March 29, 2020

TOP 20 WINNING PRODUCTS TO DROPSHIP IN 2020: Top Shopify Dropshipping Products for 2020

(Shopify Winning Products) In this video I’m gonna show you the top 20 winning Shopify products for 2020 the new year the new decade so you can absolutely Grow your ecommerce store as much as possible get the results that you’re looking for and start absolutely crushing it let’s find out and before we start I want to thank you so much for 20,000 subscribers Absolutely insane that I can impact so many people after my videos for that, too. Thank you for that I’m doing a special giveaway of a fully built Shopify store completely fully built with everything that you need to start getting sales if you want to participate in that kiba way all you have to Do is comment down below automate automate down below? We teach people how to automate their Shopify business Subscribe hit that notification bell that like button down below and I’m gonna pick somebody over the next week or two From every video that comments so go ahead and comment subscribe at the notification bell and that like button I will be checking and the last thing if you want to watch a full Shopify step-by-step course complete for free take the first link in the description It’s completely free course available for you Now for the 20 products the first product that I want to show you is this deep drop phishing light Which I found a couple of days ago It’s only been running for about a month and essentially for people out like fishing or yeah It’s just people I like fishing we’re interested in fishing You can put this a little light and it attracts fish to come to that one spot and it’s also really helpful for people I like to fish at night There’s something that’s a very niche market this particular store in about a month has had 63 thousand views from it But why I think it’s a winning product and why I think you should sell it. It’s because this particular store is crushing it with With fishing products you go here and you type on sale source and you click analyze store This particular store is absolutely rushing with fishing and fishing products. They have a lot of them If you go to the main homepage they have here. It’s kind of a general store But for example, they sold a lot of these umbrella rate this fish Knot-tying tool they’ve just sold a lot like more than a hundred thousand per month if we look up their store They’re making 125 thousand to two hundred fifty-one thousand per month with scaled up products This is one of the new ones that they’re selling or relatively new. They’re still scaling it up so I think it still has a lot of potential to keep going and start selling a lot of it the second product that I Want to show you is these particular ski slope attachments to your page. I’m just gonna refresh here because Turbo add finer is having some issues. So it’s this particular product that you can put on your shoe and it looks like that And you can see it right there you can literally put this on your shoe on any type of shoe that you have and they use it for skiing like it’s absolutely cool skating snowboarding It’s just absolutely awesome and now that it’s a season 4 in the next one to two months three months in most of the cold countries and United States Canada Europe, Australia, not obviously But in the main countries you have a lot of snow and a lot of people are interested in skiing They’re going to ski vacations so it’s kind of a really cool product to show off and it’s also something new that we haven’t really seen that much and you Can attach it to that right there about three weeks, it’s made three hundred sixteen thousand views So absolutely insane and it’s scaling and growing Remember, it’s gonna be for the next couple of months. So you still have a good window to sell it in 2020 and In the months to come for the third product this particular make up case and I found it through an ad here on Facebook It’s really cool how it combines the selfie light which was a huge product in 2020 with a makeup case So it actually combines two absolutely scaled up winning products You can see it right here in the little video the combines those two Products this particular one in about a month has gained seven hundred and eighty thousand views beauty products I kind of recommend not to sell them because most people what they do is they go and see a cool beauty product out there they try to copy the same add the same product same audiences everything and it doesn’t work that well because it’s such an Expensive niche to sell to and it’s such an expensive just cost on Facebook. This particular product is new so not that many people are selling it and there’s always those products that blow up they made like a Million two million dollars and this one has potential to be that in the next couple of months Someone from this video can take this product and scale it up really really hard the next product I want to show you is this dumpling mode? Which you probably it’s been running like crazy in the past couple of months and you can basically create dumplings for you easily I still see a lot of potential in this particular product in the coming months Especially now in the holiday season and particularly thoughts towards next year as well So you can even solid now and also towards next year It’s a product that anybody like a general store kitchen in each a home niche or a family in each Anybody can really sell this product and it’s still something that people buy again and again and again It’s something that might break so people can buy it multiple times. There’s still a really good product It’s been running for about four months nine hundred thousand views So it’s a little bit old this particular ad has been really scaled up, but you’re still a lot of potential It’s not selling too much or too saturated if you brand it properly or if you make it very high-quality We’re sad just some cheap cheap thing from China You can definitely sell a lot of this for the next product these light wings for kids here We actually found it by hiring a product researcher and he found a list of products This one was one of the products that he found this is basically like these wings Especially girls or a girl like young girls can use this and look really cool and show off to their friends It also shows up like the ad it’s it’s really really good in the last three weeks is gained about two million views a lot Of those views are international goals. So it’s not only from the US or Canada or really high-end countries It’s also like international so they’re getting a lot of use from everywhere So it doesn’t mean that the product is saturated there If you looked at Aliexpress This particular product is selling really well with an average of around 10 to 15 orders per day here We had a really good day on the 15th 28 orders, and now to kind of drop back back down it went back up So it’s only around 15 to 20, so it’s not super saturated But there’s also a lot of opportunity to sell quite a few orders has 1200 orders right here And it’s a little bit of an expensive product, but it’s a really high perceived value product as well You can sell this for a lot more and you can also get a discount from that supplier It’s just a great product for a generous or a kid’s store. If you’re also already selling like products to parents kids toys And so on it’s a good product to add on top of that the next one this mini food cell machine We actually found it through a product researcher as well. He found this particular product You’ve probably seen they’re running the ad is not super huge. So I wasn’t gonna show it here But this particular page she’s doing really well with it Here is the particular product here you have is basically just a food sealer it seals any types of plastic bags like it shows here on Aliexpress it has 1800 order so we check on Pecola here. It’s selling now, it’s selling really well around 40 to 50 a day so it’s like so really good that it was selling like twenty twelve fifteen and then it jumped back up to the fifty and now It’s averaging around forty to forty five a day So it’s selling really well has a lot of potential in the next year and it’s also a small product that has kind of a low perceived value But you can have a higher perceived value if you’re branded properly If you do a really cool video has good reviews and everything looks really good for you to sell it So I think it’s a great product. Definitely the scale get some really nice sales with Hey If you’re enjoying this video and the products that I’m giving out to you and you see value in these trainings make sure to schedule a Strategy session with the second link down in the description go to second link in the description It’s very easy to book your own Strategy session for free with us is a 45 minute strategy call with me or somebody on my team We’ll go through the entire strategy that you need for your business to start getting sales in 2020 make the year Absolutely amazing go ahead and schedule your session with the second link in the description for free for the next product this Clothes dryer rack right here, which I thought was really cool and it’s super useful We actually struggle with this because we don’t have a dryer We just wash clothes and then put them on a drying rack kind of thing here and it’s also super cold right now So it’s really hard to drive things So this dryer rack is actually super useful for everybody that lives in a cold weather doesn’t have any Sun right now They can just put her on this drying rack and it’s super easy to drive the particular product and about a week It has 1.1 million views again. They’re running internationally. So all this is not like very high quality Views, it’s also kind of international views where it still has a lot of potential to sell and it’s super useful so if you highlight the problem really well, like if you show people with super sweaty clothes or really just How do you call it with like full water? like yeah Wet clothes full of wet clothes and then you have yeah and also dirty clothes You can also use this for drying clothes very very easily super useful and also isn’t a super high price So it’s definitely worth the money that you’re paying for it the next particular product that I want to show you here is this video? camera stabilizer this particular product It was really cool how the videos started so look at how the video starts there’s also a lesson on how to create video ads You see how the video starts those particular few seconds here. They’re super attractive. Like it’s somebody jumping and the camera stays there It’s kind of like oh, then they show an attractive girl with it Then it shows somebody using it and it’s just really useful product as well Yeah here you can see the show with it without it slow and easy motion So this particular product has a 1.2 million views in about two weeks. It is a lot. But again International traffic you can click on there and it’s a general store selling this particular product I think maybe not this particular video stabilizer Maybe you don’t find the exact one But you can find different video stabilizers or camera Stabilizers camera or gear camera accessories are super super helpful for anybody that’s interested in photography Anybody that’s interested in just taking pictures in general? products like this but are accessories to cameras or accessories for stabilizing are Really really good to sell to that particular niche or if you have a general store as well for the next product these lightsaber chopsticks right here These fun Chopsticks here that is showing off this particular ad doesn’t have that many views and it’s a little bit old The really cool thing about this product after I show you this video It’s the trend that it’s having on Aliexpress in China. So you can look at this order statistic chart right here it dropped massively to 2013 it kind of died out People I got and then it kind of jumped back up to tour and 48 then I jumped back up 255 then 894 and then I jumped back down to 713 So this product just exploded like it went down massively to 20 a day, then it went back up massively It could be just Instagram influencers. Maybe somebody’s sizing this Super-hard on Facebook, but it’s still a product. I just absolutely exploded in like a day or two. We’ve got a thousand orders So when we actually checked the product or found the product it had less than 1000 now We just absolutely blew up like in the past couple of days. So I think it’s still a product has a lot of potential It’s a really cool Like wow factor product and it’s also pretty cheap that you can sell on a general store on an each store maybe I just uh It’s also could be a gift for kids and so on just to make it fun And I love that chart when things like go like that and it’s it’s awesome for the next product right here This art masks or a welding machine or welding helper. It’s more for people that are obviously more professional So the targeting on this it’s a little bit hard. You can definitely use this for Google Ads It’s a better much better product for Google in about two months has 685 thousand views over here less splash stable current. So it’s a product more for professionals Maybe people that run a little welding shop or a little bike shop or a little repair shop. It’s super helpful So it’s more for like professionals. It’s not really to have in your home or to practice at home I wouldn’t recommend selling it to people like that, but it’s really good for professionals for Google Ads. It will be a great product I also want to show you from Facebook for Google for Instagram This particular one is great for Google for the next one perfect for a home kitchen and bathroom this magic mop this particular one Right here OOP and use this mop particularly here I thought this product was kind of not real like it could be a scam or maybe it’s not that great and then I go and watch the comments and I did a little bit of research on this particular product and there’s a lot of People that received the product it does. Well, there’s nobody commenting that is a scam or anything a lot of people It’s a great product you’re posting pictures with it and they look like real people. They don’t have Chinese names or anything. It’s worldwide So it has eight point six million views in about a month, but there is a lot of worldwide traffic on here There’s a lot of people commenting in Spanish. A lot of people saying Oh, will it shipped to Mauritius or Trinidad and Tobago? Yeah, and a bunch of people in Spanish actually, just order one. It’s the best I would love this So there’s a lot of people, you know, really? Commenting really good comments on here. So it’s a pretty cool product super useful So it definitely solved the problem like most mops are really hard to clean Most mops are really hard to use and there’s other types of mops But they’re either super expensive or just really hard to to use So this particular one is absolutely crushing it from this particular product products like that that solve a massive problem It’s not really like a life-altering problem or something like that But it definitely helps save time help save a lot of money and it makes your life easier around the home It’s a great product to sell or any type of product Like that for the third product that we’re gonna see right now this one be careful with it I just want to use it as a presentation of the type of product that can work in 2020 so this particular back belt solves the it basically is a posture corrector that solves your posture problems But it’s not a posture corrector like the saturator one is a posture corrector back belt So it’s actually a switch on the already saturated product this particular one. This is something that I see happening a lot in 2020 is products of a supersaturated in 2019 They come back in a different form or the solution to the problem in 2019 comes back in a different form So a particularly product like this, it’s really good in about three months 1.9 million views right here this particular belt The comments are pretty good right here, but it’s a little bit of a scientific product So be really careful with how you word it. Don’t you know don’t put any medical advice without like a license or anything? So it’s be very careful with the product, but it solves that problem Of the posture corrector comes back in with a different type of product. So one thing that could help you a lot is all got 2018-2019 look at the problems that people had the products that brought those solutions and then pick a product that solves those problems back then again in 2024 the next product this firework Humidifier right here air humidifiers are a massive product to sell and there’s always new designs coming through So this niche is actually one of the first ones that I ever made profitable sales with was in the yoga niche and armor therapy humidifier niche so this new one that looks really really cool and their ad copy here and it has a Like nice touch to it with the different fonts. I’m gonna show you how to do that in just a second But here it says a cool misfired diffuser it brings mesmerizing colors must drive air and hours of selfless relaxation So that kind of type text or font change. It’s really cool It really attracts you to a particular ad and about a month has 2.7 million views and the product has just absolutely exploded this particular one here And it looks like a little bit of a firework and draw around a therapy with style I think it’s an amazing product to sell if you want to make Funds like that or you want to make add a copy like that. You gotta go to yank text dot-com Yeh text comm and actually write the ad copy that you want. So let’s say it’s buy this now like whoops buy this now today and I can use one of these ad copies and I can write my act copy and then I can look at the fonts right here So you have this one this one and I want to make it look like really cool and really bold For example, this one I can just copy here copy and now paste it into my hat copy So it’s pretty easy You just have to literally copy and paste From the text that you want down below this one and faceook allows you to make add a copy like that with different fonts So it’s really really cool for you to use and use in your ad copy the next product that I want to show you is This water bottle pump right here And I want to show you the order stats on this because we were actually struggling with this thing We bought a bunch of really big water bottles now that I have like a stable home it’s actually I’m seeing the Products that I could sell to be that have a home that I may be married to have a family So this particular product is super helpful, and it’s selling around 30 It went down to 20, but it’s all along 20 to 40 per day and it basically allows you to pump water out of a bottle really really easily with a touch of the button on the top and This is a huge problem super super hard to pump water out of these bottles It’s just amazingly hard and a lot of people have these bottles at home these huge water bottles Like super super big and then they need that pump to actually pull the water out Use it on a cup and then actually drink it so it’s super helpful It’s a really great product to sell and it’s selling out a really nice trend So it’s gonna be huge in 2020 It already has five thousand something your orders, but it still has a lot of potential not that many people advertising it out there It’s a lot of sales from like Russia or Ukraine So it’s like organic sales through Aliexpress to countries that already buy on the platform It’s a big opening for other countries US Canada and Europe The next particular product baby building blocks from nine months sober this particular stores is absolutely crushing it Consistent six figures per month in the baby niche and they have these products called baby building blocks Right here And it basically allows children to play with the Dior babies to play with these blocks really easily and here you can see the pictures and also these When they bring when you squeeze so it’s very interactive and it helps a kid like learn and it’s also like BPA free Non-toxic and so on they can put these on top of each other They can learn all these building blocks all the things I have to do with baby education baby motor skills getting kids to learn how to do things They’re super super profitable huge products to sell Oh, they’re making four hundred ninety thousand to almost a million dollars per month And these are best-selling products this baby sofa chair learning tool head protection pillow And now the baby building blocks are going up into the best sellers list. So I think it’s a great product to sell It’s absolutely huge and all these products I have to do with education for kids are huge to sell Maybe have a kids in each store or a general store They’re still great to sell the next product are lists this really useful pet hair remover It’s a huge problem. If you own a pet if you have multiple pets in your home having hair all over the place It’s super super useful Time a product like this and they keep coming out with like these rollers and hair removers This particular one is super easy to use It’s also like very simple and very, um it’s actually very affordable and very cheap loved by our customers and here you can see it’s kind of funny that On the video from reviews. It’s actually just reviews from Luke’s so they’re definitely drop shipping these products They’ve been running for about four months 8.4 million views and they kind of like not scaled it up a lot more or not that many people selling this particular product so Hair removers like this one and the next product that I’m going to show you are Super useful to sell in a general store or in a niche pet store. So it’s just really great to sell here You can see the actual page and it’s actually a general store that’s selling this right here and you can see there Sorry for around I think this is like twenty dollars. Sorry that it’s in Ukranian, but this particular one here It’s a useful tool for pet owners in this particular store If we click on sale source Let’s see how much it’s making Here’s the page the page actually Explains the product really well and it shows all the pet here step one step two How to use the product if we go on sale sorts, it’s making sixty-five thousand two hundred thirty one thousand dollars per month So it’s a store that knows what they’re doing It’s making really good money So this particular product is one of the ones that’s crushing it for exam The next particular product that I want to show you here again, like I said instead of pet hair remover Is this little lint remover? So it’s another product like this one and this one is a little bit more like Technological more, you know more twenty twenty issue vibe right here, and it’s super easy to remove anything Just pass it through and it removes it passes through and it removes it and it’s not only for pet hair The other one is more for pet hair. This one is more for lint and general homework so this one if you want to do one of These two products or you want to do two of these products this one I would target it towards pet owners and just removing pet hair this one I would target it just in general like clothing or people in general That need that particular product or that problem salt about two months It has six hundred fifty six thousand views, so it’s been scaled up really really well And it’s just a great video. If you watch this video, it’s just great. They turn it on. They remove the lint Quick and efficient. They also saw your like inside of it, which I don’t really know how they did that But it’s really really cool how they showed you Inside of the product what’s happening just really easy to use and it’s it’s cool how they you know that they see the lint roller Here inside there’s just a great video in general that you can Take notes on to write your your own videos the next product. I want to show you from architecture the store That is absolutely washing it a million dollars a month selling home decor products. This particular one is very functional So this your product and this category of products is functional home decor products just like this one It’s also a charger. It’s a speaker maybe you see a comment right here love ours the sound from the speaker is amazingly rich and it looks great and Products like this or super profitable and people like no one really talks about them home decor products or product for like really expensive That look really cool, but they’re also very functional not that many people are talking about it I don’t see that many videos on it So products like this is a great great niche to go into it’s a little bit more expensive So to me if we go to the actual page on architecture You have to find it through here and you see like so it’s selling for our own two hundred dollars So it is an expensive product don’t expect to get sales like right away in the cold targeting for this expect to get sales and maybe retargeting or down the line with email campaigns and so on but it’s really a great niche a great product to solve just because People that have a home and they have a family and they’re really passionate about making a home look really good Plus, it has some functionality of having the charger the speaker and so on It’s a great value for the product and when you brand it properly when it looks like a very legitimate brand Very legitimate store. It gives it that extra Push to get people to actually buy and the last product that I want to show you product number 20 is the Serbian Chef’s knives right here this handmade serving chef’s knives and you can see one of the ads from this particular store that I found here and you can see it is A retargeting ad so actually this is the Spanish I was like and this product it’s cool But it’s just a chef’s knives whatever and then I got retargeted again and again and again by the store It’s a really cool retargeting ad like it is a very handy very sharp knife and done its job Well, Terry the Kulina customer you could even cut through the wood with a sharpened betadine It talks about the product and then it says complete your purchase So that was really cool about this retargeting at is that it’s an image and then it says complete your purchase So it’s like hey, you’re almost about to buy Why don’t you go ahead and buy right now? So it’s actually really cool and the particular product is selling for $88 right here. It’s a great product page and a great store in general Then when we look at Ally Express this particular product we go to PEX allah and it’s selling around ten twenty eight twenty seven forty five went down to eleven So on average around twenty five Orders per day and it’s also selling internationally germany france us russia So I would take this product and sell it to people interested in cooking and I’m just cooking but like high-end cooking all over a packet countries like everywhere in Europe in US Canada Australia, pretty much all these countries that could have potential in buying this product or we go ahead and target done That’s it for the amazing twenty winning Shopify products if you want to go ahead and win that Optimized Shopify store for free make sure to comment Automate down below subscribe hit that notification about and that like button and if you want a full free Shopify’s Of course click that first link in the description, make sure to watch in this video Right here where I teach you a case study of a store that did 1.2 million dollars in 30 days 1.3 million dollars. It’s an amazing case study. It’ll blow your mind Check it out right there Make sure to schedule a strategy session with the second link in the description and I will see you in the next one

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