April 4, 2020
Top Ecommerce Platforms [2019] Speed Dating Style

Top Ecommerce Platforms [2019] Speed Dating Style

top ecommerce platforms so
congratulations to finally needing an e-commerce platform today I’m going to
cover my top 20 best online store builders it’s gonna be kind of like a
speed dating for online platforms so let’s get into that right now before we continue take a quick second and subscribe to the channel so you’ll be
notified every time I put out a new video also make sure and watch this video to the end because I’m going to discuss a couple of e-commerce platforms
that are kind of sleepers that you wouldn’t think of also I’m going to show
you which two platforms I use to get results like this in online sales okay
not all online platforms are created equally obviously and depending on what
it is you are trying to achieve it’s going to dictate what kind of e-commerce
platform you’re going to choose if you’re a local Baker who really just
needs to have some local presence and not a lot of online e-commerce Elling
and to use the entire breadth of apps that are available to you then something
as inexpensive or easy to use as Wix or Weebly might be your solution but if
you’re a big store who’s looking for a change and moving over to a more robust
platform then maybe something like Magento might be for you so it all
depends on what you’re trying to do let’s start my list and this is in no
particular order but let’s start my list with big commerce so with any website
builder ecommerce platform I think what you really need to if you want to boil
down what it is you’re looking for you want to make sure that it has
ease-of-use for you the end user are you’re going to need to hire a technical
manager or somebody to come in and do this or is this something that you can
handle so ease of use is a big one the second one is security you have to make
sure that your website is secure because the bigger you get the more interest you
get the more attention you draw from people that are trying to hack your
business so security is number two and number three is speed really it all
comes down to speed these days mobile users especially will leave your site if
something isn’t working the way they think it should within about three
seconds so speed ease-of-use and security and
BigCommerce has all three of those options
I would certainly rank BigCommerce very very high on my list from anywhere from
a first-time novice user all the way up to an experienced pro so big promise
makes the cut on my top 20 list the next on my list is Shopify now Shopify hits
all of those same metrics that bigcommerce does especially with the big
three ease of use site speed and security they handle all that stuff on
the back end I actually did a complete video guide on BigCommerce versus
Shopify should be a card somewhere in the upper corner of this video if you
want a more detailed video explanation about those two platforms these two
platforms but Shopify hits all of the same markers that BigCommerce does I
think that you could go with either one of these guys and not hit any kind of
hurdle with setting up an e-commerce store especially one that you’re looking
for long-term growth and usability if they have a ton of apps that are
available to available to them as third-party plugins so you the sky’s the
limit with shopify bigcommerce now the next on my list is WooCommerce WooCommerce is also one of my favorite
platforms however it is self hosted you have to have your own website hosting
you have to do your own security and prevent against hackers and the speed is
up to you so and it depends very largely upon what hosting company that you go
with but WooCommerce provides a ton of almost an unlimited set of customization
because it’s an open source platform you can built on WordPress you can virtually
do anything that you can imagine and you can keep it running fast you can keep it
running secure but to keep it running it’s going to be all up to you so if you
are more comfortable with doing a little bit of coding and looking up on YouTube
how to videos for WooCommerce then this might be the platform
for you because it’s essentially free yeah you have to pay for hosting but
hosting packages are far less than what Shopify or big commerce packages start
at so I really like WooCommerce I have some low commerce stores running today
as I do with the other platforms but WooCommerce definitely makes the cut on
my top 20 list all right coming in next on my list is 3d cart a 3d cart has been
around for a long time since about 1997 I believe and they were one of the
pioneers for this software as-a-service online store builder ecommerce based
store builder one of their biggest shoutouts is their claim to fame is that
they are super SEO friendly and that their stores rank higher due to SEO
performance then most other of the builder platform services like we just
talked about you know it’s it is a user friendly system their site speed is
adequate in my opinion although I have not used 3d car in a long time so it’s
on the lower end of the pricing programs for some of these other platforms but it
makes my top 20 list for sure next on my list is Magento Magento has
been around for a long long time but it is another self-hosted type of platform
just like WooCommerce or WordPress in that you’re gonna need your own hosting
to run it now it is an Adobe company Adobe acquired them some years back so
if you’re a big fan of Adobe then there’s a leg up for you they do have
free options available but Magento to me seems a little clunky you really need to
have some resources in place to reach out and have help with the technical
aspects because Magento can be a little cumbersome in my opinion but it is very
much so scaled at our focused at scaling and
towards large business structures obviously you can use it for a beginning
startup and growth but you’re really going to need to have some resources in
place to run the technical side of Magento ok next on my list is PrestaShop
PrestaShop has both a software as a service solution like a Shopify and it
has a self hosted solution like a WooCommerce so they do have a variety of
options that will appeal to just about everyone and they do have a lower price
point option so if price point is something that you’re concerned with yet
you still want an expanded option of themes and resources and apps and things
like that then PrestaShop would definitely be one to at least explore on
your way to making a decision ok next on my list is Squarespace
Squarespace is a pretty big known name brand you’ve probably seen their
commercials on the Superbowl and etc they’ve been around since about 2004 or
so and they’re a software-as-a-service company so everything is hosted with
them shopping cart everything is included with their system and it is
pretty easy to use I’ve seen some really elegant looking Squarespace websites
that have been put out but they’re squarely focused squarely focused get it
on e-commerce and if you choose them I don’t think that it would be a bad
choice at all okay next on my list is Volusion Volusion is a
software-as-a-service it is a hosted offering so they take care of everything
the shopping cart they have apps themes you know it’s just a plug in play and
show sort of deal in my opinion I think sorry the Volusion guys but in my
opinion I think that there are at their price point a lot of other systems like
Shopify or big commerce that really would be a more seamless or initial
choice than starting with Volusion but it is worthy enough to make my top 20
list okay so next on my list is Weebly Weebly
is a super easy drag-and-drop build your own theme deal they have some themes
that you can plug in obviously a few little apps and things like that but
Weebly is going to be on your more simple end of the choice spectrum they
also offer a free version of Weebly it is not super robust but if you’re just
looking for something that is free and you’re just starting out
Weebly might be a choice for you if you maybe have one or two products only in
your store that you’re trying to promote set up with the free option and give
weekly Weebly a try okay and next on my list is Wix Wix is very very much like
Weebly they offer a free version it is a drag-and-drop interface it it’s almost
exactly like Weebly the thing that I don’t like about Wix is it doesn’t SEO
really well it’s not really SEO friendly a lot of the site links are specific to
Wix and not specific to your SEO things that you’re trying to accomplish
so I would not put Wix high on my list just like I wouldn’t we bleep but that’s
because I am where I am with my e-commerce journey so I’m a little more
advanced than these guys but it’s nice to have a free website
builder platform in your back pocket to choose if you choose to choose if you
choose to choose from and next on my list is x-cart x-cart is
one of the older platforms you can see right here it’s been around since 2001
so going on 18 years of being in the market x-cart has they boast about the
the cost of ownership for their particular platform you just pay a
one-time licensing fee for their system however you do have to have your own
hosting so there will be an Associated cost with that also there is some range
of technical aspects that you’re gonna have to be comfortable with with x-cart
so knowing that going in it is not a staples easy button push-button solution
like some of the first options on my list okay next on my list is ecwid and
ecwid is kind of a unique platform they have traditional online software as a
service programs that you would expect and they have free ones they start with
free that are pretty robust but what makes ecwid unique is that if you
already have an online presence and you’re looking to add a shopping cart to
it a mobile arena a platform ecommerce platform to your existing website say
you had a nice thirty thousand dollar website built for you five years ago but
it does have does not have any commerce capability you could simply go with
ecwid and that kind of adds on an e-commerce layer to your existing set up
which is certainly nice to have for folks that haven’t had any e-commerce
capabilities in the past okay next on my list is a bot a cart now they have a
solution very similar to the previous one that I mentioned ecwid and that
allows you to set up says right here you can sell on your existing website quick
and easy so again if you have an existing website that does not have an
e-commerce solution you can implement a bhante cart right into that and
instantly be selling online probably one of the biggest hurdles with these guys
is that it takes some technical lifting to get this thing implemented so you
would definitely need to hire some sort of webmaster or program
to implement a bhante cart but their solution is definitely sound and sound
enough to make my top 20 list okay next on my list is Big Cartel so
basically if you are in the cartel this is the e-commerce platform for you
kidding Big Cartel has free options they are pretty much software as a service so
it’s hosted online just plug and play and you can tap right into instantly
having an e-commerce platform they have some nice-looking templates so Big
Cartel if you’re looking for especially a low you know free entry points
ecommerce platform you could certainly consider Big Cartel although it is not
the most robust package at the free level you certainly look at exploring
Big Cartel okay next on my list is Drupal Drupal
Commerce Drupal is a online self hosted meaning you have to host it yourself
open source platform just like WordPress WordPress and Drupal were the big two
years and years and years ago I think Drupal has fallen off a little
bit just by the rise in popularity of WooCommerce but certainly they have a
very sound back in open source technology and Drupal chrome Drupal
commerce is a nice complement to that so they have free options available you
have to get your own hosting and probably need to get a webmaster to help
set it all up for you but if you are interested again in a free open-source
version of e-commerce platform then Drupal certainly should be one of your
top couple considerations for your e-commerce platform next on my list is
GoDaddy so GoDaddy ecommerce GoDaddy wouldn’t be my first choice but they are
so heavily infused in or dominant in the domain name space that so many people
have accounts with GoDaddy and the nice thing about GoDaddy is you know that
they are going to be around for a long time a lot of these little website
builder platforms they rise and then they fall and they close down so where
does that leave you it leaves you with needing to export all of your
information and find a new host and maybe that’s why you’re watching this
particular video but back to Go Daddy go daddy is one it’s
not the most intuitive website builder although they tout it to be and it may
have improved over the last few years has certainly been three or four years
since I’ve used it last for a client and I wasn’t the happiest with it then but I
think it’s worthy enough noteworthy enough to mention on my top 20 list due
to the fact that they’re such a big name in the space ok next on my list is moon
fruit moon fruit they have a very if very sleek sophisticated looking
websites that they put out it is hosted so they take care of the security and
the speed and things of that nature but they do also have free options available
again any free hosted software as a service program that you look into is
not going to be the most robust but it is nice to have that option especially
when you’re small and starting out you just need to be sure that you can grow
into all of the feature sets and things that these platforms offer but moon
fruit would definitely be a good one to look at to start out with next on my
list is open cart open cart again is a open source ecommerce platform very much
like Magento or WooCommerce and the likes you’ll need your own hosting so
that’ll be a cost but open cart has a very neat and robust service set you can
see with their dashboard and all kinds of management extensions that they have
Open Cart would definitely be one to look at they have what I do like about
them is they have a lot of videos to really help you get off the ground and
get started without the need it is technical but without the need of
potentially hiring a web host or sorry a webmaster to help you get this thing up
and running so opencart makes my top 20 list
next on my list is ultra cart ultra cart makes my top 20 list as a self-hosted
got to host it yourself platform it is squarely designed at
small businesses and one-man shops it is fairly easy to get up and running and
make all kinds of modifications and changes as you go but you know again
anything that’s self hosted you’re going to need to be sure that speed and
security of your hosting package that you select is paramount so you really
want to make sure that you have those things dialed in so that a solution like
ultra cart would run really good for you and last on my list is Yola now Yola is
a hosted solution they do have free offerings so again if it’s a budget
minded decision that you’re going after then Yola might just be for you it is
certainly worth making my top 20 list and it’s worth a minute to peruse their
feature set and see if it’s something that appeals to you but Yola is yet
another website ecommerce builder platform that you might not have thought
of in the first place so rounding out my list at number 20 Yola hey if you’ve
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