April 10, 2020
Top WooCommerce DHL Express Plugins with Real-time rates & Label Printing

Top WooCommerce DHL Express Plugins with Real-time rates & Label Printing

If you have ever shipped or have
received packages, you must be aware of DHL shipping carrier. DHL Express is one
of the DHL services that is a leader in international shipping services. In
addition, they offer great support for small businesses that make it much
easier to start the shipping process for your company. When it comes to
integrating DHL Express services to your WooCommerce store, you will find quite a
few solutions that you can rely on. In this video, we will discuss the Top
WooCommerce DHL Express Premium Plugins to display real-time shipping rates and
assist in label printing. Let’s get started. Number one in the list is ELEX
WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin with Print Label. This plugin is one of the
best ways to integrate multiple DHL services to your WooCommerce store.
More importantly, ELEX which was previously under the brand, XAdapter, is
listed as an official partner. A feat hardly achieved by other plugins in the WooCommerce market. So what makes it so special? The plugin allows you to access
real-time rates, print shipping labels, return labels, print archive air waybill
and commercial invoices, track shipments, and assist in automatic parcel packaging.
The postage for shipping labels will be automatically paid from your DHL account.
The tracking information will be added to order notes or will be sent to
customers in the order completion emails. In addition to this, the plugin provides
other DHL services like insurance, currency conversions, showing delivery
time, DHL account rates, breakdown charges, and showing only the cheapest rates to
customers. You can also choose to apply insurance to specific countries, select
working days and specify Cut-off time for processing shipments. There are also
other Handy DHL services with respect to label printing like PaperLess Trade
option, Saturday delivery, Cash on delivery, Enabling delivery signature at checkout, Enabling customers to print labels, and
customizing the size and look of shipping labels. If you are selling
dangerous goods like alcohol, flammable objects, etc., the plugin does help you
choose the required special services for the same. With the help of this plugin,
you can also schedule parcel pickup service from DHL. Moreover, the plugin also comes with DHL
Paket and DHL eCommerce service. You can enable the service if you need it. The second plugin on the list is the
WooCommerce DHL Express shipping plugin by Wanderlust. With the help of this
plugin, you will be able to integrate DHL Express to your WooCommerce store.
You can generate shipping labels from your store’s back-end without hassles. The
plugin also provides added features like Address verification, Shipment tracking,
and Insurance. However you should note that this plugin requires you to have
an EasyPost account. For each label that you generate, you pay five cents to EasyPost. There are no other fees you have to pay to access the EasyPost post API for
generating shipping labels. The plugin interface is quite simple, where based on
the box dimensions and the services selected, the plug-in will generate
shipping labels. Number three DHL WooCommerce plugin by
OnlineForce. If you are doing business in Nordic countries, this plug-in could
be relevant to you. This plugin helps you integrate your WooCommerce store with
DHL and other carriers. As soon as an order is placed on your store, it creates
a freight note in Unifaun. As per the Unifaun website,
DHL multi shipping is handled by Unifaun in Nordic countries, as it is the local carrier. The advantage of using this plugin would be that it helps you automate your complete
logistics flow. This means you will be able to save a lot of time required
otherwise for manual efforts. The plugin provides an option to choose between
manual and automatic sync of relevant data to Unifaun after customers place
orders on your store. Number four in the list is Shippo. You can use Shippo to
access multiple carriers for your shipping needs. In fact, using Shippo, you
will be able to find the best shipping options from carriers like USPS, DHL, and
FedEx. You need to create a Shippo account, which is free without any
charges for sign up. However for every label that you print, you will be charged
five cents by Shippo. Moreover, you can even print shipping labels for free for
the first 90 days after registration. Shippo offers dependable shipment
tracking with address validation and automatic order importing. You will also
find convenient features like Scan-based return labels, international customs
forms, shipping insurance, etc., you will find a seamless integration between Shippo and WooCommerce. Once integrated, you can import your order details to Shippo
through this integration. And when you create a label on Shippo, it provides
tracking code and other information back to your WooCommerce store.
Basically, any changes on your WooCommerce site, including address details or order
information will get reflected in Shippo too. Hence, these are the Top WooCommerce DHL
Express plugins with real-time rates and label printing. To explore these plugins,
follow the respective links given in the video description. Go follow us on our social media
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