor Steven Furtick

  1. Thank you, Pastor, for allowing God to be your Pastor and be a messenger of His Word. Gods message hit home today. I have been taking the devils lies and turning them into truths. Believing a lie and becoming intoxicated that you begin to believe it yourself. Then God speaks words of Wisdom and Truth. I am gonna follow Gods truth and believe in His provision in time of need. His word is everlasting and will prevail. Set me free Holy Spirt set me free to choose the Word of Truth for my life for the Glory of God.

  2. I cried my eyes out to this ….the Lord spoke straight into my soul I am that worthless vulnrable young single mom…thank you God and elevation from the bottom of my heart!!!

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    Sadly though, it needs an evolved educated mind, at least a 6th grader, and the education needs to be facts, information that is NOT PROVIDED BY an Institution governed by some religious interest that peddles contradictions.

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  6. God does not lie. God does NOT lie for anything. He says if you trust in me you will be ok. God is incapable of lying. Just wanted to say that. The problem today is 1 Peter 5:8(KJV) "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:" and he has crept in and preverted the ONLY true word of God written in the English language. In our ignorance we have done exactly what you said. "The church of today has turned the truth into a lie". There is power in the words of the King James Bible of 1611 and every other version was written after that. Dont be a slave to your own story. Stand up for Jesus through the truth even if it kills ya. Your reward in Heaven will that much greater.

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    Some lies that we have learned so well, that they feel true even more than the truth does – 7:35

    How many times I have been susceptible to the temptation to prove who I am by what I do but when you know that who you are is not dependent on what you do, your value is not assessed by others, then you don't have to post stuff to prove stuff – 12:01

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    Have you become a slave to your own story to the extent that you know think it's the truth? – 26:04

    I've lied to myself so much, that my lies became truer than my truth – 27:14

  11. Kendall sent me here, and I must say I'm not disappointed, you're amazing, and funny. Loved this video💯❤God is such a blessing.

  12. Matthew 4:4 May Shall not live by bread alone, but by every WORD that comes from the mouth of GOD!

  13. Oh my gosh…..
    Wow Pastor yes yes
    You are speaking my truth…
    I believe I am being delivered
    God is freeing me HALLELUJA HALLELUJAH
    It hurts and I'm ready to come out.
    The devil is a Liar…
    Jesus Christ came for me
    May you and Elevation and your families be blessed.
    Windsor Ontario Canada

  14. When you Know the Truth about Who you are, you don't have to Post stuff to Prove stuff!!

  15. Amen!!!!! It's not The Truth that you quote, but The Truth that You Do. Amen!!!!! Yes! "What if Our truth isn't THE TRUTH." Lol YES! And GOD GAVE ME this Revelation, and I KNOW IT WAS HIM that GAVE it To Me, "People are so busy looking at what was given, but not to THE ONE WHO Was Doing the GIVING! Ex: 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread, the Disciples saying it's not enough for the multitude, and JESUS, lifting the food up to Heaven, and Blessing it, and the food being Multiplied! Amen!!!! "LET GO OF YOUR TRUTH, SO CAN GET THE NEW TRUTH."!!!!!!!

  16. Bless your heart Pastor , you are really brining the Bible to life and I thank you so much for choosing to serve God , and I pray that some day My family and I can meat You and your families and I will love to be a part of your ministry in any way . Sending love and support all the way from Toco , a small village in Trinidad . You have been a blessing and answered pray to my family life and again I thank you for CHOOSING TO SERVE JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVOUR .

    Continue to do God's work . I pray that the holy spirit guide your every step from this day forward in Jesus name amen

  17. It's also true…that my greatest mistake has the potential to become my greatest miracle. 🙌

  18. 2 Corinthians 3:17 (CSB):
    "Now the LORD is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is freedom."

  19. This is so good and so encouraging!! The truth is I’m in between jobs!! BUT the TRUTH is God IS gonna bless with a better job, good pay, a new apartment, and a new car! Believing the truth!

  20. "…essa não é a minha verdade é a minha história…." deep😍… and " it is also written…" about my history…. my goal in this season of my life ,is to discover my Identity in Christ…

  21. Whew yesssss!!!!!! Hallelujah AMEN!!!! I am the righteousness of God in Christ 🙌🏻💗✝️📖🕊

  22. This is a message for my life. I cant wait to testify of the goodness of God. I had given up on everything coz this year all I tried to do crumbled. 🤔 was almost believing that maybe it's just meant to be.

  23. No pastor, YOU DON'T LIE, I know you are joking, but you don't lie.. it is clear.. ALL liars will have their day in the lake of fire… thats bible

  24. You've become a major assistance to my spiritual path. I am newly saved and have been asking the Holy spirit to direct me to sermons that would assist me on my path and Im always getting your sermons. Thanks so much for your spiritual enlightenment. You are true blessing. Bless you and your whole family. 🌻

  25. 'And the truth shall set you free.'
    Lord help people who are struggling in their life. Give them strength and guidance. Let all be healed in love and truth.
    Pastor Steven is quiet a preacher. May God bless him.

  26. So many stories, testimonials! Awesome, just awesome!. Sometimes it feels like we are alone, left to suffer for our lack of understanding. Sometimes it feels like too much has happened.

  27. Just started listening to elevation church about 2 weeks, god bless the church and pastors holly and Steven, every sermon is delivered perfectly.

  28. Thank you for bringing alive the words of God for all to see and believe Pastor Steven we are so Blessed to have you in our lives 💞💫

  29. I'm sure everyone experienced lies the different is how much they can lied that's why human being born with truth and lie that's how they perfect too much lies is not good and overly tell the truth causing confused and disbelieved especially those doesn't have strong faith to God

  30. I can really really definitely relate in so many ways this message I used to feel my role as a single mom and just trying to make it without the support of family or real friends just people God has put in my life and I feel like a little bit like Jobe a little bit like a sister go to be like Joseph in a little bit like Peter but God was taking me through a road and I didn't realize how hard is the role I'm playing until I heard Pastor Steven furtick mention it and I thought everybody had it together in but not just nothing I just didn't know that they kept it so well hidden and I didn't see the ugly parts so when I went to tell them or to a pasture they made me feel so bad about why I was going through what I was going through and thank God hearing so much of Pastor Steven furtick has Set Me Free in so many ways and if I was anywhere near that country or wherever he's at I would definitely go to this church because he has a way of explaining things in a deeper way of the truth that I can relate to and I can understand but at the same time it's really deep and at the same time he does it in a way where everybody can understand it so God bless you thank God for your gift may you keep going and going list your ministry to thank you so much

  31. Steven, I noticed you missed something in your sermon re the Devil 'quoting' Psalm 91! (maybe you didn't have time to deal/didn't want to complicate…with that particular detail). Every word The Devil says to Jesus after saying 'it is written' IS indeed written (so that much IS true!). But the Devil's LIE is in the sly OMISSION that he makes: after 'to keep thee' he deliberately leaves out the next bit, namely 'in all thy ways' – which is the Devil disguising 'kryptonite' to Jesus as it were ie. trying to get him to shed his own Divine Power (as if that were possible!) and thereby end up killing himself.

  32. In the name of Jesus Christ, I am going to stay in my parent's home and help out with bills so we can all prosper. I will do better where I am. I am re-enrolling back into the degree I had just dropped out of in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Amen

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