April 1, 2020
Top 3 Niches To Sell In 2019: Best Ecommerce Shopify Niches For 2019

Top 3 Niches To Sell In 2019: Best Ecommerce Shopify Niches For 2019

Hey, what is up guys, it’s Rafael here And today you’re going to learn the top three niches to sell products online for 2019 Let’s go to my computer and find out. All right, so the three best niches to sell online it closed in nineteen We’re gonna go over the three right now as you’re seeing them. The first one is home in kitchen. The second is garden slash gardening products and then the third one is Apparel slash print on the man now, you may be thinking okay these three niches I get it They’re the best but why why are they the best nations, right? So we’re gonna go one by one and seeing why they are good to sell line, especially now right So home and kitchen it is a niche where people buy things out of impulse one first first of all impulse buys So for example, one of the top products online right now is a drain plug and I’m gonna show you right now Let me go into the page I’m using peg start right now. If you don’t have pegs up then you can get your your account Let me actually go into the of Express page and check it out. Wait. Oh I have to login for it. But this is one of the top products as you can see it selling for 1495 I’ve seen some people sell for 995 and This product brought me over ten thousand dollars in a single month Just by promoting it on Facebook right in facebook ads. So essentially products that you can buy out of impulse They’re also products that you can essentially people buy them with Disposable income let me write that out disposable income buys What does that mean? Right someone that has a nine-to-five job that has some extra income You know has savings has a little bit of money coming in They can buy things like this that will make their life easier. That is also one point It makes life a little bit easier makes life cooking, you know makes life cooking cleaning Cleaning a little bit and faster That’s also a very big reason why these products sell really well home in kitchen you know products that are less than twenty thirty dollars their disposable income by some people by you know, they’re like Oh, this product looks pretty cool Let me buy that and then it makes life a little bit easier and faster, right? Also, the fourth thing is it is women Centric most of the times right? So the best videos that perform for me and the best Facebook ads that perform were Targeting women with women in the video, right? Why because women tend to buy more online and Women tend to buy more things for the home for the kitchen to clean and to cook, right I’m now being I’m not generalizing but this is something that does happen when you start testing products and when you start selling online So home and kitchen is definitely one of the top ones Why home and garden right? Let’s go into home and garden right now Home and garden the thing with home and garden is a very passionate niche. So we write that our passion niche So people that like gardening and that like, you know gardening their home and creating creating beautiful gardens They’re very very passionate about it and the absolutely lovely and the thing with this is that if you sell them a product to make Gardening easier to make that niche and that passion Easier then they’re gonna buy it like crazy It’s also a disposable income by people can buy something pretty cheap for about twenty or thirty dollars if you can sell it for that In order to improve their garden to make their garden more beautiful and make it better right now that we’re going into the winter 2018 to 2019 You’re in spring 2019. You’re going to see a huge demand for burning products Just because the winter just fast people now are like, okay. I need to get my garden beautiful and people that have gardens Usually have a pretty decent amount of money. They don’t live in a little apartment a room. They live in a house, right? So people have money To spend on products for their guard right? So you’re targeting people that Have money have disposable income have a job in order to buy products for their garden This is why it works so well and why I recommend now the third one apparel and print on the mat Why is this right you might be thinking? Okay apparel were not a man. Why? because Once one it’s a very passionate Niche or very passionate category to go into specially print on the mat Right. If you start print on the mat, you will start seeing that some niches have an insane amount of passion Some people are just extremely passionate about dark shirts You know me for example I love dogs and I buy dog shirts and I buy shirts that are funny about dogs For example have a shirt that says can I pet your dog? With a question mark I love that shirt and I bought it for about 16 dollars online from e-commerce shop So essentially it’s passion in each. It has a lot of demand from next year for 2019 and also general a pair, right? There are multiple companies including my companies that do really really well selling Apparel online and selling clothes for both women and men I definitely recommend going the women centric recommend it In terms of apparel, right Women’s apparel sells way more than men’s apparel does so for example if you were going and to go to the print on the man write searching for shirts and hoodies and Leggings to sell you will want to gear yourself and your efforts towards women not men in this case, right? so definitely recommend it because it’s a niche category and also why it’s good into the 7:19 specifically because now With essentially all the the trending topics that are coming in, you know, 2018 was a crazy year has been a crazy year 2019 has a lot of topics to make sure it’s about right things like, you know, I get triggered or things I You know all these memes that are coming out right you can even do meme means print on a man It has a lot of space To get into and it has a lot of space to make a lot of money with right So that’s definitely why I recommend it. It’s a very passion women centric and you can you know, you can use the trends of 2019 in order to make a lot of money quits So definitely I recommend those three niches if you have no idea which needs to go with Choose one of these three if you still want to check. Okay, let me see What other niches there are you can check my other? YouTube video how to find a profitable ecommerce niche if you like this video Linea like down below give me a thumbs up and a comment below and Then subscribe to my channel if you haven’t subscribed yet hit the bell for notifications Thank you so much for watching this check out the other videos and trainings and the free webinar down below Thank you for watching and I see you in the next one

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  2. It's because women are made to cook and clean and decorate the home. That's why they generally buy products associated with it more than men.

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  4. Perfect. Direct to the point, not trying to sell people on anything.. just giving value… your rock man thanks.

  5. Yes, perfect!! This made me want to change my store into the garden niche which was something I was thinking about from when I got started. Great content

  6. Great video bro. I've always wanted to start a drop shipping business but I thought I was too late. You have made me way more motivated to start now!

  7. Is not about jumping from one niche to another because of you here someone on the internet say it is trending niche. Have you analyzed the competition yet. Build a store first before jumping from one place to another. If another person makes another video to say that snowboarding is a trending niche, some stupid people will still go ahead and jump into snowboarding niche. THAT'S WHY YOU WILL ALWAYS FAIL, YOU ARE 100% INTO IT FOR THE MONEY.

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