March 29, 2020
Top 5 Tips To Build Your Ecommerce Business (Amazon + Shopify)

Top 5 Tips To Build Your Ecommerce Business (Amazon + Shopify)

What is up everybody? Dimitris Skiadis here, and guess what? I’m beautiful Las Vegas,
I’m in SellerCon event where all the amazing people
come from all around the world. And I just finished my speech about how you can take your own Amazon brand and create it into your own Shopify store. So what I have prepared for you today, I have prepared five solid tips
on how you can do the same. So let’s get started with tip number one, which may seem obvious or silly to you, but you need to be
prepared to get started. And, you know what, running your own Ecommerce store as you’re running your own Amazon business is a real business model. It takes focus, it takes time. You need to have everything
prepared to get started. So I would highly recommend
for you to get on some solid training, get to hangout
on the Facebook groups, or even get started with YouTube tutorials and understand how the
whole business model works. The next thing that you need
to focus on is the product, and I can tell you right
now, from my experience, people talk about Facebook Ads a lot and you need to be an
expert, and manual bidding and lookalike audiences,
and these are awesome but you don’t need everything to be super successful with Shopify. In my experience, I’ve been
doing this for many, many years, it all comes down to the actual product. If you find the product that
people love, people will buy. Even if your Shopify store is not perfect, people will still buy. So what you need to do is
you need to find a need. You need to solve a big pain point. And you need to find a
really, really hungry audience in order for people to
get to buy your product. And tip number three, how do
you find that hungry audience? Let’s talk a little
bit about Facebook Ads. And Facebook Ads is an amazing tool. Okay, people go out on Facebook,
they go out to hang out. They go out to chat with other people. They go out to check
other people’s profiles. They don’t go to buy, but you know what? Since you got the Facebook Ads account, people know, Facebook knows your name. They know your age,
they know what you like, they know what you are interested. So Facebook Ads has a great targeting tool where you can get inside
and you can say that, okay, I’m into fishing, for
example, and I need to find how many other people in this world or in United States are into fishing. You can get into segmentation, so I would highly recommend that you get inside the
Facebook Ads platform and try to understand
better your audience. Solid tip number four: Pay attention to your store and pay attention to
the speed of your store. Okay, nobody really likes to
talk about the technical stuff about speed, but speed is what really makes or breaks a business. Okay, people don’t like
to hang around a lot for a website to load. So would you wait for 15
seconds for a website to load? No, of course you wouldn’t. So I highly, highly recommend
that you get in your store, install Google Analytics, and
see how much time does it take for your store to load. There are many, many
good developers out there that they can take the time
and both on desktop and mobile, they can decrease that side. Because for every second that it takes more for
your website to load, you are losing big time. Now we are getting down to the very, very final tip number five. I would highly recommend that
you invest in your store. Okay, find out a really,
really good theme. There are free themes,
there are paid themes, I would highly recommend
that you get a paid theme. Okay, you can get
started with a free theme if you are on a budget, but obviously with a paid theme, you get many, many more perks. And there are also themes out there, like Booster, Oberlo, that
are really, really good, and most importantly, they have a really, really good support. So take a look around, see
what your competition is doing, don’t copy, just mold
around what works for them, invest on finding a
really, really good theme, which is gonna be quick but is
gonna help out a lot as well, and invest in product photography. If you have products that you’re selling directly from China, order the product, have them upload a
photograph of them, okay, and upload them into
your own Shopify store. And as I told you right in
the beginning, to wrap up, see it as a real business model. Don’t think that because you’re
running an Amazon business that Shopify won’t work,
or the other way around. They are two different business models, and both can be really, really profitable but you need to take your time. Hopefully you really, really like it. My name is Dimitris Skiadis
and I’m super, super happy that I was here. Bye, bye! (whooshing sound)

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