April 5, 2020

Top 5 eCommerce Analytics Tools

Hi, this is Daniella from Daniella.io. Providing entrepreneurs their web independence. The first thing you should do after your website
is ready to go live is set up your analytics tool, especially if you just created an ecommerce
site. Today I am going to provide you with my top
5 ecommerce analytics tools for entrepreneurs. If you are new here and enjoy this content
please subscribe to be notified when I post a new video in this resource series. Desipte the learning curve, Google Analytics
is definitely my favourite from this list. It is the most well known Internet data analysis
tool used around the globe. It is free, and offers the rare opportunity
for users to draw directly from Google’s extensive database. The only drawback is the learning curve due
to highly detailed reports and more complex features it has. You really need to spend a lot of time fine
tuning the different tools available and defining the actionable measures you can actually take
to improve your site. However, thanks to the popularity of the tool,
there are literally hundreds of tutorials on the web you can easily use to learn how
to do this. KISSmetrics is a powerful ecommerce analytics
platform with the goal to help increase customer acquisition and retention rates. You can segment your reports to analyze performance,
and determine if your test results are significant. You also have the ability to track two completely
different page in one spot. RetentionGrid presents data in clear, easy
to understand color coded graphs. Not only is your data easy to understand,
RetentionGrid also provides suggestions on how to reach your segments with marketing
tips and campaign suggestions to optimize your efforts and to better serve your traffic. Crazy Egg specializes in click-tracking. Crazy Egg’s software allows business owners
to identify exactly where users are clicking when they visit your website by analyzing
their behavior with heat maps. There are six different reports available. It is cheap at $9 per month with highly visual
data and a low learning curve. Adobe Marketing Cloud is another powerful
analytics tool that is often used by large ecommerce stores. This solution is very expensive however and
has a much bigger learning curve for beginners or companies that do not have tech resources. This solution is probably more adapted for
medium-sized to larger-sized companies. No matter which option(s) you choose, make
sure you follow legal requirements for informing your traffic of your use of cookies. Check out the next video on my top 5 blogging
platforms, or learn how to create an online store in less than 5 minutes. This is Daniella from Daniella.io, thanks
for watching and don’t forget to subscribe

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