April 1, 2020

Top 10 Tips to Sell More on Your Etsy Shop – Printful 2019

Already selling on Etsy or planning to do
so? Here are 10 tips that can help your sales
on the platform skyrocket! Hey, it’s Andris from Printful’s marketing
team. And today we’re going to look at 10 tips
that can improve your Etsy page. Stay until the end of the video to find out
how optimizing your product title and description can help you reach bigger audience, how to
optimize tags for Etsy products, and so much more. This video is not endorsed or in any way sponsored
by Etsy. First thing to note is that Etsy is a marketplace,
just like Amazon or Ebay. That means that you gain a large audience
by using Etsy, but you also have to compete with a lot of other sellers on the platform
for that audience. Because of this, it’s important that you
optimize your products and make sure you stand out. These tips will help you do just that. Let’s jump into it! Tip number 1 – Optimize product titles Your product title is the first thing that’s
going to help you show up in Etsy’s search. So be sure to use keywords that people are
looking for. There are three things you can do to improve
your product titles. First of all, use keywords that are really
descriptive of what your product is, don’t get too creative using abstract names nobody
will recognize, because your product won’t show up in the search results. Second, keep it short and sweet. Etsy search engine doesn’t favor product
titles that are too long. Use no more than five words in your title
and make them count! Third, keep the more important words near
the beginning of your title, so they don’t get lost. If you think the most important thing about
your sweatshirt is it’s Christmas themed, then write that first. Tip number 2 – Optimize product descriptions A well-written description lets potential
customers find your product as well as motivates them to go through with the purchase. The description needs to include details of
the product, important keywords, and a personal touch from you. When crafting your descriptions, think about
what questions customers might have about your products and try to answer them. Include any sizing information, materials
used, and information about shipping. Be sure to add a size guide – people can’t
touch your products or try them on, so they’ll find it helpful. Write product descriptions with keywords in
mind. Think of which words your customers are most
likely to use when searching for products like yours and what information is most helpful
for them. Come up with a list of keywords you want to
be associated with and cleverly involve them in the text. And be creative – don’t do the same description
on all products. Use different keywords for different products,
this both attracts people in different audiences, and it helps you identify what works and what
doesn’t. A personal touch will add your brand more
value. So make sure your descriptions go hand in
hand with your brand message. Before we jump to the next tip, be sure to
subscribe to our Youtube channel if you like our content! We publish a lot of great tips about ecommerce
that we’re sure you’ll find more than useful! Tip number 3 – Optimize tags Tags are good for adding keywords that don’t
fit in your title or description. Note that Etsy only allows 13 tags, so you
need to be mindful of how you use them. Try to use longer tags to add more keywords. Tags like “Gifts for her” or “Christmas
holiday sweater” work well, but don’t include the same words you have in your title,
otherwise you’ll only be wasting valuable tags on keywords you already have. While writing tags you should answer these
two questions – What are the main aspects of your products that customers should know
about, and what keywords are they most likely going to use to search for you? Tip number 4 – Free shipping It’s not just a marketing incentive, Etsy
actually prefers stores that offer free shipping. Meaning you’ll be more favored in their
search results. You just need to include the shipping costs
in your base product price and you’re good to go. Tip number 5 – Use appealing product photos When people look for products on Etsy, they
first notice the product photos. So it’s key to use photos that stand out. Use a photo that’s visually striking, with
your product and design at the focus. And remember that your customers aren’t
able to see your products in real life so your photos should due them justice. Printful offers simple mockups that you can
use for free, but it’s a good idea to create your own or use sites like placeit.net to
find something that suites your needs. There are certain rules for photos you can
use on your page, so be sure to read Etsy’s guidelines before uploading. Tip number 6 – Write an about us page You have to tell your story to be heard. It’s the only way to build credibility and
create a connection with your audience. A good about us page is what will give you
an advantage over big-box retailers. As a small business owner, you have a unique
brand story that others don’t. Etsy also gives additional value to stores
that actively update their page, so be sure to take a look at your page frequently and
change things up from time to time. Tip number 7 – Offer personalization Personalization is getting ever more popular,
with a 66% increase in searches for personalizable products on Etsy last year. You can increase your conversion rate by tapping
into this trend Printful offers you to add personalization
feature to your Etsy product.. Just make sure the switch in the personalization
section of your Etsy listing is “on”; and watch the personalized orders appear,
ready for editing, in your Printful dashboard. Tip number 8 – Keep your store active Etsy is interested in your store being active,
giving your product more search value if you keep it updated. So don’t just leave it there after creating
your page, but follow the results closely and update your offers accordingly. The Etsy Stats Tool is an excellent resource
to see where your traffic is coming from and the top keywords you’re being searched for
across different platforms. Use this information to better understand
what’s working, where you need to improve, and how to do it. And remember to keep experimenting with keywords
and marketing tactics. Don’t be discouraged if your sales start
out low, it could just be that you haven’t found the ideal sales strategy. Tip number 9 – Optimize your product catalog Things like product count, price, and variety
can persuade a customer into direction of buying your products or ignoring them all
together. You don’t want to sell too much or too little
products. There isn’t a specific number to aim for,
it depends on how many products you have and want to sell, just be sure that the colors
and product types you offer go together with your brand and one another. You don’t have to add your products all
at once. Start with what you have, and build your selection
as you go. Always keep experimenting. Research has proven that the pricing method
of adding three different price ranges to your products shows the highest results, so
be sure to price your products in different ranges. That way your customer will feel like they’re
getting a good deal and you’ll find out what prices range they’re most comfortable with. We’ve made an in-depth video about Merchandising
that goes into detail on this topic, so be sure to check it out! And while were on the note of useful things… Tip number 10 – Use Printful resources There’s loads of useful content on Printful’s
page, including original blog posts, webinars, Printful product footage videos you can use
in your store f, and Printful lessons where we gather all of our educational video content. So be sure to check it out! Have you opened a shop on Etsy? Do you have any tips that others might find
useful? Share your experiences in
the comments!

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