April 10, 2020
Top 5 BEST Web Hosting for WordPress Websites (2020)

Top 5 BEST Web Hosting for WordPress Websites (2020)

– [Otto] Are you looking for web hosting to build a WordPress website today? In this video, we’re
going to compare the best WordPress web hosting
companies for your new website. We’ll compare and review
all the top companies like GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, SiteGround, and DreamHost. In the end, we’ll rank
each company based on price and performance, including
the best overall value to save you money. Stay tuned. (upbeat music) Hey, Otto here from WebsiteHelper.ai. And if you’re new to WebsiteHelper, we are a company that’s
focused on helping you create a beautiful website
both easily and affordably. Here’s our homepage, and
one thing that separates us is aside from helping you make a website, we actually also teach
how to do everything after the initial set up, including getting more website traffic, increasing your website performance and securing your website, finding the best themes
and plug-ins and much more. So if you want to learn
more about WebsiteHelper, just visit WebsiteHelper.ai, which will also be linked in
the video description below. Now one thing we like to
do here at WebsiteHelper is monthly giveaways. So in this video, we’re
doing a 100 dollar giveaway and it’s easy to join. You can join in just two steps. So the first step is to like this video and comment “Best WordPress web hosting.” Step two, subscribe and
hit the notification bell. And make sure you get
notified of all uploads. That’s it. As an optional step 3, you can visit WebsiteHelper.ai to see current and future giveaways right here. Now in today’s video, we’re
talking all about web hosting. Web hosting is one of the necessary pieces when it comes to creating
a WordPress website. WordPress is the software or
the CMS that we’re going to use to make our website. And over 33 percent of
the entire worldwide web runs on the WordPress platform. That means that one-third
of all website traffic is on a WordPress website. Now in order to install
WordPress, we need web hosting. Web hosting is simply
servers which allows us to put our website online,
live on the internet for other people to visit. The third component of
any WordPress website is a website name, AKA, a domain URL. Luckily, with a lot of
the web hosting companies we’re gonna look at today, you actually get a free domain name upon sign up. So without further ado,
let’s jump right in to the best web hosting for WordPress. Now the first step to finding
the best WordPress web hosting is to consult with the
official WordPress.org itself. So here we at WordPress.org/hosting. And you can actually see
the official recommendations from WordPress, the software that we’re going to be using today. As you can see here, we
have three companies. The first one is Bluehost. Second is DreamHost,
and third is SiteGround. And that wraps up the list
of the official WordPress.org recommended web host companies. Now many of you have probably heard of HostGator and GoDaddy. Now you’ll notice that
HostGator and GoDaddy are not feature on the
official recommendation list. We will look into GoDaddy and
HostGator later in this video, but for now, we’re gonna focus on the top three official recommendations and compare them among each other. All right, so here at WebsiteHelper, we’ve actually created an infographic to help easily compare these top three official WordPress recommended
web hosting companies. You can see we have Bluehost,
SiteGround, and DreamHost. Now the first thing you’re
gonna see is the pricing. And we’re gonna dive
into the pricing plans for each and every one of these hosts by going on to the actual
website themselves. One thing I wanna say is that the pricing that you’re seeing here may be special partnership pricing that is available via WebsiteHelper.ai. Some of the links that
we have on our website and in the video description below are actually partnership
links that may save you up to 60 percent off the normal pricing. So what you’re seeing here is that special pricing
reflected on this infographic. So the main features that are going to be most important for you are whether or not there is
a WordPress auto-install, whether or not you get a
free domain name or not, whether you get a custom
email address included, the performance of each
of these web hosts, and last but not least, the tech support, which is so important when
you’re creating a website. And sometimes you’re going
to need to have someone to help you along with the process. So when it comes to
WordPress auto-install, you can see that Bluehost and DreamHost both have WordPress auto-install, which is an amazing feature
that basically means once you sign up for the web hosting, WordPress automatically gets installed and you start creating
your website instantly. You don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to modify anything, whereas with SiteGround, you
do need to click a button. Now, it is a one-click install,
so it is simple enough, however, it’s not as
simple as an auto-install. So next is a domain name. Now on WebsiteHelper.ai/domain, we have a domain checker tool. So you can actually look up
your desired website name and desired URL and see
if it’s available online. This tool is actually
provided by Bluehost, one of the web hosting companies that you see on this page here. And if your website domain is available, you can immediately start
signing up for Bluehost and creating a WordPress website. So as you can see, both
Bluehost and DreamHost come with a free domain name for one year. Now you can see in the middle, SiteGround does not include a free domain name, and this will cost about $15.99 extra. Now the next feature is
the custom email address. If you want to have an email address that features your name at
your website domain dot com, then this is a feature
that you will surely want. And the truth is, once you have a website, you would like to have
that custom email address to have a really professional look versus a free Gmail email account. As you can see here with
both Bluehost and SiteGround, you get that custom email
address included for free. With DreamHost, this is
gonna cost an additional fee. And this will bring your monthly total up to $4.26 a month starting price. Now looking at the regular
starting price for DreamHost at $2.59 a month, it is the cheapest, but it also does not include
the free custom email address. So this is something that you should note. If you want that, it’s gonna actually bring the total up to $4.26 a month. Next, let’s talk about performance. Now, the prices here actually do reflect the performance of each web host. SiteGround, being the most
expensive starting price at $3.95 a month is the fastest performance between these three. The reason being is
because SiteGround uses some of the techniques that the managed web hosting companies such as WP Engine and Kinsta,
which start at $29 a month, SiteGround uses some of these techniques in their WordPress servers
to make them faster and more efficient than
the typical shared hosting. Next up when it comes to performance, Bluehost has fast performance
for a shared hosting server that’s less than three dollars a month. And third on the performance
list is DreamHost, which has about average performance compared to Bluehost and SiteGround. Now the last category is tech support. So with Bluehost and SiteGround, there’s top notch, 24/7 tech support. Now having used both tech support for both of these web hosting companies, I can attest that the response is amazing. Whenever I want something
done or something fixed with my website or with the servers, I have someone that I
can contact via live chat literally 24/7, around the
clock, and they can take care of any issue within minutes. Never had an issue with
either of these tech supports. Now with DreamHost, it’s
clear that their tech support isn’t quite of the same level
as SiteGround and Bluehost. You can tell with Bluehost and SiteGround that they really invested into
their tech support platform and they offer amazingly
quick response times. And the technicians are
usually pretty knowledgeable and they’re able to take care
of basically any problems you may run into within just minutes. Now we’re gonna dive into
each and every single one of these individual web host pricing plans to see what’s actually the best value. Because the prices
you’re seeing right here are just the starting prices, but there are actually better values if we choose to upgrade now. We can actually have access to creating unlimited websites rather
than just a single website, which is what these prices reflect. Again, if you want to take advantage of this special pricing that you see here that may be up to 60 percent off, then make sure you use the
links in the description or you use the links on WebsiteHelper.ai. All right, so here we are on Bluehost.com looking at their shared hosting options. And as you can see right here, the basics actually starting at $2.65 a month, and this is because a limited
time Black Friday sale. Now, the usual sale
price is $2.95 a month, which is still very affordable. Now the thing with the basic plan is that it allows you to create a single website, and you can see here, one website. You get 50 gigabytes SSD storage, and you get unmetered bandwidth, which means unlimited
traffic, theoretically. Now the plus plan, if you were to upgrade to this $4.95 a month plan, which is less than five dollars, you can actually create unlimited websites for one low monthly price. So for just a couple of dollars
more than the basic plan, you can literally create
unlimited websites with the plus plan. This will also bump you
up from 50 gigabytes of website storage to
unlimited SSD storage. And again, you get unmetered bandwidth, which means unlimited website visits. Now as you can see here, there’s actually a special promotion
because the choice plus is the same exact price as
the plus plan right now, which in addition to all of these things and the unlimited websites,
unlimited traffic, unlimited storage, you also
get domain privacy protection, site back up with code
guard, and you also get a free trial of Office 365. All right, so now we’re
looking at SiteGround.com and looking at their
shared web hosting options. You can see they start at $3.95 a month. This gives you access to one website and 10,000 visits monthly. So versus Bluehost, which
is unmetered bandwidth, which theoretically means
unlimited traffic and visits, with SiteGround, you do have a cap of only 10,000 visits monthly. If you upgrade to the grow
big plan, which starts at $5.95 a month, you get,
again, unlimited websites, 20 gigabytes of space,
and 25,000 visits monthly. If you go back to Bluehost over here, you can see that for
around the same price, a dollar cheaper, you
get unlimited websites, unlimited storage and
unlimited traffic as well. And here you have the go geek plan, which is $11.95 a month,
unlimited websites, 30 gigabytes of web space,
and 100,000 visits monthly, which is plenty for most beginners. Now here we are on DreamHost website, and you can see that these
prices are for a three year plan, which is actually the same as Bluehost. So the starter plan is $2.59 a month. You get one website, free domain included, unlimited traffic. And again, this does not include a custom email address for you domain, which will cost an
additional $1.67 a month, which brings this total price to over four dollars a month
for the most basic plan. Now if you wanna upgrade
to unlimited websites with DreamHost, it’s
actually a bit more expensive than Bluehost and the same price as SiteGround at $5.95 a month. You get unlimited websites,
a free domain’s included, unlimited traffic, and you also get unlimited emails at your domain. You also get unlimited
emails with Bluehost as well. And with SiteGround you also
get the unlimited emails, but starting at the lower plans and not just the upgraded plan. All right, so we also
mentioned HostGator and GoDaddy because those are two very popular WordPress web hosts as well. So we’re gonna dive into the pricing plans of each of them and also talk
about the performance of each. So we’re here at
HostGator.com and you can see they start at $2.75 a month, which is about in line with
Bluehost and DreamHost. You can see here that that hatchling plan, which is the most basic plan, only has a single website domain, but it does have unmetered bandwidth, and it does have a free
domain name included. Now if you were to
upgrade to the baby plan, you get unlimited domains,
one click WordPress installs, unmetered bandwidth, which
means unlimited traffic, and also the free domain included. Now one thing to note is
they haven’t mentioned anything here about getting
a free email address or custom email address with your domain, so that may be an
additional charge as well. But as you can see, pricing
is pretty attractive. However, I do wanna
remind you that HostGator is not an official WordPress
recommended web host. Now being an official
WordPress recommended web host means that WordPress themselves stands behind this company, and they work with this company to ensure
that they always maintain compliance and the highest
standards of performance and compatibility with
WordPress the platform. Now moving on to GoDaddy, we’re looking at GoDaddy’s
WordPress hosting here. And you can see that it’s
quite a bit more expensive starting at $6.99 a month. And this is for one website,
30 gigabytes of storage, and up to 25,000 monthly visitors. Now you do get the free business email, but that also comes with
Bluehost and SiteGround. And in DreamHost if you were
to upgrade that as well. Now you can see here with
GoDaddy that even upgrading to the highest e-commerce
plan at $15.99 a month, it’s still just one website. You do not get to create
unlimited websites for a low monthly price, just like all the other web hosts before. So that’s one reason why GoDaddy is quite a bit more expensive. And again, GoDaddy, just like HostGator is not an official WordPress
recommended web host, so when it comes to creating
a WordPress website, you probably want to stick with an official WordPress recommendation. Now we’re gonna rank these
top five web hosting companies in terms of what is the best overall value and the best bang for the buck. Now at number one, we
have to go with Bluehost. Bluehost, although not
quite as fast as SiteGround, is quite a bit cheaper
when it comes to each of the comparable plans. At $4.95 a month, you can
actually get the choice plus plan which comes with the unlimited websites, unlimited SSD storage,
and unmetered bandwidth which means unlimited traffic. You’ll also get a free SSL certificate, which means your website
is gonna have this lock right here in the top left, and it’s also going to
be secured and encrypted. In addition to that, you do get the free custom email address,
you get the free domain, which SiteGround does not include. Now at number two, we have
to go with SiteGround. SiteGround has the best performance out of these five web host, but it
also costs a little bit more. It does not include the free domain name, so your overall cost is going
to be be a little bit higher, but $5.95 a month, the grow
big plan is an awesome value. You get to create unlimited websites. It is capped at 25,000 visits monthly, but that’s actually a very large number for most beginners to even reach. Third, we’re gonna go with DreamHost, which is also the third recommended web hosting company on
the recommendations. Now DreamHost is a third compared
to Bluehost and SiteGround just based on the performance,
based on the tech support. DreamHost has always been a
third to Bluehost and SiteGround in terms of popularity. And as you can see with the pricing here, it’s about the same price as SiteGround, but it also does not have
the same level of performance or the same level of support. So if you’re looking for the best value, then Bluehost is easily the
best value amongst these three. At fourth, we’re gonna go with HostGator over GoDaddy because again from day one, HostGator is a web hosting company. GoDaddy started as a domain registrar for people to just buy dot coms and to buy their website name, but not to actually create a website. HostGator is used on
plenty of websites online, however it is not official
WordPress recommended, so we have to put it at fourth. It is a decent value for the price, but again the performance
is not as good as Bluehost or SiteGround, and the
pricing is close enough that I would rather go with Bluehost than HostGator and get an official WordPress recommended host. At number five, we’re
gonna go with GoDaddy. Highest prices, lowest features. You can only create one
website even with the highest $15.99 a month plan, you can
only still create one website. Whereas with all these other web hosts, you can make unlimited websites for four to five dollars a month. All right, so that wraps up our best WordPress web hosting companies. If you got value from this,
make sure to like the video and comment below letting us know. Again to take advantage
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up your WordPress website. But after setting up your
website, if you wanna learn how to increase your
website’s performance, secure your website and to
get more website traffic, visit WebsiteHelper.ai today.

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