April 7, 2020
TOP 3 Ways to Make $100 PER DAY As A Broke Teenager (2020)

TOP 3 Ways to Make $100 PER DAY As A Broke Teenager (2020)

So you wanna make $100 a day? But you’re broke. Let’s change that, shall we? In today’s video, I am going to be going
over 3 ways that you can earn $100 per day online, as a broke teenager. We have all been broke at one point, and for
me, it was a few years ago when I was 15 years old. I was just starting to become interested in
entrepreneurship and wanted to develop a stream of income online. We will be discussing a low budget Shopify
Dropshipping strategy, as well as a Youtube strategy, where you earn money making videos,
without needing to show your face. We will also be discussing how you can build
your own scalable business, through offering a virtual assistant service to successful
ecommerce and dropship professionals. The first, and best way in my opinion, to
make $100 per day with $0 upfront, is through starting a Dropshipping store. Don’t click away, I know that you’ve probably
heard the word Dropshipping a million times now, but let me explain. With a zero dollar investment, purchasing
ads isn’t really an option, however there’s a few sneaky way to utilise Instagram in order
to generate revenue for free. The way that you dropship without needing
to pay for ads, is through creating an affiliate type program for Instagram influencers. You source the products from AliExpress, and
sell using Facebook ads, however, this influencer marketing strategy is the most effective with
a zero dollar budget. You get in contact with influencers with less
than 10-20k followers, as usually they won’t charge a fee upfront as their following isn’t
big enough, and you give them a link to your store. You tell them that they can buy anything they
want for themselves for 70% off (which means they’re paying cost price so you don’t
make a profit or a loss) and then when they wear the product, take pictures and then promote
it on their Instagram, you will pay them 20% of all sales they generate. After you launch a few of these campaigns
and generate some profit, you can transition into larger influencers, as now you will be
able to pay someone with more followers from the profit you earned in the previous campaigns. This strategy snowballs and before you know
it, you’ll have a large group of influencers who are all consecutively driving traffic
to the site, and bringing in revenue. This is the most low risk way to market a
Dropshipping store, as you don’t need to spend a cent on advertising in the beginning. Through the same strategy, I generated over
$1500 in sales without spending a dime on ads, and then I was able to use the profits
to hire larger influencers and also branch into different methods of paid advertising. I’ll be creating a full 2020 Dropshipping
tutorial soon, so go ahead and subscribe so you don’t miss that when it’s released. If starting a Dropshipping store isn’t your
thing, but you still want to earn $100 per day fully online, becoming a virtual assistant
is super effective. A virtual assistant is basically a helping
hand for online store owners, where you are hired to do tasks like respond to customer
service emails, send their orders to their manufacturer via email or through a software,
and many other basic tasks. The way you become a virtual assistant is
through getting in contact with website owners, through platforms like Facebook, and advertising
yourself as an assistant to free up their workload. You can write a post in e-commerce Facebook
groups, or get in contact with other store owners who are writing posts, and send them
a message. Now where this business can begin generating
greater than $100 per day, is if you decide to outsource your own work. Meaning that if a website owner is paying
you $14 per hour to do certain tasks, you can outsource the tasks to someone else who
is willing to work for $12 per hour, meaning you take $2 per hour for acting as the middleman. And not only that, you’re actually providing
value, as you’re providing a solution to the website owner, and also bringing work
to someone who may be looking for online employment. Now, the third and final method which I’m sharing today,
is through YouTube. The average CPM on youtube is around $3, meaning
that for a video with one million views, the creator earns around $3000 USD. For a video with 50 million views, that’s
$150,000 USD from one video. So you can see how earning $100 per day is
a very true possibility. You can
use social blade, which is a super handy website, to get a rough estimate of how much these
channels are earning on a monthly basis. So, if you’re sitting there complaining
about being broke. Get up, and do something. I’ve explained 3 ways today, but in reality
there are thousands of ways to make an income online, these
are just my favourites.

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