April 9, 2020
Top Five PRIVATE LABEL Product Ideas for 2019/2020 – Sell THESE on Shopify!

Top Five PRIVATE LABEL Product Ideas for 2019/2020 – Sell THESE on Shopify!

There’s a huge business opportunity this
year other than drop shipping that’s no doubt people will jump on the bandwagon
soon the business opportunity is private and whites labeling on a large scale and
in this video I’ll show you the top five private label products that’s you can
take and use right now so in last week’s video I showed you how to white label
your products and sell these products online if you have not watched that
video then make sure to check out that video at the end of this specific video
because I show you end to end how exactly to brand your products and sell
them online for those who are still stuck on product ideas and I’m about to
give you the top 5 private all white label products this year so let’s get
stuck straight in so I’m going to give you the first product straight away
moving on to my monitor here and the first product is extremely popular
this is bottles now there’s a high potential market growth here for bottles
because I mean who doesn’t need bottles and it is extremely easy to brand as
well it offers high potential market growth and we know this because social
responsibility and eco-friendly products are growing I’ve mentioned this in the
previous top product video that I’ve done at the site of this year and this
isn’t this hasn’t changed at all when it comes to bottles now like I said social
responsibility and eco-friendly products are growing it is a market worth 10 a
billion dollars by 2025 like I said this is a huge market slice that you can take
you don’t need you don’t need 0.01% all of that 10 billion to make a decent
amount of money so clicking on to that specific link if you look at this there
is a lot to be made here guys and if you go into the specifics here global
reusable water bottle markets you can go with glass metal silicone etc etc and
then let’s look at primary usage everyday sports travel now those these
are already three niches that you can target now going to be on this I’m going
to give you a real-life example to and I will go on to Ally Barbara and
show you some examples of this but I want to show you two bottles that I have
and the quick backstory is behind it so if you look at this image on the screen
here these are very generic thermos travel bottles right and it looks
exactly like this right here okay so I got this I got this bad boy right here
if I if this focuses this thermos bottle is essentially essentially the same
thing that you can find alibaba however it is branded okay this is branded if
you look right here if it focuses that lightning simple is you guys might
recognize that it is the symbol from Facebook’s messenger chat so that is
Facebook and messengers logo now I got this specific model visiting Facebook’s
office because if you don’t already know I work with their digital marketing
agency so I get to frequent Facebook officers quite often and they gave me
that bottle but that is an exempt this is an example of branding your own
product and turning that product into your own brand and selling it online
that is going to increase the value of this specific bottle guys it is taking
drop shipping to the next level in the sense that you’re not selling generic
products you were actually branding them and selling them another good example of
this and I like my bottles as you can tell this is a very very generic bottle
it looks very nice though it’s very nicely built but you can also find this
on Alibaba however is branded very subtly on the top here by t2 that is
another good example of white labeling your products and you can get this done
guys through Alibaba you can get this done
very easily through Alibaba through Chinese suppliers once you establish a
communication with them I’m gonna give you a quick example now right we go and
look up thermos bottles or flasks or whatever and let’s give this a quick go
you see searching up thermos bottles there is a lot of options here you can
quite literally white label so let’s look at this one and let’s look at this
one this specific bottle is the exact same bottle that I showed you but in
different various colors again if you look at this and then look at this it is
the same thing however it is just white labeled right here with a nice sort of
logo you can do the exact same thing with your own
brant and you can get this at a dollar 20 per piece now of course you’re gonna
order by bulk but like I said if you don’t understand how this all works and
how to get your products are filled in why you have to buy so many products
watch my previous video at the end of this video and so that is a good example
of getting these products on cheap and branding them now another one is you
know you can go through a lot of these products and you can quite literally
brand any of these that is the power of white label and private labeling that
not many people doing at the moment so that’s an example of a product that you
can quite literally take fall on the cheap and branded and sell it
significantly higher than the than the bulk price so that’s the first one
bottles and we know that the market is worth 10 billion by 2025 so there is
growth here guys so hop on that trend now phone accessories is the second one
now it’s currently estimated to be a hundred and seven billion dollar
industry over 107 billion dollar industry that is HUGE and when I talk
about phone accessories this can be anything to do related to a phone
anything it can be a case it can be pop sockets is a huge one so if you don’t
know what pop sockets are that is what the photo is all about pop sockets was a
huge trend back last year and they were selling like hot pan case you could you
can almost call it the new fidgets pinup but the biggest thing that I personally
like about furnace are accessories beyond just very easily white labeling
things is you can ride new trends what do I mean by that you know when there’s
new phones coming out when Apple announces our phone whether there’s
rumors or when Samsung you know releases the new galaxy flagship phone there is
going to be an influx of people that need new phone cases for studies or you
know need new accessories for the phone itself it is limitless so you can write
trends in that sense and even beyond the initial launch you can this firstly
there’s always new phones launching so you can cater to that and secondly you
can quite literally always fulfill demand for phone cases at the very least
because everyone needs a phone case and there’s being for this phone sold every
single day and I like it because you can very
easily white label these products to now quickly looking at the mobile phone
accessories market just looking at some stats here so scrolling down to this
this is exactly what I was saying the top impacting factors for a growing
industry rapid in demand for wireless accessories something to note rapid
technological advancement adverse effect on hearing ability strong distribution
networks strong a disposable income all of these reasons pertain to a strong
mobile accessories industry scrolled scrolling down here let’s take a
specific look at product type so specific product mobile accessories
battery earphones portable speakers charges memory cards protective cases
battery cases power banks now all most of these things ok you can label battery
cases for sure power banks for sure and let’s quickly take a look on Alibaba
again to give you an example of all of this let’s look at I phone access or
let’s make it easy in Ex case and let it load now you get a plethora of high
quality products mind you and a whole range of them you can take these images
and firstly brand them with your own brand at it as a watermark of some sort
onto these low CONTU these accessories and you know you’ve got your own product
essentially you don’t have some lousy no-name products you have a product with
your brand on it and from there you want to create and build up your brand with
your niche audience and the the value proposition or I guess the the
perception of value increases so like I said guys if we zoom into this you know
you can put your own brand onto the back of these cases and it and you’ve got so
many choices when it comes to different types of cases or mobile accessories for
that matter so your spot for choice really so that is the second
recommendation when it comes to product ideas the third product idea
is smart backpacks this is a big one and something that I missed out on last year
that’s a whole nother story in itself so I won’t get into that but everyone uses
a backpack and smart backpacks are trending real quick right now you know I
personally have seen at this backpack in public many many times and I’m talking
about no-name Aliexpress smart backpacks they’re everywhere
so this is a hot product I know that for certain it is a common product
everyone needs a backpack and why not charge your phone while you have a
backpack right so the global smart backpack business market is expected to
grow almost 5% in the next few years so there’s still room for growth here
there’s still room to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to smart
backpacks and beyond that it is again very easy to white label you can quite
simply just smack your logo onto here and you’ve got your own branded product
that is the best thing about products coming from China and Alibaba and
wholesale suppliers you can slap your brand onto the product and you’ve got
your own product you’ve got your own brand so this is pretty big and I wanted
to go beyond just looking at stats because we’re looking at quite a lot of
statistics and market research but let’s go beyond that and look at Google Trends
which is a big tool if you haven’t already seen that video by the way about
my top 5 niches in drop shipping they definitely take a look at that because
drop shipping is it’s not dead definitely not dead for those who are
still drop shipping you know take a look at that video but let’s go beyond that
look at Google Trends now looking at Google Trends let’s type it in back
let’s I think a smart bag smart bags my backpack whatever let’s look at this
trend go worldwide not United States go worldwide and look at the global trend
as a whole and if we look at the past 5 years here and you usually want to look
at a bludger period to see how interest has fluctuated over time rather than
than just the past 12 months because it’s going to continue to fluctuate but
as you can see here back up until 2017 there was you would say load them in at
34 points or so 35 points but it fluctuated big-time 285
points during the end of 2017 and it’s still you know relatively high in terms
of demand here now you could probably slip search up smart backpacks and
whatnot and you’ll see some more of a demand or interest but you get the point
so there’s still demand for these smart backpacks and so that is the third
recommendation now moving on to the third recommendation are sorry the
fourth recommendation pet products again guys a huge market growth here five to
ten percent industry growth year-on-year from 2015 and I mean pet products are
always a win in my opinion because pet owners are fanatics it is beyond a hobby
it is an obsession people love their pets particularly dogs and cats and they
will vary these customers from what I’ve seen will drop money will drop money on
pets on their pets and impulse buys and beyond that there’s very easy targeting
options in the sense that there’s plenty of groups that you can target there’s
plenty of targeting options when it comes to pets and pet lovers and I want
to give you a quick example because pet products very very broad right you can
go from a whole bunch of different things pet toys pet leashes all that
good stuff but I wanted to give you a quick example going back to Google
Trends again a cat self groomer I want to give you this specific example
because I’ve seen it all over Facebook recently and it is a hot product and I
can tell they’re coming directly from drop shipping drop shipping stores so
let’s take another look here and let’s type in cat soft groomer hit enter and
let’s take a look at the trend wow this this is huge and as I thought because
I’ve seen all over Facebook recently so this is most definitely a hot product it
is look there was no interest whatsoever up until really up until late 2017 and
even then it dropped off and now it’s just growing back and it
speaking still so as of March 2019 there is a big interest in cat self groomers
it’s not just not just this product I know that pet products in general
there’s usually a high demand but this specifically this trend this is this is
big this is a hot product indie and again all you need to do let’s come on
to le barber and I’ll show you again cat self groomer or cat brush or whatever
here we go with this I’m not sure how it works but I think you like stick it on a
wall or something like that and the cat sort of like grooms itself hence though
the names of groomer da but what you can do again to differentiate this and not
just a dropship this product you can create a brand or or if you already have
a pet store a pet dropshipping store and you’ve seen success and it’s already
selling products then go ahead and white label your brand you know if it’s cord
if your store is called cats or us for example slap that brand in that logo
onto onto these products and start creating a brand behind it because
you’re gonna create a monopoly behind your your product and your your niche
you really want to create a monopoly because that’s how you can get repeat
customers that’s going to help that’s how you’re gonna scale your store
infinitely more than anything else so that’s number four moving on to the last
product recommendation and that is active wear active wear guys has been
very popular for a while now and in terms of a product this is a very strong
niche it is a very strong niche let’s look at the huge global growth here I’m
gonna copy and paste this into a browser and just show you how fast active wear
is growing as you can see here look at the title the global active market size
is expected to reach 567 billion by 2020 for this blows everything out of the out
of the water compared to the other four proteinaceous that I was talking about
so far does that mean everyone should hop onto this no that’s not what I mean
but what I’m saying is this is huge market and it’s expected to grow
year on year on year now I’m not going to go too much into too deeply into this
report but I just wanted to talk about the niche this firstly like I said here
there’s a large product variation Alibaba and it’s very simple to whiten
private-label there is limitless amounts of sports bras active wear tights for
men and women and if we go on to an example here let’s take a look you know
I have to wear or tights or whatever yoga pants again very very simple guys
to you know to brand and you know you could go as far as to say I know it is a
little bit different but and I might do a case study on this if you know Jim
shark if you’re into Fitness whatsoever then I’m sure you know or have somewhat
upon the brand Jim shock they started initially drop shipping
they actually started initially drop shipping then they moved on to private
labeling and that’s when they started to slap their Jim shark Brent on to these
products and that’s where they found success inside scaling and obviously at
this point guys they take an in-house they’ve taken their designs they’ve got
a pure design team they’ve got a production team etc etc but that’s where
they started in terms of roots and now they’re a multi-million dollar business
huge potentially multi-billion dollar business I don’t know but I heard
they’re a serious contender to Nike these days so there we have guys those
are the five very strong white label product ideas that you can take today
right now and start now white in private labeling is a little bit more difficult
than dropship me because there’s not as convenient but like I said guys if you
haven’t seen how to start your online brand and business and white label your
perks and watch my previous video I’m gonna link it up somewhere here in this
video so you can check it out if you haven’t already seen it and get onto
this trend because no doubt I can imagine people are going to be jumping
onto this bandwagon soon and it’s going to light up this year is it a completely
new idea no definitely not but I just think it’s completely underutilized so
if you want to see more content on white and private labeling let me know down in
the comments below otherwise I’ve got a quite a few
requests in terms of new video ideas Instagram Facebook is a huge one Google
Ads and shopping is a huge one as well so if you have any suggestions or what
you want to see let me down know let me know in the comments down below and on
top of that I’ll also be travelling in the next couple weeks so watch out for
those videos I’ll be making a whole bunch of you know digital Nomad content
how to make money abroad and that sort of stuff so tune in if you haven’t
subscribed and subscribe but otherwise guys if this video has helped you give
it a thumbs up and keep on hustling

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  1. Great vids! I appreciate all your vids! hey, I just got really confused with hijacking other brands with reselling. I know it's illegal to sell branded items, but how do people still sell branded items on eBay, amazons and their stores? something like apple ipads. i found so many people selling apple ipads, and is it legally possible?

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  4. Thanks for the great video.

    I have found a great small product which is selling more than 1500 monthly with less than 20 reviews. The design is not patented, but its name is trademarked. It has logo on the product and package as well and I found several youtube videos about it.

    My question is, if I engrave my logo on the same product and add a small accessory to the package, can I start selling it on Amazon as private labled? I do not modify the functionality of the product, just replace my logo and add an accessory to the package. Another problem is that I couldnt find any supplier on Alibaba for manufacturing.

    At present, there is only one FBA seller of that product, and I couldnt find similar products in Amazon. It started selling from June 2019. However, I found similar products without logo on Aliexpress and other Amazon market.

    I just wonder if it is a good idea to go after such great selling products even if I have to start with making a mold and ask alibaba suppliers to manufacture it from scratch. Thank you in advance.

  5. Hey bud, good video: quick question for ya: how did you learn the marketing aspect of e-commerce. Whether it’s drop shipping or PL? By experience or did you do some courses?

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