April 3, 2020
TOP ECOMMERCE PLATFORMS – Best Platform To Build Ecommerce Website [ NEW ]

TOP ECOMMERCE PLATFORMS – Best Platform To Build Ecommerce Website [ NEW ]

alright. alright. alright alright so this
video is talking about the best platform to build ecommerce websites so a lot of
you guys are ecommerce marketers or you do e-commerce marketing I put it that
way Shopify and all that type of stuff so
you’re trying to learn how to build your own e-commerce site where it looks good
it’s clear and you can attach your funnels to it and everything like that
I’m gonna make this very brief real quick this is a platform called build a
rock so what I want you to do is write that name down build a row and then I
want you to make plans to yourself to cancel any other website builder you may
have been thinking whether you’re already with WordPress whether they’re
already with Weebly and Wix you need to cancel those and I’m gonna tell you why
as marketers we have a whole lot of expenses monthly payments they go out to
different marketing tools and platforms well this builder our platform is an
all-in-one marketing platform and I’ll show you guys everything that’s in it so
you know exactly what you need to do and then you can go through my link in the
description so that I can send you a lot of free goodies they have a transfer
feature where I can transfer everything that I have that’s making me money and I
can transfer it straight to you once you become a member so this is what I want
you guys to do alright so you come in here you come in here as a member you
log in then you go to builders you’re already in your dashboard right here you
go to builders and then you click on drag-and-drop
pixel-perfect this is another thing you don’t need to know how to code you don’t
need to be super technical you don’t need to know how to build websites or
have any experiments they have templates set up where you can just switch out
images which our videos switch out wording and text and all of that and
connect whatever you need to connect to make it look very good you don’t have to
know how to do it thing is already mobile-friendly is
already responsive it’ll work and look well on any type of device and I’m
trying to show you now so you come here you can see that they have categories so
there’s categories for everything over literally categories for everything any
type of businesses even if you do any type of local marketing as you can see
they have moving company funnels that they have HVAC sites and all of it so
you want to type in e-commerce let’s see retail oh I’m sorry
local marketing all right so online store this is what you would go for as
far as e-commerce you would check out the online storage online stores that
will be the template you will use and you can literally just plug and play and
go alright so we’re doing one right now this is just an example like I said you
can add whatever you need to to it alright they got the cs3 css3 on it
alright so sunglasses free shipping high-top or you can just type in
whatever you have you can switch out these offers with what you have it’s
very very very simple guys very very simple this is just a you know an
example site alright so this platform has ecommerce
type sites for you now you come out here the reason why you want this is because
it’s not just a website builder today you are on YouTube or a Google looking
for how to build a you commerce a are the best platform to do that on well I’m
also gonna show you how you can make money with this and that you can use
this as everything this is your go to you don’t need anything else no longer
are the day where you need a website platform over
here and then you need a sales funnel Clickbank account and then you need a
MailChimp email responder you can use build a role for all of those things and
let me show you alright so here the cell phones and it’s just like the websites
is as easy as the website so over here in the sales funnels they have the video
sales letter they have invisible funnel product lunch so you guys might be using
that or even better the storefront phone Seoul is multiple products similar to an
e-commerce website and push people to different individual funnels let’s say
you’re giving away something you can use the lead magnet funnel you can use the
webinar funnel you can use a bridge the sales letter funnel you can use the
survey funnel if the you know want them to serve a different products or
whatever in the application phone alright so they have all of these
funnels that you can literally just plug and play into your information or your
product on and start making sales today alright so I just showed you the
e-commerce website and I showed you the e-commerce funnel that comes all this
stuff once you’re on the inside is completely free alright so you’re really
trying to get your amazon shopping i and and all of that on and you try to sell
your products from your online store then you want to be like the big boys
you want to have your own app you want to have your own app so people can
install beyond your app as long as they’re on their phone and making
purchases all day this has a free app builder you can literally create the
free ecommerce website in here and bring the link over here and turn it convert
it into an app within like 10 minutes so you and you can do free push
notifications to whoever have downloaded your app alright and start letting them
know when you have specials of deals or coupons or anything like that so you can
make a killing with this platform with your e-commerce site or your ecommerce
business every is mobile optimized mobile friendly
responsive and everything if you want to change the backgrounds of images and do
all of that extra stuff they have the studio you need a presentation builder
you doing some kind of presentation if you want to set up a webinar as the
webinar platform you set up automated webinars everything is in here so you no
longer need multiple memberships with different sites or platforms you no
longer need multiple expenses so now let’s say you’re using let’s say you
you’re you’re following up with your leaves and you’re using a platform like
MailChimp MailChimp will charge you let’s go over the mention MailChimp
pricing all right so as you can see you can use the free forever but then you
have a cap you can only have 2,000 subscribers over there a builder all you
that you can have an unlimited amount of subscribers you can only send 12,000
emails a month that limits you but over a builder or you can send unlimited
amounts all right well they have a ten dollar plant okay that’s good and you
can stand on lemonade with both of these but then this is where it stops it right
here no support all right advanced segment is cut off you can’t do
comparative alright so a lot of that might not be important to you but to get
unlimited everything you have to pay $1.99 a month that’s a lot remember this
is only an email platform builder all can do all of this stuff that’s on
unlimited and automate your follow-up sequences and all of that it can do all
of this but it’s not just the email platform it has the websites as a sale
funnels I just showed you the app creator I showed you the webinar play
so let’s say that you do webinars with webinarjam and all of that crap and you
paying three hundred and sixty-five dollars a year or something like you can
cut that right now cuz it has the automatic webinar funnels and the
automatic webinar platform you can start your webinars today and start making
killing over and night alright so if you need to build email I mean ecommerce
sites now you know the best platforms to start building your ecommerce site zone
effort Shopify every Amazon effort any of those type of sites when you can come
here and you can get all in one and your email follow-up your arm your scripts
and everything and even have a script generator inside here so that’s why you
want to do this because all of these things is only thirty bucks a month all
of this is only thirty bucks a month compared to you paying hundreds and
hundreds just for your email platform just for your WordPress platform your
Wix Weebly just for your freaking clickfunnels you’re paying $2.99 the 330
bucks will get you all of that the link is in the description and I’m going to
transfer you everything I have over that will start making you a lot of money I
say transfer because the only way that work is if you’re a member I’m gonna
transfer you everything I have they will start making you money this week go to
the link in the description it’s 30 bucks you can start making money so you
can start creating your own testimonial instead of cruising around YouTube
looking at other people’s testimonials let’s live your life the link is in the
description I’ll talk to you guys on the inside

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