April 4, 2020
Top Ecommerce Design Trends 2019

Top Ecommerce Design Trends 2019

Ecommerce Web Design Trends 2019
Today, an increasing number of users feel that a website’s design determines whether
to trust your business or not. We have compiled our own digest of trends
in ecommerce web design to offer you an idea of what tendencies will be the most popular
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our Top notch WordPress themes and our blog, to always stay on top of all the news. Responsive Design
With the increasing availability of the wireless Internet, responsive design becomes the main
condition for the survival of any web project. Mobile traffic is a tasty morsel for E-commerce
sites. As Internet users prefer using a mobile phone
more frequently, interest in responsive design continues to grow. Video Content
When you try to deliver any complex information in a visual format, a static image does not
work in most cases. After all, a static UI image only tells you
what’s in it, not how to use it. Background videos make the design of the site
unusual and modern, which increases the involvement of the visitor and leads the project to greater
efficiency. Grid Layouts
This layout, which is based on a grid, is a layout with horizontal and vertical guides
that help organize the content and maintain a uniform structure throughout the project. It’s used in product catalogues, image galleries,
portfolios, etc. Hamburger Menus
Currently, you can see several instances when hamburger menus are located on the left of
the page. They are extremely popular, as it is a convenient
way to hide and uncover a menu when necessary. Voice Search
The number of people using “talking” services is increasing every day. Very soon, most Internet requests will be
made with the help of voice services. In other words, the goal is to help visitors
get a great shopping experience, no matter what device they are using. Call to Action Buttons
CTA buttons are designed to guide users to your goal. The whole point of their use is to make the
visitor do the desired action for you. Provoke your visitors with CTA buttons like
‘Click here’, ‘Buy now’, ‘Register for preorder’, etc. Long Scrolling
Many users adore having content that updates and continues to load when the user reaches
the bottom of the page. It provides infinite content loading while
increasing engagement. Facebook or Twitter feeds are great examples
of this type of scrolling. Pop-ups
While you are trying to convey important information to the user, pop-ups can cause users’ irritation
and negative attitude. However, with the right approach, they attract
attention and increase conversion. The content of the pop-up window should contain
a call to action, and the button should be bright and eye-catching. Choose a simple, unique and valuable design. WhiteSpace
Efficient use of free space leads to a cleaner and more professional design. By allowing the elements of your site to “breathe”,
you make it easier for the visitors to perceive your content. Hover Effects
Hovers are all sorts of effects like pop-up hints, rotation, zoom, deposition, etc. that
are observed when you hover over them with a mouse cursor. A hover effect of a button gives a basic idea
of what will happen with a click. Conclusion
If you have your own website—for personal purposes or business ones—you should definitely
follow the trends of web design. Discover the tendencies, techniques, and tools
of web design that will take a leading position in 2019. It is up to you whether to follow these trends
or not, but every professional in the industry should know about them. Make sure you design with care, paying attention
to every detail. It is the key to make your brand recognizable,
create your own business, and expand your customer base!

12 thoughts on “Top Ecommerce Design Trends 2019

  1. these trends are really old..wtf. "responsive" that was a trend back in 2011. It's pretty much standard common practice now. Video backgrounds? WTF another trend from years ago that has gone out the window

  2. Our world is changing. E-commerce will only get bigger and better in 2019. New technologies will help it achieve that.

    You, as e-commerce owners, need to embrace the ones that best suit your needs. Always provide value to the users. The better the user experience, the better your sales. https://www.technophile.in/ecommerce-development-new-delhi.php

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