April 1, 2020
Top 5 Places to Sell T-shirts Online (2019)

Top 5 Places to Sell T-shirts Online (2019)

the top five places you can sell
t-shirts online and it’s coming up right now what’s up guys it’s Gary Ajene a
t-shirt helpdesk dot com now in case you have been living under a rock you should
know that ecommerce is… I mean it’s what is happening right now every day we’re
hearing about a major major company that’s been around for years
it’s filing for bankruptcy and many of them are going out of business so
selling t-shirts online and in fact selling anything online is the wave of
the present and the future okay so I’m gonna give you five places where you can
go to jump start your t-shirt business and get it poppin online right now and
it goes a little something like this all right guys tea spring and tea spring
came to prominence in around about 2014 and they had the business model of how
funding meaning you would propose to sell 20 or 30 or 100 t-shirts and you
would put it out there using Facebook ads and if you actually sold it then you
get paid and if not the people will get their money back all right and what
happened was it got really popular popular and everybody and their
grandmother started doing it it got really saturated and it kind of fell off
but they’ve been restructuring and now it’s very different you don’t have a you
don’t have to do the 20 or 30 you could do one and a great thing is that now
they have a merch department that works with YouTube and you can put your merch
and and you can sell merchants on YouTube so really really great check
them out teespring now this one some of you may
know some of you may have not heard of this called tea fury really great
company the great thing about tea fury is that they have a lot of artistic
clever teas and so for you guys you know I know some people are more into the
really really super niche teas and some people are into just being totally
creative so if you really want to get into the creative space right definitely
come over here to tea fury and sell your t-shirts I remember all this stuff
there’s gonna be links down in the description box all right guys here we go Shopify this
is where you can go to have your own website for like a little of nothing
okay you get your theme this is a t-shirt
help this theme and you set everything up you can just upload your artwork and
how you really make it happen is you use a print-on-demand website like
Frenchified now this PLD services like print afire and there’s also printful
okay these are fantastic services where all you have to do is upload your
artwork and they do all the work for you they print ship everything okay so you
just set everything up and you make it happen and the great thing about
something like a printer Phi or a print fold is as you can see you get to choose
what blanks okay and of course we recommend as you can see prep for uses
Bela canvas blanks alright so let’s go back over to print Fi and you can go in
and let’s say you want to use any one of these tees let’s say you use the dollar
canvas tee and you can start designing alright you place your artwork and you
make it happen alright so Shopify prenta fie printful and Bella campus you can’t
get a better prescription for success than that
okay guys once again if you really want your shirts to be nice and soft and
smooth make sure that you go to Bella canvas link down below in the
description box and right there and make sure that you go up here and you
subscribe to the Bella canvas channel they have so much things on how to place
your tees how to size your tees design of tees celebrity interviews you name it
they have it so if you like us you are going to love them check out design
crowd okay gonna be a card up there link down in the description box and pin
in the comments I let’s get on with this list
shall we now this next one right here is awesome this is called red bubble now
the great thing about this is this is all about your artwork so with red
bubble not only can you do awesome t-shirts and sweatshirts takes up some
hoodie men’s and women’s but you knows to do kids and babies you know so doing
device cases and a wall art which is really really really awesome alright and
they’re coming on strong and I strongly suggest you check them out red bubble
great place to sell your t-shirts and your artwork alright okay guys now this
right here this is the baby mama right here let’s go merch by Amazon the great
thing about this one is that if you go in I mean it may take a while but so I
suggest it’s just like real estate you know you do it and then you wait you
don’t wait to do it okay you go and you set up your account and the great thing
about this is that you are in with merch by Amazon the number one ecommerce
platform on the planet okay your stuff is literally in front of
millions and millions of people and the great thing about merch by Amazon as I
talked about in another video is that you can use awesome blanks and for the
premium you can select Bella canvas tees blanks once again so you know that not
only are you gonna have awesome artwork but your stuff is going to be on and
awesome blend a comfortable blank a soft delicious blank alright so
make it happen captain merge by Amazon okay guys that’s all I have for you
today make sure that you check out all of
those places there’s going to be links to all of those places down in the
description box and I hope this helps you to for you to start brainstorming on
which way you’re going to get your t-shirt business started it’s out there
the only thing stopping you from being a success is you so until the next time
guys do something good for somebody if you don’t have someone to do something
good for then do something good for yourself as always cheers to your
t-shirt something to put some butter on these shoes and slide on out the dot god
bless illusion and peace

30 thoughts on “Top 5 Places to Sell T-shirts Online (2019)

  1. Have you heard of a print on demand company called "Artsadd"

    I'm considering using them cause they have a nice range of products and I won't have to upmark the products to a ridiculous price to make a profit

    I was just wondering your opinion on them

  2. Why do you promote Bella canvas so much for us to use for our brands, but they deny you an account and services if your not a licensed screen printer or ASI/PPAI distributor? That's crazy. I went thru he'll to get all they needed to create the account just to be denied a day later after finally being able to collect what they asked for. Smh

  3. You can also connect print on demand (like Printful) to an Etsy account and sell Tshirts on Etsy. Etsy is super affordable.

  4. Printful is only good for promotional shirts or one-time use only shirts. If you try using it to establish your brand, that'll be brand suicide right off the bad. There's no quality assurance since they ship shirts out that they made mistakes on anyway.

  5. Hey brother! I've been following up your channel and it's helping out a lot for real! I was gonna ask you if you have a company u recommend for hoodies that have a removable neck tag other than Bella+Canvas?

    Thank you

  6. I think I may try Printify because I went on Printful's instagram and youtube channel and 9 out of 10 reviews are bad reviews and that is something I take deep concern with nevertheless you always give great information thanks for these updates.

  7. Just started designing so please help me by buying and sharing:
    Motivational stuff

  8. With regards to POD, can I use my own art work for the t-shirts? What fees do I generally have to pay with a POD and can I choose when I want to be paid?

  9. How does anyone compete with big box retailers (aka china) that are selling decent new shirts for $12 a piece. Even brand new Nikes graphic tees are only $25.

  10. About to open a Shopify store, tees are Bella+canvas of course, using originals I make regularly. Glad to hear the Shopify and Printful combo is highly rated. QQ though, how many pieces would you say is good to start a store, considering they are all strong and on brand??

  11. Good information, but do all these places ship internationally? I know Teespring is international, I need the ability to ship globally, particularly Europe, the British mainland and United States

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