April 4, 2020
Top WooCommerce Google Product Feed Plugins

Top WooCommerce Google Product Feed Plugins

If you are looking for ways to make your
products end up in the Google search results pages, Google Shopping Ads is one
of the most effective methods. As a WooCommerce store owner, you must be
using strategies like advertising or content marketing to drive traffic from
Google search results to your site. Your strategy should include creating
products feeds of your WooCommerce products and submitting it to Google
Merchant Center. You can then make use Google Shopping Ads to bid ads for
higher impressions. In this video, we will explore the Top WooCommerce Google
Product Feed Plugins to integrate WooCommerce with Google Merchant Center.
So let’s get started! Number one: Google Product Feed plugin. This plugin is
developed by Ademti Software and is hosted on woocommerce.com.
With the help of this extension, you will be able to create a real-time feed of
your products that will sync with Google Merchant Center. That means, the changes
that you make on your WooCommerce store, will be updated real time on Merchant
Center as well. There will be some data required by Google which are not
generally present on your WooCommerce store. The extension helps in this
scenario with additional fields to include such data. You will be able to
configure information globally across all products or specifically for
particular categories. In addition to product data, the plugin also helps to
send product reviews to Google Merchant Center. This is especially helpful in a
marketing perspective as reviews are a major influencing factor for conversion. Apart from Google product feed, the plugin also helps you create a product
feed for Bing. Number two on the list is the ELEX
WooCommerce Google Product Feed Plugin. This plugin will help you create and
manage google product feeds effortlessly. The plugin helps you generate an XML
file that contains all the necessary data required for Google Merchant Center
feed. You can upload this XML file to your Google Merchant Center account. The plugin allows you to include all variations of your products in the
product feed. More importantly, you can set up a Cron job that will refresh the
data at periodic intervals specified by you. You can specify daily, weekly, or monthly intervals to refresh the product feed on
the Merchant Center account. This way you can ensure that your Google product feed
always contains updated information about your store. You will be able to map
your product categories to Google product categories which are used to
categorize products displayed on Google Shopping results. Google Merchant Center
requirements for mandatory product field can differ according to your country. The
plugin helps you add and manage additional fields and attributes
mandated by Google Merchant Center While creating the XML file, you can
exclude specific products from the feed. It also makes management of the field
extremely smooth as you can view, edit, copy, download, and delete an existing
field. Number three: YITH Google Product Feed for WooCommerce. With the help of this
plugin, you can simply create a product feed to sync with Google Merchant Center.
After creating the feed, you can choose to add products to it based on the
categories or tags. It also allows you to choose all your products to be included
in the field. You can also include or exclude specific products by specifying
their names as well. The plugin also lets you create custom templates for your
fields and choose the fields and associated information you want to
display on the feed. This can be helpful to include information that is required
by Google but is not available generally on WooCommerce. To make things easier, you can assign
general values to certain fields which will be applicable to all products.
And if required, you can override the general values at the individual product level. The plugin lets you create a text file as well as XML file format product feeds,
but lacks the ability to schedule your Google product feed though. The fourth entrant in the list is the WooCommerce Google feed manager by WP marketing robot. This is actually a plugin that would help you manage multiple sales
channels for your products. It’s most distinguishing features is providing
multi-channel product feed generation support. If you want to only manage
Google product feed, you can get the specific license just for that. With this
plugin, you can easily map your product categories with Google Shopping
categories, exclude specific products that you don’t want to be added to the
feed, optimize your feed to make it more appealing on Google shopping, update your
feed at regular intervals to make sure it reflects in the Google Shopping
listings, and manage your product feed from your WordPress admin. If you have less than 100 products on your store, you can use its free plugin to create your
WooCommerce Google product feed. It helps you meet all the requirements specified
by the Google Merchant Center to display shopping ads, but may lack advanced
features that you can find in a premium plugin. Hence, these are the Top WooCommerce
Google Product Feed Plugins in the market. To explore these plugins, follow
the respective links given in the video description. Go follow us on our social media
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video tutorials related to WordPress and WooCommerce.

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