March 30, 2020
Top 10 Best Dropshipping Products for High-Ticket Drop Shipping – eCommerce Paradise

Top 10 Best Dropshipping Products for High-Ticket Drop Shipping – eCommerce Paradise

Hey guys, Trevor here
with eCommerce Paradise. And in today’s Drop Ship Daily,
I’m gonna be talking about the 10 best drop ship products of 2018. So, yes, I know, this
is a big awesome video, and you guys are gonna love it. First of all, let’s look at
something like, and we can kinda check
out what they’re selling, and what their top products
are as far as excitement goes. So, I’ve seen a lot of cool niches lately, and I wanted to give
you guys those niches. The first ones are in the home niche. So let’s see here, kitchen,
dining, bed and bath, garden and outdoor, and into the sports and outdoors niches. Let’s see here, some really cool ones in golf, and cycling, and of course water sports. Let’s get into these. Kitchen and bath is pretty cool. They got a lotta different
things you can do here. And of course we’re talking
the high-ticket drop shopping. We’re not talking like low-ticket items. So the first things I wanna show you are espresso machines. Next thing I wanna show you is, commercial equipment. I think we’ll just go
broadly into that category. Okay, and then beer brewing. Next thing is bed and bath. I’m gonna show you guys, here it is bed and bath. Bathroom storage. Okay, I’m gonna have to go
to all bath it looks like, ’cause I’m looking for
a particular product that didn’t show up right there. So the cool thing about product niches is you can go through Amazon, and you can find tons of product ideas. And I’m gonna show you the
way to do it right now, if my computer loads fast. It’s loading kind of slow right now. But you can click on any category, right, and you can drill down on
this left-hand side menu, and you can go to like
semi-automatic espresso machine, steam espresso, super-automatic
espresso machines, manual espresso machines. There’s all these different subcategories. So if you did a site on espresso machines, you would understand that
these are the categories that you’d probably start with, right. But if you scroll down, you
see this little bar here? And it says sort by it? If you it from feature
to high-to-low on price, it’ll actually show you
high-to-low what the prices are. And see high-ticket drop shipping. We’re looking for products that are, you know, priced somewhere
around $1,000 more or less, and this is a $17,000
niche at the highest point. So that’s a really good
niche to start with because you have really
high-priced products. And you might be saying
okay Trevor that’s crazy. I’m not gonna sell a $17,000 product. And that may be true, but, you might be able to sell a
$5,000 product, or, you know, even like $1,000 or $2,000
product on your website. As long as you’re
targeting the right people with your advertising
and with your marketing, then the people that have
a lot of money to spend and need these products, and you have a really good
value offering for them, you will be able to sell
these products online, and that’s what I teach in
my drop shipping master class in the eCommerce Paradise Academy. So the link to go check that out, I think is in the description below. And if you’re just getting started, you can sign up for my free
drop shipping mini course, link below for that as well. So check this out guys. You can see some of the
really popular brands that are in the right price point, $2,500; Nuova, Breville, things like this, okay? So these are great products to drop ship. And obviously my internet’s
going really slow for some reason. I’m gonna pause the video
and try to figure that out. Alright, so I finally
got the pictures to load. So now you can take a look at what these espresso
machines really look like, these really high-end ones. And these are the types
of things you’ll see at, you know, cafes and
restaurants, bakeries, and, but some people do have
these for their home. So you’ll be probably
targeting a lot of businesses if you were to go sell these things. So just understand that. You can make your marketing
messages to do that. So that’s it for the first
one, guys is espresso machines. Alright, so let’s go to number two. Alright, so the second niche
is a little bit more broad. And I opened up a bunch of subcategories so you guys can see. But food service and equipment
and supplies is kinda like a, it’s a professional and
business-oriented niche, okay? So the first sub-niche
that I opened up was commercial food storage. So I’m gonna scroll down
here and go to high-to-low. And it should adjust here
to show me, okay cool. So we got these portable food bars. That’s pretty cool, $2,000 each. $1,000 each. And it’s mainly one brand called Carlisle. And then you got HuntGold. It looks like they have electric spoon, measuring scale, (mumbles) that is. Okay here we go, here’s some more of these restaurant supplies. So this is the idea. You could start a restaurant supply store and what you would wanna
do is find a niche store to see if they’re online only, and then you could hit up their suppliers. But this is just getting niche ideas and so here’s another niche idea, okay? So let’s see within that niche
how many other sub-niches we can find that are in that price range. Again you guys, this is not
about finding niche stores and extracting suppliers, and verifying that a niche is drop ship. I mean this is just getting
niche ideas, from Amazon, and all we’re really looking
at right now is price range. Okay, so there’s a lot of other things to, to think about when it
comes to niche selection. But this is pretty good to start with. Look at these are $45,000
restaurant refrigerator, like, what are these called? Cooking equipment, so commercial broilers, char-broilers, griddles, ovens and ranges. Very expensive products. Something that probably, you know, restaurants definitely buy online, I bet. ‘Cause they wanna have
it freight-delivered, and they wanna have a good deal on it. So there’s a great niche to get into. I’m probably gonna start a store (chuckles) on doing commercial
cooking equipment now and let you guys know how that goes. So there’s another
niche, sub-niche that is. Alright, and then there’s
dish-washing equipment. Let’s look at that and see if that’s within the price ranges. High-ticket, yeah sure enough, all the way up to $300,000. But here we have some
$50,000 speed dishwashers. So these are really cool
products you could sell. Maybe, if you got an
account with the person. Again guys, this is like way overboard. Really, ideally we’re looking at products that are around $1,000 to $5,000 level. But, hey man, if these people need help marketing their products, and you can be that marketer, then you can get good at
business-to-business marketing, which is different than
business-to-consumer marketing. Potentially you could
make quite a bit of money with this niche probably. ‘Cause profit margins with drop shipping are usually 20% to 30% gross, 15% to 25% net after
shipping and fees, right? So if you’re looking at a $10,000 product, you’re gonna sell a $10,000 product at 15, even the lowest 15% net, you’re looking at $1,500 on one sale. So that’s definitely
worth your time and effort to build something out of, right? Okay, so with that said let’s
move over to the next one. Food preparation equipment,
which is still within the, within the commercial restaurant niche. Okay, and again, very
expensive products, right? Food preparation equipment, 23, $25,000. I bet there’s plenty of products that are within that $1,000 to $5,000
range within this niche. Refrigeration equipment, this
niche just goes on and on. So, one more look. Yep, wow, shipping
containers, okay, interesting. Next one, restaurant furniture. So of course this is gonna be closer to what we’re looking at. There’s not gonna be $25,000 stools and, what do ya know, $29,000
ultimate chef’s table. $10,000, $10,000, let’s
go down and see if there’s anything less expensive here. Yeah, there’s no images available for most of the stuff, but there we go. So restaurant furniture’s
gonna also be very expensive. And the last thing I think in this niche we’ve, almost the last thing. Yeah it is the last thing. Worktables and workstations, so let’s go ahead and search that. high-to-low. Yep, cool, so even the
worktables and workstations can be very, very expensive, which of course for us as drop shippers can be very lucrative, okay? So that is the second niche which is commercial restaurant equipment. The third niche in my list of the best drop shipping products, niches for 2018 is beer brewing products. The reason why I say that is because it’s a very, very popular niche. People love home brewing. And it’s kind of a DIY thing
too, so it’s super popular. So I searched priced high-to-low. I wanna see what kind of
products are available here. And here we go, so we have
a lot of these kettles. We have a lot of very expensive
brewing equipment products in the $5,000 range,
which is great for us. I’ll probably be starting a website on this kind of stuff too eventually. And I’ve seen a few successful sites doing this product stuff,
so it’s a good thing. Good sign that it’s
popular and professional. Let’s see, $3,500, that’s great. So plenty of cool, you know,
party kind of equipment for really nice, high-end households. Lots of at-home taps,
these would be a great. This would be a great thing to get in combination with another store that I’ll show you right now actually. Or not a store, but like another niche. Well with that said, I am gonna mark home brewing kits and
home brewing equipment as the third product. But it’s brought to mind,
one that I’ve done before which is home bars. And home bars are really cool. So let’s show you these guys. Yeah, well anyway right
here is $8,000 bar, $1,600 bar, a lot cheaper bars of course. Amazon likes to show you the cheap stuff. Let’s go up to the high-to-low. And here we go $1,900,
$2,000, $1,600, $1,100. There’s a lot of very
successful eCommerce stores doing home bars. So a home bar store next
to a home brewing store would be perfect in combination
with each other, I think. And it’s really important to always be doing niche sites guys. If you wanna have like
a general broad site and test out niches, that’s fine. And you can grow with that. But then also branch off and do like separate sub-niche sites. Okay, and that sounds like
a lot of work but it’s not once you set up all the automation. Alright so with that said,
home bars are my next niche. So on to number five, I
wanted to go to the bathroom. So we wound up here. Now I’m gonna here and look
at the high-to-low products, see what’s most expensive in the bathroom. Here we go, tubs. So tubs are very good, and vanities. Both tubs and vanities,
I’ve seen a lot of stores selling these, and they’re
very, very popular. They’re also very, very
competitive and expensive. Oh and steam showers as well. So tubs, vanities and steam showers, those will be the next three niches. Even though they’re all
kinda similar to each other and they all can be put into one store, they can also be put into separate stores and sold separately because they do have their own specific
spe-ci-fic-ci-ties (chuckles). Can you say that 10 times fast? Every product type basically is gonna have like different sizes,
dimensions, colors, shapes, models, modes, whatever
you want to call them. So all these different things
can be very complicated for consumers basically. So if you can set up an
eCommerce site comparing all the different products
within one product category, it makes it much easier for the consumer to shop those products. And if you can set yourself up, apart as the expert in that niche, you can build an authority
site on that particular niche. Like let’s just say bathroom vanities, then you will become the
expert in that niche, and you’ll be able to
beat out the competition. So there ya go guys. I’m gonna put those in
my next three niches, ’cause they’re just really good. Alright guys, so that’s that. Let’s go on to patio, lawn and garden. Let’s see what’s popular here. Okay, room decor. Garden and outdoor. Let’s see, oh yeah, grills. So grills are really cool and very popular product of course. Also very drop shippable. A lot of these companies that have grills and smokers and all sorts of things they need help selling their products. So let’s go and check out high-to-low. There we go, so first thing that pops up is a gas deck oven. These are really
expensive products, right. So there you go, there’s all
the different types of grills. You can see here charcoal grills, electric grills, gas grills. There’s also even more
there’s wood pellet grills, natural gas, propane, so, yeah. Grills are a great niche to get into guys. I’m gonna have a separate
grill store as well. And that’ll be really fun to do. So that’s niche number eight. I’m gonna go over actually three more. So I’m gonna give you
like a baker’s dozen, 11 niches for the price of 10, even though you didn’t
pay anything for this, but you are watching it so
you’re gonna get 11 for 10. In golf there’s some really cool niches. And one of them is training equipment, and range finders. Golf bags, balls, complete sets, all that, drivers, woods, you might
be able to drop ship those. But they’re very brand loyal,
brand sensitive, right. So it’s not so much
something we wanna drop ship as it is something that we could
do affiliate marketing for. And that’s a separate business model. I’ll be doing videos on that as well. But let’s go into the
training equipment section. We go high-to-low. And I’ll show you guys what
I’m talking about here. Alright, so for $1,000 you can buy a golf simulator and swing analyzer. So golf simulators are
these really popular things you can put in your home, and I’ve seen quite a few
stores selling these things now, and they’re very popular
and very lucrative. They also have tons of
product specificities, and need clarification and
comparison for consumers. So I definitely recommend golf simulators. That’s my next niche. The next niche is a niche
that I’ve actually sold. Our last store was a
store selling bicycles. But not just any type of bicycle. It was a very special type
of bicycle called an eBike. And these are really fun bikes. These are bikes with electric motors and batteries attached to them. So they’re really, really cool. They are kind of a pain
in the butt to sell and that’s why we sold the store. But they are very lucrative. So if you’re the type of
person that loves bikes and you know a lot about them already, and you don’t mind going
through the pain and hassle of actually dealing with the support that comes with these things, ’cause they are very complicated devices and can have a lot of issues. Well, electric bicycles
are a great thing to sell and they’re trending like crazy still. The trends are going way up way fast. They’re all over YouTube. People are buying them
like crazy on Amazon, 153 reviews on this one, 182 on this one. There’s tons of drop shippable
brands in this niche now. When we first got into selling them back in 2013 I think, or 2012, and it was very little back then. I think there was maybe one
or two drop shippable brands and then in the last year it just blew up. So there’s a lot new drop
ship sites out there, but they’re all very
newbie marketers as well. So there’s a lot of open
availability for competition. So if you guys think it’s a
product that would be for you, even though it’s very complicated and a pain in the butt to do support for, then go for it, have fun with it. eBikes is niche number 10, and then I will go into the bonus niche. Alright guys, so the last niche is actually inflatable boats. Inflatable boats is something
that I have sold in the past in a different store. I got out of it because I realized that it wasn’t as high a
profit margin as I wished, but it does sell and they are popular. So I’ll show you right now. I actually opened the thing for kayaks so you’re gonna see those only. But as you can see here
kayaks are very expensive. There’s lots of different types up into the $5,000 range. And they are drop shippable
and they are very popular. And the inflatable ones are cool because those can be rolled
up into a box and shipped instead of having to be, you know, sent in freight or whatever. Inflatable paddle boards,
inflatable kayaks, inflatable canoes, all these
things are very popular, drop shippable and
they’re pretty profitable. They’re not the most profitable
thing, but it’s cool. And if it’s something that you enjoy and that you’re passionate
about, then hey there you go. I tell people for sure not to
pursue your passion so much as pursue profitability. But when you can find
something that profitable and passionate for you, it sure makes running the
business easier and more fun. When you get to the point, when you’re going through growth stage in regard to the dip of your business. You guys enjoyed that
and definitely subscribe to the eCommerce Paradise YouTube channel, and definitely sign up for
the drop shipping mini course, link in the description and drop shipping master class as well. We’ll see you guys out there.

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