April 2, 2020
TradeGecko + Shopify | Accurate Inventory for your Business

TradeGecko + Shopify | Accurate Inventory for your Business

Awesome work! You’ve built an amazing business Now it’s time to unlock your commerce superpowers so that it can easily enter its next stage of growth TradeGecko has helped thousands of Shopify founders with stores big and small take control of their operations and easily scale their businesses Whether you have one sales channel or twenty TradeGecko gives you the power to manage inventory sales orders purchase orders fulfillments data and analytics from one – yes, one – central location When you sell a product on Shopify or any sales channel data flows into TradeGecko updating each listing and system instantly This way, you can be sure that your customers get what they want when they want it We give you the same superpowers on the replenishment side as well Say goodbye to stockouts and overstocking Now you can throw away those spreadsheets spend time building your business instead of making manual updates and prevent your hair from turning grey! Level up your business today Like thousands of our other founders and their customers you’ll be delighted you did

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