April 3, 2020


What I’m gonna do in this video is tell
you my top five takeaways from being in online business for one year with an
affiliate marketing business so with these takeaways. I’m hoping that it helps
you to start your own online business learning a bit from the experiences that
I have already had so that you get off to a great start in 2020 with your
online business. If you’re excited to find out what my five takeaways are then
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online… I started in online business and digital
marketing just a little bit over a year ago now that it’s December of a year
later. I wanted to reflect and think about what were the biggest things that
I learned in this year of online business what I can give to you as my
takeaways so that when you get started in your own online business you can have
a bit of fuel a bit of knowledge of what it’s like when you start an online
business so that you also don’t get discouraged and fall into some traps that I see many new entrepreneurs fall into. I’m going to take you inside of
my computer where I’ve designed a slide presentation for you to better
demonstrate to you what my five takeaways are. So here we are with
my slides this is what it looks like when you start a business online for one
year with no prior knowledge. I’m here to tell you that it’s possible but these
are the things the five biggest takeaways that I’ve had in one year of
starting a business online with zero knowledge of online business or digital
marketing. Nothing. I think these takeaways will be helpful also if you
happen to have some prior knowledge. They’re universal. For me I was doing
affiliate marketing but I think it covers regardless of what niche or
online business you want to start I think these are helpful tips and things
that I’ve learned in this past year so my number one key takeaway is FOCUS
now you’ve probably heard it before and it seems maybe like it’s getting tired
to hear it but the fact is you will not know just how important focus is until
you actually start to try to build your own online business especially when
you’re starting from scratch and when you’re a complete newbie to the whole
internet world so many opportunities get presented to you on any given day that
it’s very easy to go down the path of shiny object syndrome as they call it
where you’re just trying to get rich quick buy all the things that people are
trying to sell to you. Just remember you want to be the person selling not the
person buying that doesn’t mean… well will I will continue on… There are
reasons to invest but focus is important. Shiny object syndrome is real and it
affects most who are new to online business in one way or another so I
would say it’s really difficult to avoid at the beginning and don’t worry if you
do fall into that trap it’s okay. The most important thing is that you regain
your focus and regain and retain your focus as much as possible. Just to
start your online business with that awareness of “okay I’m going to focus I’m
going to find one thing” – You might not know anything at the beginning just like
me – I didn’t know anything. I didn’t know what my niche was gonna be. I didn’t even
know what a niche was. I didn’t know anything about affiliate marketing. I
didn’t know about the hundreds of possibilities for starting a business
online. I learned through experience how important focus is and I think it was
really just in this last month, in November, that I really got focused. I
can talk about that in another video but the fact is it’s extremely important so
find your focus and then maintain your focus as much as possible and that key
number two which I’m going to show you is going to help you do that So my next key is to BE OBSERVANT. You
want to (excuse me )you want to develop self-awareness so that you know when you
yourself are getting off your own track but if you don’t have a track yet you
need to find some people who have achieved what you want to achieve in
your business so this is gonna take time everyone wants a quick win and that’s
why people get you might go down this path of shiny object syndrome because
you’re looking for that like fast cash quick win folks it does not exist okay
so go into your online business with the plan to build a business that you enjoy
running and in order to do that you need to find the people who are doing that
people who love their business people who have a business model that you could
see yourself in their shoes running try to use your imagination and keep your
your mind open at all times because when you just look at the monetary gain
that’s probably also what’s going to sidetrack you and send you down multiple
paths and waste a lot of time and a lot of money so you don’t want to do that be
observant find some people have achieved what you want to achieve in your
business follow them join their groups whether it’s on LinkedIn or Facebook
watch them maybe they have a YouTube channel take their advice and feel it
out whether this person is a good fit for you to learn from so if there’s
person a who has achieved what you want to achieve that doesn’t mean that’s the
best person for you to learn from I found that this really takes some time
some feeling out I had you know after our time I was in so many groups it was
great I learned a lot from each of those people but in the end I realized I
cannot learn from all of them at once so that will be moving on to the next step
but the last point here is the better that you can envision what you want your
business to look like the easier it will be to find people who can help you
achieve that and if you don’t actually know what your business vision is that’s
fine but just expect it take some time I also didn’t know what
my business vision was at the beginning I was also just looking here looking
there trying this trying not that’s part of the process and don’t feel
discouraged by that I think that’s also really important that I can give you
these tips but don’t be discouraged if it takes you some time to find that
person don’t put your job right away if you
need if you rely upon your job to to live you know you want to build
something that you’re gonna love so next tip choose your mentor so after you’ve
observed multiple people who have a business model that you think you’re
going to like that you can do that is achievable for you pick one so and this
process I think probably is actually going to be obvious to you you’re
probably going to feel instinctually that you’ve gravitate towards one person
or another and give yourself time with this I thought I had one mentor and then
I thought I had different mentor and then I thought I wanted to learn from
this person and then in the end I noticed after probably six months or
more I found the person and then you know what I did I only listened to that
person I stopped visiting all the other groups I stopped buying things from
other people and I just focused on this person and his advice and he’s my mentor
till today so and so that’s part of the process you
just need to pick one even if you’re not paying this person yet most
entrepreneurs in the internet will have a group a blog a youtube channel
multiple streams where they release their information for free so check
their information start watching it consuming it and implementing and that
takes us to the next well this was my note about mentors so do not take the
advice of three or four mentors on the same subject
at the same time choose one by taking the time this can mean months to see if
that person is a good energetic fit for you does this person speak in a way that
you can relate to and understand do you enjoy learning from this person so like
I said if you are bouncing around between mentors you’re gonna find it
much more difficult to make progress each person has a different way of
handling his or her business and even if the results might look the same and they
are the results that you want the way in which that person has achieved those
results is probably different so the more simple and streamlined your
strategy the faster you will have results and that means listening to one
person as closely as possible so moving on to that vital next step
implement number four is implement so take advantage of your mentors free
content first start implementing the strategies one at a time
don’t try a bunch of different strategies from a bunch of different
people all at once you’re gonna be overwhelmed you’re gonna not make any
progress you’re much more likely to give up and we don’t want that so the key to
online business is implementation and from what I’ve observed and experienced
myself you cannot succeed in this online space if you don’t act and act fast and
when you do start acting and acting fast to gain momentum and this momentum is
going to fuel your business on a daily basis so that you keep taking more and
more action not all of your action is gonna be perfect you’re gonna make
mistakes that comes with the territory but as soon as you find someone who
you’re going to follow and who will be your mentor do what they say block out
all the other noise groups advertisements and people selling you
stuff you at some point you’re gonna need to stop spending money and make
money in your business first I do have a side note to this which is that it’s
actually a good thing to invest in courses and to see what people are
offering if you have the budget this is just it will give you an idea of how
people are making money online but you just need to beware not to go crazy
buying things and expecting to make money when you buy stuff you don’t make
money by buying okay so yeah don’t expect you’re gonna get results just
from buying something right you need to implement or you need to use your
purchasing also in a wise way so this is a continuation of the side note you want
to observe when you do purchase something observe from two levels one is
the 30,000 foot view so this is how is the person marketing the product who is
their audience what are they offering observe it see how the successful people
are doing it so when you feel inclined to buy something there’s a reason there
and stop yourself first and think why do I feel inclined to buy this thing okay
this is going a little bit deeper and the thing but I think when you recognize
this aspect you’ll be so much farther ahead than the majority of people online
who are trying to start an online business and are just like getting lost
in the minutiae buying like cheap courses left and right thinking that
everyone is the answer okay and the second view is to be a student
so then how can i implement the strategy ASAP so that I can start to mirror the
results of the person who created it and the person who already achieved the
result that I’m looking for this means do not just consume then wait till
you’re finished then think about it then you know wait till the next thing
crosses your path and then you buy that and then like learn a little nugget
implement it learn a little nugget implement it you’re gonna find that your
progress is much faster and you learn so much more about what works and what
doesn’t moving on okay the fifth and last key takeaway is
invest okay so I just told you don’t get caught up in shiny objects syndrome
don’t over purchase right but you do want to invest and you want to invest
wisely the investment is going to fuel your progress here’s a rhyme I made up
for you you need to invest if you want to progress so well you don’t want to
suffer from shiny object syndrome buying left and right everything that looks
like the get-rich-quick scheme you do want to invest wisely if your mentor has
a paid group or a mastermind invest if your mentor does one-on-one coaching
invest in a call you could change your business and your life actually within
an hour with really good advice from a mentor who knows what he or she is doing
if your mentor has a course buy it you get the idea you want to invest but
invest wisely and with intention to get a result and with an intention to
implement what you learn so that’s the last takeaway but I have a couple
additional things here to keep in mind when you’re starting your first online
business or if you’re continuing or if you’re currently struggling with online
business and that’s why you’re watching this video you want to invest in your
health and your mindset so if you can get a personal trainer or get a buddy
that you’re gonna go to the gym one find the appropriate mindset information
whether it’s the free stuff on YouTube or get a high performance coach or some
other kind of business or life coach that’s going to keep you going and on
target with your goals the faster that you’re able to invest in these kinds of
coaches the faster you’re going to progress and see results in your
business so if you can’t afford anything it’s okay but be wise set up in a
support system of your own find people in groups online they are all over the
place it’s like the world is free right now like
nothing costs anything you just need to be resourceful find your own support
system set it up yourself create your own group of people who like are working
towards the same goal it’s actually is that simple find one person even a
friend of yours who’s doing the same thing or just ask someone to buddy up
with you and be your accountability partner and meet with them once a week
online even it can be through facebook Messenger voice I mean it’s free calling
that’s what I mean the world is free right now the world is your oyster you
can do this just try to keep these things in mind my additional takeaways
commitment and perseverance keep going keep connected to your why and stay
committed to your desired outcome resilience the ability to bounce back
after a setback don’t let your setbacks stop you just get back to it the next
day take a break go back to it positive mindset how you approach your day today
is going to determine whether you feel satisfied and successful or whether you
struggle and quit consistency set up consistency whether you’re doing a
YouTube channel whether you’re writing your newsletter promise someone you’re
gonna show up once a week doing something or if it’s your accountability
partner and keep keep that just start with one appointment and keep that once
a week progress journal so I took a note here I
can make a video about this if you’re interested let me know in the comments I
think it’s so important when starting an online business to keep track of your
goals and also to keep progress keep track of your progress each week this is
gonna help you feel good about what you accomplished and you’re also gonna write
down what worked what didn’t what you should do more of and what you should do
less of so you can optimize your time and your energy in your business so that
you’ll be flying I really wish you the best of success on your online business
journey in 2020 please let me know in the comments below what was your
greatest takeaway from this video what will you start to implement
what was your greatest impression and also let me know if there are some
subjects that you would like me to dive further into I’ll be happy to make a
video based on your comments below so please don’t forget to drop a comment
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next video

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